Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 15, 2014

On the day of Saturn, it is Neptune who gets all the press. But, Saturn is exactly the energy we need to deal with Neptune energy effectively. Thankfully, Saturn is accessible through a waxing conjunction from the Sun in Scorpio to help us along.

This morning, we wake up to the Moon in Virgo. Her first and only major aspect planted officially in this day is an opposition to Neptune at 11:53 AM. As the Moon opposes Neptune, he is quivering in his station preparing to turn direct. As he quivers his energy becomes more and more potent, meaning, the opposition from the Moon will, itself, be rather potent. Neptune officially turns direct at 8:32 PM at 4 Pisces 48.

There are many ways the opposition can work out. But, the easiest option to deal with early in the morning or even in the afternoon, is to sleep in or take a nap. The overall suggestion is to take it easy. This isn't a very ambitious day. But, if you are feeling the waxing call of Sun/Saturn, you may feel obliged to do a little light work. That's ok. Just don't pressure yourself too hard. It's been a rough week and we could all use a day of rest. The Universe hands us that opportunity on a silver platter today.

Emotionality could increase for some. Some may have exacerbated illnesses that require more rest. And, others, still, may just have a hard time getting their bearings to do much of anything. This aspect can also cause grief, guilt or remorse to bubble up over recent happenings. These feelings will need to be addressed effectively and not swept under the rug. Today is the day to emotionally purge if you find yourself in need of that.

Other than naps, artistic and creative projects are greatly highlighted. Poetry, music and mystical entertainment (cinematic magic) fit great in this atmosphere. People will likely feel introverted and quiet. But, that doesn't mean the mind is not stirring...because it is.

By midnight, the Moon is sextile Mercury in Scorpio who is just now falling out of orb of a trine with Neptune himself. Now he is tightening in sextile to Pluto (perfects tomorrow). This means the stirring of the emotional body throughout the day could foster brain swirlings later tonight which could make it hard to sleep. Or, it could be a night of active dreaming and even talking in your sleep. It could be that you indulged so much in Neptune products during the day that our brains are now greatly inspired to create more. It could be you toked the cheeba a little too often through the evening and now have gained a nice sense of paranoia. Or, you know, there could be some drunk texting/dialing that goes on late tonight. Lots of options here.

To manage this energy effectively, engage the powers of Saturn to stay grounded and dutiful while aiming that sense of “duty” toward any bodily or emotional repairs that need to be addressed. Meditation, yoga, chakra exercises, reiki and sinking into a nice long hot bath are also excellent ways to responsibly unwind.

Alcohol and drugs may have an intensified effect today, so keep that in mind as the draw to engage with these chemicals will be strong if you are prone to engage with them to begin with. Make sure you eat something. I rarely drink alcohol. But, when I know I'm going to be drinking, I always clean my toilet first. I'll let you figure out why on your own but, I do have Moon square Neptune and Venus in

Plus, Virgo has powers that assist with Piscean energies too. Virgo makes order out of chaos. Chaos and confusion fall under the reign of Neptune. If you have the energy, clean your personal space, clear out junk, organize something and exert your control over your physical environment which fosters a sense of order and grounding. Sweep out cobwebs and finish any light chores that need to be addressed before winter officially sets in.

It is also a good day for volunteer work. Just be sure to guard your own health in the process and make sure your physical needs are met (rest, food, etc) before embarking on that. Wash your hands regularly and, yeah, have a little hand sanitizer, Zinc and Vitamin C handy...tis the Flu Season, after all.

At any rate, the options available here are only limited by your imagination. We should prepare for an increase of options because soon the sky will be shifting from heavily fixed to VERY mutable beginning with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 22nd. Today is a good day to shed some ethereal weight in an effort to prepare for the mobility and flexibility required to manage that energy.

Folks with mutable charts are going to be highly affected by Sagittarius season. This doesn't mean the effects will be horrible, just present with a bit of the spotlight moving from our fixed and Cardinal signs and drawing in the mutables and bringing an uptick in the presence of both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Aspects from the Sun, Venus and, eventually, Mercury will affect mutable planets by square or opposition. Then, all that will be rectified as Saturn crosses over the early degrees of Sagittarius at the end of the year. So, be flexible, stretch toward growth all while bearing in mind that Saturn is coming to rectify and shore up what Neptune has fogged up so far in our early mutable signs (Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces). Saturn? What happened to Santa? Oh...well, HE is sleeping!