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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 1, 2014

This morning we wake up busy. But, it's a busy we can handle smoothly. Prepare to hit the ground running. The Moon is in Aries and in trine to Mercury in Sagittarius at 5:16 AM. By midday, Sun and Moon are operating in harmony via trine at 12:31 PM. Meanwhile, Mars in Capricorn meets his current ruler (Saturn) by sextile at 2:01 PM.

Steps forward in integrity and responsibility hold weight today. An initiating emotional body (Moon in Aries) in harmony with an exploratory and forward thinking Mercury in Sagittarius could have us blazing new trails and making some serious progress in doing so.

By early evening, the Moon does encounter a bit of pressure with a square from Pluto in Capricorn. This pressure, however, can be converted to fortitude as long as we realize we have to do things in a new way now. That inkling is reinforced by a conjunction from Moon in Aries to Uranus at 6:13 PM.

This is a busy day that holds a lot of promise for gaining ground. We've had a good rest and are ready to dive back in.

You may notice the speed of time picking up today. It's likely that by the end of the day it will feel like things flew by in a flash even if we were able to manage our movements through it. Hopefully everyone is well limbered by now.

No one is going to have time for a long wordy diatribe today, so I'll stop my forecast here. But, know that Monday will call for flexibility and solid movement...not to mention a setting a manageable pace while remaining flexible enough to dodge incoming obstacles. It's actually more like a race of hurdles than an obstacle course. But, yeah, I'm sure you catch my drift.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

December 2014 Astrology Preview

December 2014 Preview

Dec 1

Moon in Aries

Mars sextile Saturn

Dec 2

Moon in Aries is Void following a trine with Jupiter at 11:17 AM until entering Taurus at midnight

Dec 3

Moon in Taurus

Dec 4

Moon in Taurus

Venus trine Jupiter

Sun trine Uranus

Mars enters Aquarius

Dec 5

Moon in Taurus is Void after an opposition with Saturn at 1:46 AM until entering Gemini at 5:29 AM

Sun square Chiron

Mercury trine Uranus

Dec 6

Moon in Gemini

Mercury square Chiron

Full Moon in Gemini @ 7:28 PM occuring at 14 degrees 18 minutes mutable

Dec 7

Moon in Gemini is Void after an opposition to Venus at 4:53 AM until entering Cancer at 12:35 PM

Dec 8

Moon in Cancer

Mercury conjunct Sun

Jupiter stations retrograde in Leo

Dec 9

Moon in Cancer is Void following a trine with Saturn at 7:16 PM until entering Leo at 10:15 PM

Dec 10

Moon in Leo

Venus in Capricorn

Dec 11

Moon in Leo

Dec 12

Moon in Leo is Void following a square to Saturn at 7:49 AM until entering Virgo at 10:20 AM

Mercury trine Jupiter

Dec 13

Moon in Virgo

Dec 14

Last Quarter Moon @ 7:52 AM occuring at 22 degrees 26 minutes mutable

Sun trine Jupiter

Venus sextile Neptune

Moon in Virgo is Void following a sextile with Saturn at 9:11 PM until entering Libra at 11:05 PM

Dec 15

Moon in Libra

Uranus square Pluto (#6)

Dec 16

Moon in Libra

Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec 17

Moon in Libra is void after a sextile to Sun in Sagittarius @ a little past midnight until entering Scorpio at 9:52 AM

Dec 18

Moon in Scorpio

Dec 19

Moon in Scorpio is Void after a conjunction with Saturn at 4:12 PM until entering Sagittarius at 4:56 PM

Dec 20

Moon in Sagittarius

Mercury sextile Neptune

Venus square Uranus

Venus conjunct Pluto

Mars sextile Uranus

Dec 21

Moon in Sagittarius is Void after a trine to Jupiter at 7:35 AM until entering Capricorn at 8:26 PM

Venus sextile Chiron

Uranus stations direct in Aries

Sun in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn at 8:36 PM occurring at 0 degrees and 6 minutes Cardinal

Dec 22

Moon in Capricorn is Void after a conjunction with Venus at 10:18 PM until entering Aquarius at 9:53 PM on the 23rd

Dec 23

Void Moon in Capricorn until 9:53 PM today

Saturn enters Sagittarius

Dec 24

Moon in Aquarius

Mercury square Uranus

Dec 25

Moon in Aquarius is void following an opposition to Jupiter at 10:12 AM until entering Pisces at 11:08 PM

Mercury conjunct Pluto

Mercury sextile Chiron

Dec 26

Moon in Pisces

Sun sextile Neptune

Dec 27

Moon in Pisces is Void following a sextile with Venus at 10:45 AM until entering Aries at 1:36 AM on Dec. 28

Dec 28

Moon in Aries

First Quarter Moon occurs at 1:33 PM at 6 degrees and 56 minutes Cardinal

Dec 29

Moon in Aries if Void following a square to Venus at 7:47 PM until entering Taurus at 5:57 AM on Dec. 30.

Dec 30

Moon in Taurus

Dec 31

Moon in Taurus

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 30, 2014

I've been having some really elaborate dreams lately. That is not unusual for me. But, lately I've noticed an uptick. I believe that it may be due to Mercury waxing into square to Neptune. This perfects in our atmosphere today (11:27 PM).

I've read a few conflicting theories in regard to what transits produce dreams. Some theorists believe Jupiter and the 9th house rule dreams. Others believe it is Neptune and the 12th house. We've got both of these energies kicking in the sky today. I have Mercury in the 9th house in trine to my Moon in Pisces. Perhaps it is the mixture of Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter that produces vivid dreams. Either way, mine are particularly entertaining right now. And, the energy being brought forth from our current skies says that others may experience an increase in dream activity as well. We certainly have plenty to process and the dream state provides a perfect canvas for that.

I dreamed of jewelry and watches the other night. The jewelry was a leather necklace with colorful spun glass beads. The watches were like what I would imagine to be crack for folks like Macgyver and Inspector Gadget. They expanded out around the band and had all kinds of different tools that were hidden in the base. I have no idea what any of it meant, but, I may try to make one of those necklaces for myself. If the watches truly existed, I know exactly who would love one as a Christmas gift but they had no real appeal to me. I don't care what time it is and have no patience with gadgetry. The dream was interesting all the same.

Today we wake up to the Moon still in Pisces. Early this morning she is leaving an inconjunct with Jupiter in Leo and waxing toward a sextile with Mars in Capricorn. If you handled the emotionality of yesterday effectively, you could feel quite good about yourself today. The inconjunct to Jupiter acts as a barometer letting us know just how far we've come in personal growth pertaining to the way we navigate our emotional body. Then, as the Moon waxes toward Mars, we may be motivated to act upon some of the inklings that our emotionality is handing us.

The Moon is also waxing toward a trine with Saturn in Scorpio which perfects at 3:48 PM. It's important not to forget (which is a funny statement in and of itself given the aspect I'm about to pinpoint) that Mercury waxing toward Neptune is overlaying this day. Don't allow your grand ideas to become too idealized. But, know there is enough Saturn energy through the Moon's contacts with a Saturn ruled Mars and Saturn himself, to ground us in such a way that we can look at our dreams realistically and build toward bringing them to fruition.

Definitely do not be afraid to dream. Follow where your imagination may lead you. It's a great day to go to the movies, read a book or indulge in music either at home or at a public venue. It's also a great day to catch up on work you need to do at home while jamming to your favorite tunes.

There is even room for a nice break today. After the Moon meets Saturn by trine, she is void until entering Aries at 8:15 PM. I do advise that you take some down time today because our first two days of the week are going to fly by. We will need to be on top of our game, well rested and limber in order to meet that effectively. Therefore, today is a good day to also ground and center ourselves in meditation as if we were mentally preparing for the “big game.”

So, today is a mixed bag with plenty of solid ground to walk on but still a pool or two to play in if we want. There is even time for a nap! Keep stretching toward flexibility and mobility. There are peaks in activity in the coming week that rush in like a whirlwind. We will want to be mobile enough to meet this call to flexibility or we may end up nursing tweaked muscles (literally) by the end of it. I've already tweaked a muscle in my back after warning everyone about the need to stretch. I guess that's what I get for trying to move a piano by myself and not listening to my own advice. Thankfully, the pain only lasted a few hours and I was able to nurse myself through it. But, it did prompt me to stop and think about my own true capacity of strength and the need to pay more mind to my flexibility. Perhaps I should allow people to help now and then...or even ask for help while minding my own delineations of the Universe. LOL...maybe.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 29, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Pisces swimming away from a conjunction with her ruler, Neptune (1:17 AM) while waxing into square with the Sun in Pisces creating our First Quarter Moon. Flexibility is, again, important during this Moon phase. At the New Moon, we began stretching. By now, we should be nicely warmed up and a bit more mobile. However, we are not done yet. By the time the Full Moon in Gemini waxes in next week, we will need to be on our toes and ready for movement on both a physical and mental level. Mercury newly in Sagittarius will help to stretch our mentality and certainly assist with expanding our perspective.

By 1:37 PM, our fishy Moon is strengthened by a sextile to Pluto. We bubble down with bravery into deeper waters and explore our subsurface emotions. This occurs just prior to a conjunction of the Moon to Chiron. That aspect can serve as the stick pin that pokes the Moon causing emotional leaking or tears. Pisces Moon's are accustomed to tears provoked for various reasons. The best advice here is to allow the emotions to wash in and over you while allowing them to wash out again. Observe them. Feel them. Then, let them go. It helps to imagine the tides sweeping away all the debris that Moon/Pluto drew to the surface leaving us purified and filled with cleaner water. Restored. Refreshed.

No matter how you flip it, people could be sensitive and well attuned to the energy of the folks around them. It's not a particularly ambitious day. But, there is a primordial tension affecting the collective. Our soul is yearning for something more. More can encompass a desire for greater meaning and purpose in one's life. It can be a yearning for an end to conflict and a need for peace and solitude. And the sensitivity could have us becoming tear filled in light of things like Hallmark commercials or even becoming misty in light of the nature's beauty as we look out our front windows and see the magical white frosting that nature has laid upon our otherwise dead and sullen ground.

Pisces and Sagittarian energy in conflict can, in fact, be quite magical. Sagittarius can provide additional buoyancy to a Pisces Moon. Traditionally, these two signs are both ruled by Jupiter. So, in wrangling the tension of this first quarter, reach for the positive expressions of the Red Giant while avoiding his less savory qualities. Do not be afraid or try to resist the increased compassion, empathy and potential emotionality brought forth by Neptune's influence. Indulge in the gentleness found in life while directing some of that gentleness toward yourself.

By 9:28 PM, the Moon is in square to Venus. We may want to explore, spread our wings, embrace the world with generosity or dance. But, we may be ill, in need of rest or find the expanding landscape so beautiful that it touches our hearts in a way that stops us awe. There is chance for redemption here...a rising from the waters with warmth and exaltation in our hearts.

I was swamped recently by overwhelming emotions. This isn't so unusual for me. I have a Pisces Moon that is preparing for it's fifth conjunction from Neptune. So far, I have been unable to put these emotions into words or talk about the situations which brought them about. They were deeply personal and filled with an adequate mixture of pain, remorse, joy and hopefulness all at the same time. I did not fight back my tears or try to direct myself toward “pulling it together.” What I did do, though, was turn on some music and allowed my body to tune into the vibrations involved which assisted me to process some of those wordless emotions. I danced as I cooked a surprise meal for my neighbor. This is how I self-nurture. I don't resist the tides. But, instead of allowing them to drag me under, I allow them to wash over me and drift back out to sea. Then, I reach for generosity. Doing something nice for someone makes me instantly feel better. It helps me to realize that I'm not alone. Pisces Moons swim in collective emotion. But, at the same time, they can feel deeply lonely and hollow.

Dreams tonight can be wonderfully elaborate and may even hold information pertaining to our long-term or immediate futures. The more pure your waters, the more able you will be to translate any dream (or intuitive) activity into something that provides accurate delineation of what our subconscious is trying to tell us. Our ability to self-nurture can be particularly important today as nurturing (Moon) from the outside world can be quite elusive (Pisces) or even non-existent. The square to Venus pokes us to emerge from our waters and reach out to the world with benevolence translating those tears into love and openness as we embrace one another. Release those emotions with conscious direction through meditation and prayer.

As I was dancing and cooking during my emotional washout, I also began singing. I don't normally sing. But, even I was surprised by how weak my voice had become. It broke and was shaky. But, by the time I was finished with my whirling, my breath had become more regulated and I was able breathe in more deeply in an effort to push the sound out of my body. Pulling myself through was hard but making the choice not to wallow was harder. But, by not resisting the flow, I had more energy to strengthen myself. By focusing on my breath I became more connected to my physical body and by reaching out, I realized that I wasn't really alone even though, at the time, I felt orphaned and abandoned.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Don't be afraid of it. Don't try to suppress it and don't try to escape it. Explore those emotions and don't worry so much if you cannot put how you feel into words. Express them, instead, however you feel, music, dance. Rest more if you need to. Spend some time decompressing alone if you need to. But, don't allow yourself to wallow too long. Instead of holding onto water, allow it to flow from you while you replace it with clear purified waters. Activity will increase as the Moon moves into Aries. We won't want to be carrying this baggage by let it go now.

We find more solid footing tomorrow and are able to bring emotion and motivation together in an effort to move forward. But, today, we've got to deal with the leviathans of our beings. True strength lies in allowing ourselves to be permeable and vulnerable even though our culture tries to tell us that strength comes in denial, physical exertions of force or by walling ourselves up. It is our ability to remain open and compassionate toward ourselves and others that makes us truly strong. So, if you are crying or just emotionally struck by the beauty found in the simplicities of life, know that you are exhibiting might not weakness. Allow yourself to be softened and diligently nurture yourself through it. Follow wherever the waters take you all while knowing the tides will eventually wash you ashore renewed, refreshed and restored.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 28, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aquarius waxing away from an opposition to Jupiter (4:17 AM) and into a square with Saturn (12:15 PM). The opposition to Jupiter early in the morning brings exuberance as some wake up and venture out to do their Black Friday shopping. But, the square to Saturn, is pretty harsh. Buyer's remorse? Maybe? An acknowledgment of acquired debt? A socially conscious awareness of how far we really have left go on a collective level. Or, perhaps we exercise some good financial sense during our purchases. Either way, immediately after this square the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 5:04 PM.

By 7:31 PM, the Moon is square Mercury in Sagittarius and waxing toward a conjunction with Neptune which perfects at 1:17 AM. On a personal level, this can equate to someone being sleepy and desiring quiet but the house and the people in it are too noisy. It may be that we are tired but our minds are racing. We could encounter some wild conversations in which much is misunderstood or misconstrued because of our worn out emotional body. We could hear something on the evening news that upsets us. Or, there could be a party next door that is disturbing our peace. Effectively put to use, this square can produce compassionate and emotionally charged conversations about world events, sports, or foreign affairs. This is a great aspect for praying, meditating and talking to angels. It's perfect for music venues, concerts and perhaps introducing yourself to new types of music and exploring new art forms. It could also foster some wild dreams overnight, forgetfulness, crying in your beer, maybe even a little drunk texting. Whatever you do, don't drink (Neptune) and drive (Mercury). Don't drive while overly sleepy and be cautious on the roads in the event there is wet, snowy or foggy weather conditions. It's pretty good for planning a cruise and that only comes to mind because a dear friend mentioned she may take one in the near future.

We are mixing fire and water here which becomes an act of temperance. Pisces and Sagittarius energy square off throughout the end of today and this energy lingers as the First Quarter Moon perfects early in the morning (5:07 AM) and continues until the Moon meets Venus by square tomorrow night (9:28 PM). For me, this always feels like the need for quiet and solitude versus loud rambunctious activity. We fish don't really do well with loud noises. Under the water, noise is subdued and softened. So anything loud kind of shocks our system, startling us in a way that disturbs our peaceful swimming. It can also equate to fun loving folks versus someone who is highly emotional, remorseful or even ill. A little patience and consideration for others goes a long way here.

Also, world news can be very disturbing to our sense of peace. This is also a personal observation. I've been secluded from world events for quite some time. But, on Thanksgiving Day, my connection to world events was resumed and my heart was immediately broken in light of what is going on out there. Smiling exuberant commentators exalting consumerism. Emotionally fueled protestors speaking out about judicial decisions...which I don't disagree with but still find upsetting. I just wanted to watch the parade. You know? And, then, there was the news of snow bringing a tense blanket of quiet across the country. Even the debate over the movie Exodus fits into this equation. All of that is Sagittarius versus Pisces. Everyone is sensitive with large opinions. To be honest, it makes me want to step outside the door and scream for everyone to shut the heck up. But, I've learned that peace is an inside job. So, instead, I just turned off my resumed connection to the world as quickly as I turned it back on. I can't help but think we've collectively lost our perspective in so many ways. I'm also getting re-perturbed at the pharmaceutical industry, particularly their commercials and that fits the conflict between these energies too. People. Happiness, peace and inner beauty DO NOT come in a pill I don't care what the heck they tell you. Did you know that many of the new anti-depressants can cost up to $1,000.00 for a months supply? Yeah, depending on your insurance coverage...which is another entity that is currently stuck in my craw. Add that to the continual dropping of veils around people that I grew up respecting and believing they had good and righteous intention and...anyway...disheartening.

Sagittarian energy can also be quite entertaining and uplifting to Pisces. Sagittarius can be generous and warmly exuberant helping to bring Pisces out of its wallowing. Laughter is contagious and Pisces is permeable. So, choose what you expose yourself to carefully. Allow yourself some time for contemplation and re-orientation. Definitely do not believe everything you hear and, if you have too, limit your exposure to the noise to begin with. It really does make a difference and does not mean you are sticking your head in the sand ignoring what is going on in the world. What you see on TV and read on the Internet is not an accurate depiction. It's exaggerated. It's tinted with rhetoric. And, frankly it only makes things worse. I'm more than ready for Saturn to come over into Sagittarius to rectify some of this. The set up is already in place.

I want to tell you to lean heavily on your spiritualism. But, in today's world, it's as if we aren't allowed to talk about that either. But, that's exactly what we need to be talking about because this other crap isn't helping. Faith, a longer range view and discussions infused with TRUTH are called for in an effort to foster long-term potential solutions. The lack of this is quite disheartening to me. Turn down the volume. Turn off the TV and search inside for solutions and peace. You aren't likely to find either of these “out there.” This next statement may be met with resistance but it makes it no less true. Tune into grace not into the world. That's where peace and truth reside. Wailing, crying and screaming for peace is a bit counter-productive in the sea

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aquarius. Overnight, Venus in Sagittarius squared off with Chiron in Pisces (midnight). Yes, sometimes the holidays can contain echoes of past hurts. But, Venus can sweep in with a balm and a promise for the future that helps us to operate in our current world with those “hurts” safely behind our past where they belong.

By Noon, the Moon is in sextile to her current ruler Uranus. There is a pull to gather around our friends and community. With the Uranian influence it could be a motley bunch. But, we love them.

By 1:39 PM, we are ready to eat. The Moon meets Venus by sextile. Whatever is in the kitchen smells divine. It could be cultural food. There could be some new dishes we are trying. Either way, this is a group affair kind of like a pot luck. Everyone wants to participate and there is generosity and benevolence in the air.
Together=To Gather

Things are smooth and light. No one wants to deal with overly dramatic emotional displays. They want to gather together and reconnect with one another amicably. There is a certain detachment as well as a concern for the entirety of the group we have gathered together. Comfort is found in numbers and by being surrounded by the people we love...wherever and however that occurs. Celebrate your culture and be open to experiencing and embracing new cultures.

By nightfall, the stories begin as Mercury moves into Sagittarius at 9:26 PM. Tall tales, laughter and a loosening of the restrictions upon one's mouth occurs. Be wary of hoof in mouth syndrome particularly if you are tipping the bottle too (Mercury is also waxing in square to Neptune). If you want to embellish your story a bit for enjoyment purposes, feel free. But, don't viciously lie. I don't think people will be prone to do that. But, everyone will have a story and there could be a show of one-up-manship in that regard. So freaking what? Have fun with it while refraining from making this a serious affair.

People may be talking openly about politics, religion, etc. You know how that goes. People have a tendency to get their feelings hurt or begin arguing. Eh. Don't let the conversation steer that way for you. If triggering conversations come up, dismiss yourself from them for today. We may feel like we've come together to solve the world's problems. And, in some instances there may be problems that need solving. But, if you think your little group is going to come to an effective solution by arguing over the misdirection of politics and religion you are over-estimating the importance of the conversation. This is a global problem not something that is going to be rectified by a small group.

Yet, if you can keep the conversations light, open and intelligent while detaching from any moralistic judgements of yourself and others in the process, then you (and the rest of the group) may learn a thing or two. Good sense and positive change can come from conversations such as these. People can take the message/idea home with them and spread it around once they get there. Just leave the bi-partisan and clash of religion crap out of it. The point is to bring things into a workable agreement finding what people have in common not punctuating what it is that drives us apart.

Today is a day to reach out, connect and share with others regardless of the fact that it is Thanksgiving in the US. Globally we are being poked to connect and gather. Why not do that over a fabulous meal and through light and joyous communication? Dare to do something new, learn something new, broaden your horizons and connect with those we cherish while being open to connecting with those who may not normally fall within “our group.” Extend open arms to new visitors or passing travelers. If you ARE a new visitor or a traveler who is just passing through, make sure to enjoy the evolving scenery and get to know the locals. Open yourself to experiencing things differently and even exploring new cultures and new lands. Connect. Share. Enjoy. And, GOBBLE, GOBBLE!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 26, 2014

This morning is solid. We wake up to a Capricorn Moon in sextile to her ruler, Saturn at 9:10 AM. We are all business on the beginning of Thanksgiving Eve. There may still be some mental heaviness lingering in the air as Mercury is still really close to Saturn and the Moon passes through this waning conjunction giving it a bit of life again. The Moon meets Mercury by sextile at 10:30 AM before reaching Void status.

I feel like during the VOC Moon, we hit the clutch kicking over from the heaviness of the first of the week and reaching for the lighter Sagittarian/Aquarian energy instead. The Moon enters Aquarius at 2:23 PM and she will sextile both her current ruler (Uranus) and all that we have in Sagittarius (Sun, Venus, Ceres, Vesta) and oppose Jupiter. It's a QUICK lightening up coming just in time to “feel” Venus trine Uranus which occurs at 7:23 PM.

I love the bohemian feel of Venus in Sagittarius. I love this side of the energy in the sky that leads us away from the heaviness of Scorpio and diligence of Capricorn and into the broader realm of non-convention and an appreciation of expanding our own horizons. See, there was pressure...from tradition? From family karma? From a feeling of imposed expectation? Who knows at this point. And, who freaking cares! We are going to celebrate! That's what is important here. And, this year, we may be more prone to ditch convention and give the holiday our own special twist. “Hey, Mom? WHAT kind of brownies ARE these?”...”It's an old family recipe brought over from our ancestors when they traveled from Amsterdam.” Yep, we lighten the heck up and begin to stop taking ourselves so seriously.

“Hey Mom, Uncle Ned is drunk and telling weird stories again.” That's a possibility as the Sun perfects in square to Neptune at 11:20 PM tonight. Why not, man. Most of us (unless you work at a consumer driven retail store), don't have to work tomorrow. What's wrong with cutting loose.

And, by the way, what's this crap about women being chained to the kitchen for two days cooking while, traditionally the male populace takes a break in front of the TV to watch football or whatever. Um, Venus trine Uranus and a waning fire trine between Jupiter/BML, Vesta and Eris (which the Moon will pass through on Thanksgiving) says, “Yeah, screw that tradition. This year we are having pizza or Chinese. We are going to do things DIFFERENTLY.” LOL..things are getting boisterous. And, that boisterousness is going to increase as Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the night of the 27th.

Now, don't get me wrong. If you want a traditional holiday...if that pleases you, then go for it and don't feel guilty about it. But...if you want to do things differently and put a unique spin on this holiday, the Universe is writing you a ticket to do just that. If you want to skip the whole thing entirely, then DO IT. I don't think that will be a problem unless you have the desire to do something different and squash it out of some kind of inkling that you aren't allowed. Here's some news for you, this is your holiday too and you can do whatever you want with it including incorporating different cultures into an otherwise ethnocentric holiday. Lobster at Thanksgiving? Why the heck not? Is the Thanksgiving fairy going to come and smack you upside the head if you don't make a turkey? Um...not likely. But, if you don't follow your heart's desire on this, you could surely get smacked upside the head with feelings of resentment. Are turkey and tradition worth that? (Playing the role of instigator “bad (BML) angel” on your shoulder, is Josi) “What do you mean you are going to be laying on the beach with a Corona at Thanksgiving, Mom? Yes, I realize it isn't Thanksgiving in the Bahamas."

The sister of a dear friend of mine moved to Spain after college. She really thought that Thanksgiving in Spain would hold very little importance to her. But, surprisingly, her new friends in Spain were curious about traditional American Thanksgiving. So, she ended up creating a semblance of a traditional Thanksgiving in Spain for her friends every year. She did the turkey, ham and the whole she-bang just to give her foreign friends a taste of our culture. It became a non-traditional tradition. Which, to her, was pretty cool. It even fostered a deeper appreciation on a personal level for her in regard to the holidays. See? Don't be afraid to be flexible here. The possibilities within putting a personal spin on this are truly endless. Don't discount anyone of them because, truly, there are no rules here. Allow the horizon to expand in front of you and drink in all the potentials.

There is also a grand feeling of generosity in the air with Venus in Sagittarius being given more potency in the days to come. I think it feels nice. But, some may find the expansiveness overwhelming. And, even more, may find the increased crowding of visitors uncomfortable. Enjoy the company. But, reserve some room for yourself too. Have a drink or two...or a magic brownie...take a freaking break and allow yourself to ENJOY this extended weekend instead of micro-managing every minute of it in an effort to achieve some pre-set ideal notion of what it is “supposed” to be. The true meaning is gratitude and giving thanks for the myriad of blessings we have a tendency to take for granted. Additionally, the push is toward sharing of blessings with those that are dear to us. However you want to meet those true demands of this time of year is entirely up to you.

This isn't your grandmother's holiday anymore. It's MY generation (Pluto in Virgo and early Pluto in Libra) of grandmothers holiday and we have a tendency to do things how we want creating new traditions and defining our idea of the new Matriarch in the process.

Gather your “community” of friends around you and be blessed that you are able to do that. Then, enjoy the hell out of it. No rules. No bounds. What do you mean we are serving dinner at a soup kitchen this year? Yep. Get your coat and grab a few of those brownies for the road.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 25, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (7:55 AM). Today holds a certain depth, seriousness and intensity. This is partially due to the Moon conjunct Pluto first thing in the morning. But, it is also due to Mercury banging into Saturn. That conjunction overlays the day with serious deep thought. It perfects at 9:37 PM. Sun and Venus in Sagittarius may help us to not take ourselves too seriously. The need for that is indicated.

By 9:25 AM a square from the Moon to Uranus moves in to shake things up. The way things are shaken up can be triggering as the Moon is also meeting Chiron by sextile at around the same time (9:49 AM). We wake up with a solid plan and full of determination. Or, under a blanket of regret and remorse. But, the Universe throws a monkey wrench directly in our plans or we receive just the jolt we need to shock us out of our wallowing. It may sound weird, but I'm getting a sense of some severe weather on Tuesday...perhaps in the way of thunder storms? I don't know. It's just a hit I'm getting. I haven't seen the weather predictions for this day as of yet. But, these aspects could certainly play out like that.

Now, you should know if these aspects can play out in stormy external weather patterns, it can also manifest as severe internal storms. I also find it ironic that I am picturing that book from Stephen King, The Storm of the Century. Sounds pretty ominous, eh? Talk about someone who has made a fortune off a brilliantly twisted mind. I love Stephen King.

I happen to also love thunder storms. And, I feel like one coming in at the end of November would have a powerfully magical feel too it. But, in reality, storms cause damage to homes, people and property at times. So, be on alert if that is to occur.

That being said, what is the best way to weather a severe storm (rain, snow or otherwise)? We batten down the hatches, gather emergency supplies and huddle in a safe shelter until the storm passes. Managing an internal storm works the same way. We firm up our boundaries in protection and take refuge in a safe place to deal with our emotions. Either way, there is a strong push toward assessment of resources and perhaps even following a preset personal emergency protocol. The danger, either way, is becoming fixated on fear and immobilized in light of it fostered by Mercury conjunct Saturn. In other words, don't allow my delineation of these aspects to cause you to become paranoid. I can only give you the essence of the day. You are in charge of how it is interpreted...for better or regard to your life.

This could also play out as making tremendous progress in terms of getting things done and perhaps even the possibility of completing a tremendous, long awaited over-haul. There is a lot of pressure to perform. And, how we respond to that pressure is paramount with the Moon waxing toward a conjunction with Mars in Capricorn (3:07 AM) and re-lighting the waning inconjunct from Mars to Jupiter in Leo. The Moon creates an inconjunct to Jupiter at 1:31 AM. Wisdom. A healthy dose of self-assurance (not over-confidence) in our actions. Reaching out to act in accordance with the budding dictum of our higher selves. Be brave. Be in control of yourself and know you can handle whatever comes your way. Be motivated and bear in mind the consequences of your action or inaction here. Hold on to a long-term perspective even if you have to respond to the immediacy of the moment.

Native Capricorn Moon's are known for their ability to use their emotions productively. The need for that is highly indicated today. Physically working through our emotionality and using it to produce something is a great way to handle this energy. Many may even be burning the midnight oil in true workaholic fashion. So, if you are feeling low, coax yourself to get up and do something. Take charge of your emotional body and use the energy produced here to accomplish sustainable results. Such things steer this Moon toward satisfaction instead of depression while alleviating some of the weight brought forth by Mercury conjunct Saturn.

This is likely to be a tight and serious day...a veritable obstacle course. But, it is manageable and it doesn't last forever. Tomorrow is significantly lighter with a VOC Moon from 10:30 AM until 2:23 PM. Then, tomorrow evening, Venus meets Uranus by trine assisting us to cast off some of the heaviness we may feel today. But, for today itself, we are called toward integrity, fortitude endurance and drawing upon our acquired wisdom to get the job done however it presents itself. We've got this by being responsible in regard to our emotions and by taking control of our thoughts while minding the fact that our words carry a certain weight today. Not many will be chatty. But chances are, when something is said, it is spoken with seriousness and potentially colored by other factors that the general audience may not know about. Like, a boss ripping an employees ass not so much because the employee did something horrible. But, moreso, because the boss feels out of control in other areas of his or her life so she/he is over-exerting control in the areas where she/he has it. Don't be that boss. Ok? Today, employees may be inclined to bite back and that just sounds like a set up for an unnecessary power struggle to me. Don't take this personal heaviness out on others. Use it by becoming the boss of yourself. And, if you are working on being the boss of yourself, don't mistreat your most valuable employee in that instance either. Take responsibility for your life, but don't steam roll yourself over your mistakes. Don't look to place blame on anyone, including yourself. Instead, look for solutions.

Remember at the New Moon when I told you to stretch and reach for flexibility? If you did, it's going to pay off in spades today because the energy is certainly rigidly inflexible. If you didn't, no worries, it's never too late to start.

My gosh. You can find anything on Youtube....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 24, 2014

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Sagittarius. She remains VOC until entering Capricorn at 11:32 AM. Then, by 7:45 PM, she is in sextile to Neptune. So much for getting down to business on Monday. Oh, there will be work to do. But, as far as bringing forth a sense of accomplishment? That isn't likely. It is more likely that we are distracted from everyday work, on the whole. We may be somewhere else mentally and emotionally while our body works on auto-pilot addressing what needs to be addressed as it comes.

What I find interesting about today is the perfection of the inconjunct from Mars in Capricorn to Jupiter in Leo (7:56 PM). Now, if you have planets between 20-25 Pisces or 20-25 Gemini, you will have a full-fledged Yod going on for a few more days. For Pisces planets in sextile to Mars, the apex of the Yod falls on Jupiter. For Gemini planets in sextile to Jupiter, then Mars is at the apex.

I can give you a personal example of how this may play out. I have Saturn conjunct Vesta at 20 Gemini. My North Node is at 21 Capricorn. My descendant is at 25 Leo. With Jupiter on my DC in sextile to my Saturn/Vesta, there is past wisdom that I'm drawing from to assist me in building a solid foundation under what it is that makes me feel alive. These two energies working together are calling me to act upon my future in a responsible continue to build around the destiny of my North Node. See? The planets in sextile work together to affect the pivot point (Apex) of the Yod. You can get even more information from adding in the house positions of these planets. For me, this is 4th (Saturn/Vesta), 6th/7th (Jupiter) and 11th (Mars/NN).

With a Yod whose apex is Jupiter, then the Capricorn planets and the Pisces planets work together to produce expansion and growth on a personal level and perhaps even foster a stronger sense of self-worth and wisdom.
If there is no Yod and we are just dealing with the purity of an inconjunct between Mars and Jupiter, then the exchange can happen from one direction to the other. For example, personal growth and expansion, plus an increase in personal wisdom prompts us to engage in taking responsible action. Or, we engage in responsible action and are actively building and that produces expansion and personal growth. However, in our consciousness, we have trouble seeing how these two energies fit together and work in tandem. We can't see that the work we are doing is directly affecting or drawing from our acquired wisdom or that our hard work increases our self-worth. We may also not see that we are inclined to bite off more than we can chew. But, if we have a solid sense of self and humbly accept our limitations (Jupiter in Leo) we will be less inclined to over-promise or over-commit or over-estimate our abilities (negative Mars/Jupiter/Saturn).

On an even more simple level, our drive toward maintaining tradition (Mars in Capricorn) is indirectly affected by the fact that we are more wise and worldly. On the night of the 26th, that type of energy is felt within the emotional body as the Moon passes over this inconjunct in the wee hours (1:31 AM-3:07 AM) of Thanksgiving morning just before the Moon in Capricorn meets her ruler, Saturn in Scorpio, by sextile (9:10 AM). See? Interesting set up.

Thanksgiving itself, is a tradition that...well...the roots of that tradition are just not exactly the way they were presented to us as children. Somebody left out the “sins of the father” in that story. That's all I'm going to say about that, right now. But, know there is a lot of that sentiment floating around (tradition has a new meaning in light of a myriad of revelations which have expanded our sense of personal truth). That mentality overlays our individual lives in varying ways...even if a person doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. That is just a well known tradition here in the US that is easily recognizable and so appropriate to use as an example.

Tuesday, is pretty busy with an active Capricorn Moon trying to pull everything together and check everything off her list. People are serious minded (Mercury conjunct Saturn) and working while they would really rather be enjoying life and relaxing a bit. Prepare for a bit of resentment to be a common emotion. Trust me on this. It's better to foster a sense of appreciation for the fact that you can do this work than to allow yourself to become resentful of the fact that you have to do it in the first place. Realize you are blessed to be able to do what you have to do even if you really don't want to do it in the first place. Don't forget about Venus in Sagittarius under all the weight of this Pluto/Saturn energy. She is our saving grace right now...gratitude, generosity, benevolence, appreciation of our hard earned wisdom. Welcome her into your festivities.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 23, 2014

The Moon's movements today give inkling to what Venus, the Sun and Mercury will soon experience. This morning, we wake up to a budding Moon in Sagittarius. It is such a small sliver of a Moon it still may not be visible in the night sky. Her first aspect is a trine to Uranus in Aries at 6:02 AM. Venus will trine Uranus on November 26 as the Sun perfects in square to Neptune...interesting set-up for Thanksgiving, don't you think? The Sun will trine Uranus on December 4 just before Mars enters the Uranian territory of Aquarius. Venus trines Jupiter on the same day. (Are you marking these dates on your calendar?)

The trine from the Moon to Uranus can prompt a desire to break free and shake off some heaviness. Aspects from yesterday's New Moon could have brought some confusion and emotionality. We are done with that mess today and yearning for lightness while a part of us is ready for change. I see some people looking at the current circumstances in their lives and coming to the conclusion of “Yeah. Fuck this shit” be blunt.

However, a mere 20 minutes after the trine from the Moon to Uranus, she meets up with Chiron in Pisces via square. There is a little pain behind those vows for change. Therefore, vows made toward change should incorporate plans for healing and refrain from wounding. So, “Fuck this shit” gets elaboration and becomes, “Fuck this shit; I'm done with being hurt!” Venus squares Chiron at midnight on November 27...again...interesting set-up for Thanksgiving. Mercury shifts into Sagittarius later that same day. The Sun squares Chiron early in the morning on December 5. Remember what all this feels like and be ready to experience it across other levels of your life. We feel it first. Then we apply the same energy to what we want and, then, incorporate it into our ego creating a swaddling of personal change that we will wrap ourselves with throughout December and into the New Year.

There will be one small difference in how the Moon experiences this energy in comparison to Venus and the Sun. When the Moon experiences the square to Chiron, he is quivering getting ready to turn direct. He does so, officially at 4:42 PM. When the Sun and Venus meet up with him, he is full-fledged moving forward having finished his review of these primordial past hurts. So, do you see? We really can move forward with healing and attempt to do things differently from here forward.

Speaking of “from here forward,” by 10:16 PM, the Moon is in trine to Jupiter. A Jupiter flavored Moon in trine to her ruler calls for forward thinking and hints of broadening if the world is opening up with possibilities. Change is imminent. But, under this sky we are more likely to choose change than to have it forced upon us. Again, Venus trines Jupiter on December 4. The Sun trines Jupiter on December 14th (Jupiter is Rx by then). In the meantime, Mercury zips into Sagittarius the day after Thanksgiving and quickly repeats all of these aspects as he zips past the Sun (conjunction on December 8). He trines Uranus on December 5th, squares Chiron on December 6th (an hour before the Full Moon in Gemini) and trines Jupiter on December 12th...he beats the Sun there. But, he doesn't make it before Jupiter turns retrograde on December 8th.

The New Moon was a little bitty spark. Soon, we've got a full on blaze happening. Warming. Exciting. Shifting. Expanding. It can also feel hard to keep up with and overwhelming for some. There is certainly an influx of heat and activity in the midst of the cold. Like I said, change is imminent...we get the first inklings of that today. We can feel it coming and may even take initiatives to help it along.

I know since Mercury is in Scorpio right now, all of these indications of change and expansion may first appear on our horizon like big dark looming a storm moving in. Plus, Mercury is still lingering around Saturn, too. So, folks are still kind of inclined toward deep serious thinking. When Saturn, Pluto and Mercury get together, thinking can easily steer toward negativity. Tighten the leash on that from a personal level because I don't see this as all gloom and doom. There is a part of us that may be expecting that though...almost in a PTSD type of response especially right after the “Holy CRAP what a Scorpio, Pluto...well played...sheesh.”

Taking all of these shifts into a perspective that includes “big picture” I see many people going through rapid periods of growth and expansion on very personal levels. Then, I see those changes having a direct impact on a cultural level. I think we will see the indications of this (personal change prompting cultural change) around the 6th Uranus/Pluto square. I think these indications will continue to echo and stir around in our collective psyche and become punctuated again in the spring. And, I think that it all happens fairly rapidly...beginning soon. I also feel that it slowly begins to feel more grounded and solidified after this big “rush” of activity and we move into Capricorn season. Yeah. I think Sagittarius season is going to be an adventure. Adventures are experienced through the way in which we process information. WE interpret them to ourselves. That being said, grab on to your Mercury and pre-set it to look for possibilities. Visualize yourself winning the race and using all this fiery potential to make change in your favor happen. You can certainly use this time to turn certain aspects of your life around. That sounds pretty exciting from where I'm sitting. But, I'm also thinking we all need to continue warming up right now. I'm looking at the First Quarter Moon on Nov. 29th and Mercury's square to Neptune on November 30 and thinking that by the time the Moon gets into Aries on Dec. 1 we are moving....hitting the ground running. So,for the next week or so, prepare. Stretch (your body, literally). Research. Assess your resources. Strengthen and rest your body. Work on you mobility and ability to be flexible. Mark your map. Choose your target and adjust your aim. HOLD STEADY, ARCHERS!

Learn how to be an effective Sagittarian...wise, optimistic, generous, benevolent, athletic, mobile and good humored while refraining from Sagittarius' lesser desired qualities of being a know-it-all loud mouth. LOL...sorry :) And...get ready to move.

Here's a handy reference in regard to what is going on the rest of this month:

Nov 24

Moon in Capricorn

Mars inconjunct Jupiter 7:56 PM 22 19 Capricorn/Leo
Nov 25

Moon in Capricorn

Mercury conjunct Saturn 9:37 PM 26 51 Scorpio
Nov 26

Moon in Capricorn is void at 10:30 AM until entering Aquarius at 2:23 PM

Mercury sesquisquare Uranus 12:35 PM 27 50 Scorpio/Aries

Venus trine Uranus 7:23 PM 12 50 Sagittarius/Aries

Sun square Neptune 11:20 PM 4 50 Sagittarius/Pisces
Nov 27

Moon in Aquarius

Venus square Chiron 00:33 AM 13 06 Sagittarius/Pisces

Mercury enters Sagittarius 9:26 PM
Nov 28

Moon in Aquarius is void at 12:15 PM until entering Pisces at 5:04 PM
Nov 29

First Quarter Moon (Moon square Sun) 5:07 AM 7 06 Sagittarius/Pisces
Nov 30

Moon in Pisces is Void at 3:48 PM until entering Aries at 8:15 PM

Mercury square Neptune 11:27 PM 4 52 Sagittarius/Pisces