Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 17, 2014

This morning we wake up the Moon in Virgo sextile both the Sun in Scorpio (4:28 AM) and Saturn in Scorpio (5:20 AM). Between these two aspects, Mercury in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces (5:57 AM) and creates an inconjunt with Uranus (5:04 AM). The inconjunct with Uranus will create a Yod with any personal planets you may have in mid-Gemini (10-15 degrees) with Mercury at the apex. A Yod is also created with any personal planets you may have in Virgo between these two degrees. But, the apex of that Yod would be Uranus. So, for our Mercury ruled mutables, Gemini would use the powers of Uranus to foster new methods of operation for the Gemini planet involved and in engaging those new powers, would access the flow of subsurface communications...thinking more deeply, bringing both emotion and spontaneous action to the normally logical air planet. Virgo planets will be tasked to potentially use what information the Virgo planet and Mercury has unearthed and put it to use by engaging the higher mind and subsequently taking action on it. I like the potential in these Yods. And, it's a good thing since I have Saturn within orb of the Gemini Yod and Venus in orb on the Virgo end. I see it as an assessment of how these planets have matured or evolved since being in contact with Uranus in Aries while they have also endured squares from Chiron in Pisces and either trines (Virgo) or inconjuncts from Pluto. And, these planets will come to the fore again with the Full Moon in Gemini.

This is a photo of the Full Moon in Cancer conjunct Jupiter from January 2014. Looking back, it surely set the tone of exploring new emotional frontiers that seemed to permeate the entire year. The Full Moon in Cancer in 2015 forms a Cardinal Cross with Uranus, Pluto and our Nodal, yeah, it's going to feel a bit different than last year
After the Moon sextiles Saturn, prematurely linking up the Sun/Saturn conjunction, she is Void until entering Libra at 2:31 PM. At 5:20 PM, the Moon finds Venus newly in Sagittarius by sextile. We want to relax. But, now that the Moon is no longer Void, the potential tightness of the Sun/Saturn conjunction returns. There is personal pressure to perform but an emotional need to socialize and unwind. Some, particularly those who do not find enjoyment in their current job or responsibilities, may be inclined to feel a bit of resentment or disdain if the inner tug of war over relaxing and taking care of business is not balanced appropriately.

Rome wasn't built in a day, so they say. So, to balance this, chunk big jobs out into smaller manageable pieces. Then, set a reasonable and acceptable (not to mention realistic) time limit on how many pieces you plan to tackle today. Next, make room for personal pleasure. The Sun will come up on another work day tomorrow and the conjunction between the Sun and Saturn will still be echoing in the sky. Resist burnout and self-degradation over not meeting your own stringent standards or those that may be imposed upon you by an over zealous slave driving boss. Appease both masters, the boss (whether inner or outer) without neglecting the need to enjoy life once in a while. At the same time, balance any propensity toward laziness and indulgence with the need to actually accomplish something and contribute once in a while.

Venus in sextile to Libra Moon can lighten up the pressure brought forth from Sun/Saturn tremendously. Take advantage of that today because it isn't there for us to fall back on tomorrow. However, people who find pleasure in the work they are doing will be able to find tremendous focus and fortitude in their jobs today. Networking, creating a comfortable work environment, reaching out to new contacts and showing appreciation for the rewards of the work are all in order if you are happily toiling. If you are unhappy, dissatisfied or feel burdened, maybe it's time to start planning to find a new job or to at least start thinking about doing something you enjoy. Life is too short to suffer tasks that feel menial or that strip the enjoyment out of a large chunk of our days on a daily basis. Our Uranus/Pluto generation in Virgo and the ongoing current Uranus/Pluto squares show us that there are plenty of unique lifestyles to engage in during our daily work.

Christian, my littlest "lost boy", is Virgo rising with a stellium in Taurus that includes Jupiter on the MC...yeah, he's a wee bit photogenic. He also inherited Mammaw's first house Moon. Notice the chubby cheeks.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm feeling a huge surge of appreciation, generosity and benevolence with Venus in Sagittarius. In a way, the square from Venus to my Pisces Moon has my little heart bursting and my eyes leaking from all the overwhelming blessings being brought to my attention. In turn, for the first time in at least a few months, I feel like reaching out and touching base with cherished friends. I want to re-connect with people and, on Sunday, I even prepared a special dinner for all my “lost boys” (I seem to be surrounded by young boys in need of a motherly father figure, much like Wendy was to Peter Pan) so that we could come together and discuss our holiday plans.

Brayden, the first of a new generation of Lost Boys, is also a Virgo rising with Mercury/Saturn conjunct in the 1st , a Leo stellium and...if you haven't guessed...a North Node in Capricorn (um, he's the one with the goat) just like Mammaw and Daddy
My children are adults now with children of their own (in case you missed my shameless grandmother picture sharing above). So, while I don't have to navigate extensive and numerous family gatherings while trying to wrangle small children and appease “the other” set of grandparents in the process, my kids do. It's a weird time-warpy type feeling as I watch my oldest try to manage things that I had to finagle when he was young. It's great to be able to have wisdom to share with him about these things. But, overall, after my (somewhat forced) social sabbatical, I'm craving human contact and re-connection with the outside world encircling the people I love in the process. And, yes, I still have the feeling of grief and gratitude walking hand in hand right now. People with early mutable planets that have been under the waves of Neptune lately, may be feeling this too (gratitude and a desire to venture out into the great unknown). I'm finding it rather pleasing. But, I would be in denial if I didn't mention that seeing my two grand childen together reminds me so much of the time when my adult children were babies. The age difference between the two is the same difference between my two boys. Again, a bit of grief and a bit of gratitude.

To sum up, the waxing conjunction between the Sun and Saturn is some serious business. We cannot deny the heavy task load in front of us. Having to tackle that, is inevitable. But, we don't have to destroy ourselves and lose every bit of pleasure in life in the process. If you find yourself terribly resentful of the work in front of you, give yourself a break. Is it just that you are overworked? Or is the job not fulfilling to you? Consider those questions for yourself and then you can start thinking of ways you may be able to change that. Do you need more off time? Is it time for a vacation? Would you like to explore different career options? The best time for setting intentions in that regard (new career efforts) comes with the New Moon in Capricorn at the end of the year. However, assessing the need for change in this area permeates our sky off and on until then. Inklings in this regard should not be ignored.
This is YOUR LIFE we are talking about here and that's pretty important. What do you want in your future? Use Venus in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces to help you dream up the possibilities while using Sun/Saturn to examine those possibilities realistically and evoke Mercury in Scorpio to begin researching the details you need to make a solid plan to help make your life more rewarding and enjoyable overall. Mars in Capricorn will you keep your nose to the grindstone. But, remember, your biggest job is to manage your life so that there is time for both enjoyment and work. It is possible to start working toward killing two birds with one stone here...can you imagine doing whatever it is you LOVE to do on a daily basis instead of just droning over the meaningless tasks set before you that are a result of someone else's priorities which mean very little to you? Believe that this can be accomplished; because, it can. There are people who have figured out a way to bring this into reality. It's not without challenge. But, the challenge is certainly worth the satisfaction brought forth from being able to wake up looking forward to the work you have to do versus feeling miserably encumbered by it. I should know. I just climbed out from under that rock last Spring and it's made all the difference in the world!