Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 14 2014

This morning we very well could wake up with a sense of exuberance simply because it's Friday. The Moon in Leo is conjunct Jupiter at 9:19 AM. That aspect fills in part of a bigger picture of the Last Quarter Moon which occurs only an hour later at 10:17 AM.

In my opinion, Last Quarter Moons are the least tense of the Moon/Sun squares. Yet, it still heralds the need for release. What I see coming from this one, with Jupiter involved, is the potential to embarrass yourself. It's operation is to shed light upon even more stuff located in our psyche that needs to be addressed. And, what Jupiter's involvement threatens to do is publish our shadow tendencies particularly through jest. Someone tells an offensive joke not expecting it to be offensive and ends up embarrassing themselves. That's what I see here. But, of course, that is just one example.

Other examples include an exalting feeling as a result of all the personal work an individual has been successful with, a pompous attitude that fosters a sense of greed, blowing emotional situations out of proportion or, even, stories of emotional fortitude in the face of dire circumstances.

During the Last Quarter, we are still releasing in preparation for the new seeds we will plant at the New Moon in Sagittarius. With Jupiter involved in this Last Quarter, it's an excellent time to contemplate those future intentions and begin releasing blocks to those intentions now. Begin fostering a picture of the future. And, begin laying plans now to make those future inklings a reality.

Whatever happens, or whatever you decide, is rectified and solidified as the Moon finds Saturn in Scorpio by square at 5:04 PM. This can create a sense of seriousness about the business we see ahead or it can bring about feelings of depression and pressure. Jupiter and Saturn are now only 4 degrees apart in square. Work is mounting. And that work could manifest in a myriad of ways and in different areas of a person's life depending on what houses the planets are transiting and what other aspects in the natal chart are involved. At least, by now, we may have an inkling of where it is we are going. But, still, we realize there is a lot of elbow grease that needs to be expended in order to get there. Personal luck and fortune is directly tied to the hardest working Saturn placement in the zodiac. Any expectation of sitting back on the sofa waiting for fate to hand you your fortune should be discarded because it isn't going to happen.

By 9:54 PM, the Moon finds Venus by square pitting what we want against what we need. One scenario that comes to mind here is that we need to be ourselves but we want to obtain emotional intimacy. We could be fearful that we will not be accepted as we are. Another mild example could be that we indulged too much under Moon/Jupiter and now we have a belly ache. Or, our lover is embarrassed because of the big pompous scenario we fostered earlier in the day. Or, money is tight but we want to treat ourselves. We may have the perfect art project in mind and, yet, lack the funds to buy supplies.

Either way it plays out, it comes back to the call of waning Jupiter to Saturn. Work for it. Make a long range plan to increase your income if that is what missing. Keep honing and shaping and aiming toward personal growth so that you can become a better partner and help build emotional intimacy. Or, keep doing the personal renovations needed in order to form effective relationships to begin with.

It is a true day of Leo vs Scorpio. Self vs the Shadow. Public you versus private, sometimes even hidden from you, you.

There is potential for this to be a happy day. But, that all has to do with how you find yourself coming into it. Tension is not non-existent. How we meet that tension is dictated by our willingness to engage in personal transformation. Denial has no place in this sky. It calls for realistic self-assessment in many areas and it calls for balancing of these squares in an effort to put them to use instead of simply being crushed by the pressure. Acceptance of the way things are and a willingness to work to change our current situation through effort, planning and hard work are required.

Doesn't really sound happy. I don't know about you, but I'm just happy that the dust seems to be starting to settle enough that I can even see the road ahead. That brings relief in an of itself. I'm willing to work hard but, I'd kind of like to know what I'm working toward. Those inklings are becoming more and more clear now. That is a relief in and of itself!

This Last Quarter also heralds the death of Scorpio season. We will soon be crawling out of the grave and out of the dark caves and into the warm glow of Sagittarius season. That, too, should foster a sense of relief.
After the square to Venus, the Moon is Void until entering service oriented Virgo at 2:09 AM on the 15th. Neptune stations direct just as the Moon finds him by opposition. So, we could feel some upticks in Neptune energy today...but, especially over the weekend. Then, on Sunday, another shift in the atmospheric energy is felt as Venus steps out of the Underworld and into Sagittarius. By Monday, we should be well rested and ready to get down to some serious business as the Sun meets up with Saturn in Scorpio.

Keep shedding luggage, baggage and snakeskin. A new journey is coming! It's always best to travel light.