Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 11, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon lingering in Cancer. She is active all day beginning with a square to Uranus in Aries at 4:54 AM. This can equate to a startle early in the morning or being jolted out of that nightmare you were having. Either way, it can be disruptive unless you are a heavy sleeper. Then, chances are, you won't even notice.

As the day moves forward, the jolted waters settle a bit but do not recede as the Moon finds the Sun in Scorpio by trine at 4:56 PM. There is such a connection between Scorpio and Cancer. When two people with these signs heavily in their charts date or enter into relationship, it is one that becomes particularly hard to severe or let go of for both signs. There is an unspoken connection between these two that I don't see echoed between Scorpio, Cancer and our other water sign, Pisces. Part of the reason for this, I believe, is that Cancer feeds whether literally or metaphorically and Scorpio has a ravenous appetite. There is almost an air of co-dependency between the two. Either way, that primordial connection between Cancer and Scorpio is accessible to us today.

Overlaying the day is the waxing trine between Mercury and Neptune (10:39 PM.) This can equate to tear filled conversations, quiet solitude and withdraw, lying or withholding of the truth, surrounding ourselves with music, day dreaming, getting lost in our imaginations, mentally drifting, memory problems or...the ability to decode the intuitive messages that our Sun and Moon are sending us. In that last instance, I don't mean you are given a decoder ring to figure all this out. It is a knowing fostered through the power of the water signs.

Yesterday I talked about the fact that intuition enters the body through emotion. The body can interpret this incoming intuition as anxiety or nervousness. Sometimes it can feel like a sense of foreboding. In response to these incoming inklings, heart rate can increase and the rest of the body's systems become acutely reactive. There is a probability of this type of thing happening today. But, don't automatically make the assumption that it means something bad is going to happen. We are prone to expect the worst extreme with a stellium in Scorpio that includes Mercury. Yet, bad news is not always the case. I can tell you with confidence that it is not wise to act impulsively upon insight. I've learned that one the hard way. Wait for the message to develop entirely before you allow your body's response of urgency to prompt you to act on it.

Positive intuitive feelings and negative ones can, in fact, feel the same. It's our job to respond to this alert system by paying heed to the information found in our environment in an effort to put the pieces of the message together. Watch symbolism. Listen for words that seem to repeat. What music is standing out to you? Does it bear any meaning in your physical life? Clues can be found in all of this and more, pointing toward what is unsettling us. Again, and sometimes I feel like a broken record saying this but it is entirely true, the more grounded you are the more able to receive and interpret intuitive messages you will be.

Given that we began the day with startled waters, grounding is a good idea even without all these water aspects. But, startled and shocked waters on top of a day filled with water aspects, grounding becomes a priority. What also becomes prominent in this day is our unspoken language. Pay heed not to what people are telling you with their words, but give more credence to what they are telling you with their body, the inflection in their voice and how your own body responds when they say it. There is important information swirling around out there that is not being spoken. Mercury in Scorpio makes us curious enough to pay heed to this information while the Moon and Neptune carry a certain type of awareness that there is more going on under the surface. In that, Mercury in Scorpio is just the detective to suss that information out and decode the secret message.

It's as if the High Priestess enters the day and offers us a chance to peek behind the curtain. It's up to us to pull it back and engage in what we see once we do. In it's simplest form, the energy of today manifests like Mother's intuition that kicks in to advise Mom that her child is lying about something or , at the very least, withholding information. This isn't a day when Mom is not likely to notice small incompatible nuances that give way to a bigger picture.

Overnight, our emotional body finds compatibility with our deepest desires as the Moon waxes into trine with Venus in Scorpio at 2:39 AM. And, finally, as the Moon goes Void with a trine to Saturn at 4:18 AM. Solidity finds us. We become more stable and less jittery as the waters settle and a piece of dry land emerges for us to cling to. This provides for a more stable start to our day tomorrow as we contemplate the after effects of the rise in the waters today.

People will likely be highly sensitive, possibly emotional and more than a bit secretive today. The reasons for all of this may vary but the underlying vibe is the same. Some will find comfort in the waters. Like me. I work well with these energies. But, our more Earthy and Airy folks are the ones that will likely find discomfort. Emotions are messy and Earth folks like solid ground to stand on not shifting sands. Plus, emotions make no logical sense to our more Airy folks while Fire signs don't enjoy the drag that water brings. Slow down your pace to accommodate for the drag found within the waters. Treat any exhaustion that arises from swamping emotions with nurturing and rest. And, by all means, keep your radar up and pay heed to the inklings that you receive. Messages from outside of our physical world will be swirling in these waters ripe for the plucking. Our ability to catch those fish depends upon our comfort level with the element of water and our emotional body to begin with.

Tomorrow, we do have a brief chance to catch our breath but after the Moon enters Leo at 1:45 PM, there is a chance for the pace to pick back up and not in a watery way....but in a jolting impulsive way as Mars finds Uranus by square just as Venus conjuncts Saturn. Welcome the grounding trine from the Moon to Saturn in the morning to help deal with all of that and know that some of the inklings you receive today could very well be indicative of what you can expect to experience tomorrow evening.