Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 12, 2014

This morning we are beached and drying out from yesterday's watery mess. We wake up to a Void Moon in Cancer having just left a trine with Saturn in Scorpio at 4:18 AM. The first part of the day is slow as people try to catch their breath from all the swimming of yesterday. But, the pace picks up after the Moon enters Leo at 1:45 PM.

At that time, we begin to feel the jitteryness of Mars waxing into square with Uranus (8:29 PM). This is not intuitive inkling jitteryness. This can equate to actual electric like jolts in the body. Movements can be jerky, erratic and we can become accident prone. But, the biggest challenge before us will be to dissuade ourselves from acting impulsively. That being said, this aspect is wonderful to have in an emergent situation. Problem is EVERYTHING feels emergent under this aspect even when it truly may not be. Yesterday our emotional bodies were reactive. Today, our physical bodies are reactive and true anxiety and nervousness could persist.

On a global level, this aspect can surely manifest as civil unrest or disobedience. This civil unrest can be prompted by a restriction of resources or abusive uses of power as Venus also meets up with Saturn in Scorpio by conjunction around the same time (8:03 PM). Pleasure and resources (money/food) can be restricted today prompting people to revolt. People in positions of authority are certainly involved here as Mars is in Capricorn and Venus is meeting up with Saturn.

On a personal level, this can equate to a strain on personal resources that just has a person feeling fed up realizing that something is not working correctly because they are not getting what it is they desire through their efforts. Ties may be cut today. People could unexpectedly switch directions.

There could be feelings of loneliness that accompany the day and people could act irrationally in light of that. On the positive end, we could find our desires solidified under Venus/Saturn. We could find that what we want is tangible and accessible to us. Or, if we do feel the restriction, we can use Mars/Uranus to formulate a brilliant 5 year plan to get it. I laugh as I type this because I make fun of Capricorns all the time for having a 5 year plan for their 5 year plan.

I should be learning from Capricorn's tendencies instead of poking fun at them since I have Jupiter and NN in the sign. But, sometimes, their seriousness over everything just cracks me up. And, admittedly, I do learn a lot from these folks but at the same time I'm consistently poking them to lighten up a bit.

But, there is not much lightness in this day. People can be seriously upset, feeling pressure and experiencing uncertainty. Plus, they will be prone to react without thinking so poking folks is just not a good idea. Leave the Cappy's alone today.

Use the trine from Moon to Saturn this morning to firmly get your feet on the ground. Deal with any lingering emotionality while the Moon is Void and the waters are settled a bit. Then, when all this other stuff kicks in under the Leo Moon tonight, be well rested, grounded and ready to deal with whatever comes your way. Be inventive and independent in your actions while refraining from impulsive action. Your ability to do that will depend upon your level of...guess what...grounding.

Reach for what is real, solid and true. Look for what is present not what is missing. Be resourceful gathering up all the materials available to you and use the inventiveness of Uranus to help you build upon that. There is no room for neediness and whining today. None. But, there is a chance of loneliness which needs to be addressed honestly. You don't have to be lonely when you are alone. So, where are those feelings coming from?

Know there will be drama queens today that just cannot believe what they want has been taken away from them. And, these drama queens could put on an impromptu performance as Mars meets Uranus. Enjoy that show. But know participation is not mandatory.

Treat your inner child nicely and allow his/her creativity to produce something solid and tangible through creative emotional expression. Steer clear of chemicals that can exacerbate the body's sense of urgency like caffeine, nicotine and large amounts of sugar. Eat foods with energy sustaining protein that are easy to eat. Small snacks throughout the day sustain energy and blood sugar levels better than just a couple of larger meals. Of course, stay well hydrated by drinking lots of clear water enabling your body to be a better conduit for the electricity produced by Mars square Uranus. And, remember, if it's not a true emergency, don't treat it like one.

Change may certainly be needed in some situations. It is at the precipice of crisis that we are motivated to change (Uranus, much?). But, know that change does not have to be fostered by blowing up your life. Slow, responsible diligence and personal evolution combined with an inkling of the future implications of our actions is required.