Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 2, 2014

Our Moon in Pisces offers us a day of relaxation, restoration and possible rejuvenation. You know I love it when the Universe lines up to provide for a peaceful Sunday. This one has that potential. Early this morning, the Moon meets the Sun in Scorpio by trine (4:10 AM). By 6:45 AM, she is fortified by a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Then, at 7:57 AM, the Moon and Venus are dancing via trine. Around 10:00 AM, the Moon meets Chiron by conjunction.

You know, I'm looking at the astrological symbol for the Moon, conjunct and Chiron. The symbol for a conjunction looks like a stick pin. Of course, Chiron in Pisces is our collective wounding. The Moon represents our personal emotional body. For a little while, Moon and Chiron are thumb tacked together in the sky. While that Moon is in Pisces (and in contact with so many water bodies, I might add), we are all temporarily empathic. Those who are empathic normally, will certainly feel the uptick in the feels. But, do you know what happens when you put a chironic stick pin in a water moon? Water leaks out. Sometimes this occurs like a bursting of a water balloon. If you can picture that.

When viewed from this angle, Chiron looks a lot like a key doesn't it?

I was talking to a very dear friend of mine the other night. We were discussing the wildness in her life and the wildness in my life and came to the conclusion that “What the actual fuck” is a mentality that has been permeating the atmosphere for the majority of October. At minimum, for the last two weeks and since the eclipse in Scorpio, many have experienced several different things occurring at once. First, the eclipse acted almost like a poultice drawing inner poisons to the surface on both a personal and a collective level. Pallas being involved in that eclipse and still transiting Scorpio has a lot to do with that. Again, Pallas in Scorpio or in aspect to Pluto or in the 8th house can cut through surface appearances and peer deeply into the psyche pinpointing the behavior patterns that permeate our waking life and their sources.

In the grand scheme of things on a personal level, this is a good thing, though, it is anything but fun in the immediate. It allows us to recognize and view what hidden ugly may be steering us without our knowledge. But, when those poisons are drawn out, we still have to deal with the emotionality attached to them which is often quite severe. So, we had that going on in ourselves and in the world.

Then, we had the shift of Mercury turning direct and Mars moving into Capricorn at the end of the month. People seriously were ready to get down to business. Then, as Mercury shifted while in aspect to Jupiter, things sped up giving us a chance to do just that. At the same time, Mercury was hovering in station right around the North Node. He passed over the NN on Halloween right before perfecting in his third sextile to Jupiter in Leo, yesterday. Of course, this means that Jupiter in Leo is also within orb of a sextile to our NN in Libra. That sextile continues to tighten as I type this.

Those two events put together looks a lot like a big gaping hole being ripped open in our consciousness followed by a quick switch in direction that works to jettison us into our future sometimes equating to a complete about face. With Mars in Capricorn, we were driven to work diligently to keep up with all of this and a lot of it felt like a huge whirlwind. Many found themselves plucked from long standing situations and suddenly plopped down in new lands much like Dorothy was plucked from Kansas and plopped down in Oz. Within those events, there was a sense of newness that was also veiled by a feeling of de ja vu as past events echoed through the present. It was quite disorienting, busy, painful and revelatory. In those rare breaks in events where we given brief opportunities to breathe, many inhaled deeply and exhaled with “whaaaaaaat the actual fuck is going on here?” But, those moments were brief and we were all called back to duty quickly being given little time to really stop and think about what was happening.

during the costumery of Halloween, I saw several groups of people dressed up as the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Coincidence, not so much
Finally, a more extended break came on Friday and Saturday. We momentarily stepped out of the tornado and off the rollercoaster. This gave us a chance to kind of touch base with the people still close within our spheres and begin to attempt to wrap our brains around what all has occurred. There was certainly emotionality in those busy days. There just wasn't any time to deal with it. Mars' sextile to Neptune (perfected yesterday) is giving us an opportunity to slow down momentarily, taking a brief break from our work and ambition to see exactly how all of this has affected us on an emotional level. Today, the continued break in the action and the prevalence of water could very well provide for watersheds and emotional purging.

The pace of the day is slow. The drive and ambition of the day is softened. That gives us time to deal with those emotions we were forced to put on the back burner as we dealt with everything happening at once. It gives us a chance to withdraw and assess what kind of toll has been taken on our physical body. Sometimes, when a series of events happen quickly, it can take a toll on a person's immune system making them more susceptible to illness. So, some will find themselves in need of rest, medication and fluids this weekend. But, whether you are physically ill or just now waking up out of the “shock” of recent events, the suggestion for the day is the same. Take the day to take care of yourself. Rest. Dream. Cry. Transcend. But DO NOT ignore this call to take the time to delve in and deal with this stuff. It is not a long standing opportunity as the pace will pick back up as the Moon enters Aries on Monday evening.

When I think of this day, I see whales. Whale energy, to me, represents the huge leviathans of our watery subconscious. These enormous creatures often linger at the very deepest parts of the ocean in darkness and silence. Today certainly brings opportunity to feel the movements of these massive inner beasts. The ripples they produce are undeniable. Meaning, there is a lot going on in our emotional bodies that surely needs our attention rather than our avoidance.

The thing is, with the energy of Whale accessible to us, we are given opportunity to view what exists in those dark depths in a safe manner. It's as if we are 20,000 leagues under the sea with a very strong thick skin encased around us for protection. The things we see may be scary but they cannot really get to us as we peer through the eyes of the whale. Without a call to defense and without ambition toward battle, we can view what lies below and attempt to process it. Momentarily, the emergent situations subside and, when that happens, the emotions of the situation rise.

As the day moves forward the Moon creates inconjuncts to both Mercury in Libra (1:04 AM) and Jupiter in Leo (10:13 PM). There will also be an inconjunct to our NN in Libra immediately prior to this. The Finger of God lands on our Pisces Moon. How we deal with the leviathan becomes very, very important in terms of our future and our ability to peer into it.

That energy is overlaid deeper into the AM hours of tomorrow with a trine from the Moon to Saturn in Scorpio at 4:06 AM which is quickly followed by a trine from Venus to Chiron at 6:27 AM Monday morning. Those two incoming aspects along with the Yod should show you the importance of dealing with your emotional body today. It could mark the difference between being able to heal our hearts and shore up our boundaries or being absolutely drug under water or swamped. This is no small thing. Whales are NOT small things.

Put simply, take the time you need today to care for the softer parts of you. Be proactive in processing any emotions that you had to set to the side within our recent emergent situations. Take efforts to care for your physical body and put measures in place to help restore your immune system as locked up emotions can certainly deplete this part of us. Ignoring the whale will not make it go away. He keeps swimming and stirring up the deeper waters of ourselves. The window to attend to him is very small. But, the efforts taken in settling and exploring those depths certainly pay off in the long run. Otherwise we carry these whales on our backs while we try to navigate the brashness of our incoming Moon in Aries. It isn't easy fighting battles under the weight of a leviathan. And, yes, there will be more battles to come. This is not over yet.

Give yourself and others space as we all process “what the actual fuck” and YES you CAN be a little more than selfish (and should be) in the efforts you take to restore, purge and replenish. I promise you will be glad you did and regretful if you do not.