Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 10, 2014

Two Yods blossom in the sky today. The first is between Moon, Mars, Venus/Sun with the Moon at the apex.The second is between Moon/Chiron/Venus and Sun with Venus/Sun at the apex. Either way, the apex of both yods answer to Venus. One end answers to tactile Venus as it relates to Taurus. The other relates to the air concepts of Venus as it relates to Libra.

The Yod with the Moon at the apex deals with how we walk our truth (or not) in partnerships thus creating stability and reflecting our own self worth or, conversely, how we compromise our beliefs in an effort to maintain partnerships thus also speaking of our own stability and self worth.

The Yod with Sun/Venus at the apex shows us how what connects us sometimes also separates us. We are connected through our collective pain just as much as through the concept of ethereal love. The difference is ethereal love pushes us to move past or dissolve boundaries and become more open. Collective pain typically prompts us to build walls and hide away in efforts for self-preservation. Of course, it doesn't ALWAYS work that way. For example, two people who have nothing in common other than an illness, will likely be able to connect through shared experience of their illness. It all depends on how a person handles themselves in light of their pain and the energy at hand.

The Sun/Venus Yod shows us how we allow our little secret pains to affect the way we choose partners and how we react to Venus energy (whether we shun it as a weakness or embrace it).

Relating and partnerships are going to be reborn as topics of conversation (be they internal or external) in the coming few weeks. Mercury re-enters Libra today at 1:27 PM. I think we need conversations like this because I feel that conscious partnering is an elusive and long forgotten art. At the same time, above and beyond romantic relationships, the world as a whole has forgotten how to talk to one another.

The problem, though, lies in the shadow of both a Mercury retrograde and Mercury in Libra. Mercury in Libra does NOT like to talk about things that may not be polite. It also does not like to directly speak about what it wants. Mercury in Libra hints and alludes to what it would like you to do instead of asking you outright. I find this maddening.

That being said, remember I'm speaking of the shadow of Mercury in Libra not the whole picture. At Mercury in Libra's highest expression, its speech and mannerisms of speaking are passionless. A well functioning Mercury in Libra weighs out fact against opinion. Then, it speaks directly, intelligently, logically and bears in mind the mentality of its audience speaking neither above or below but directly to.

On the other hand (a well loved Mercury in Libra phrase), the shadow of Mercury in Libra will frame speech around only smoothing things over and making things look good on paper. It forgoes emotional interplay, which in conversation, are kind of important. Its very detrimental to conversation to believe that we are not humans with emotional bodies and those emotional bodies affect how we think and interpret information.

The shadow will delay making decisions while it searches for opinions from others rather than being able to stand in its own mentality and speak from that perspective. The problem with that comes because there is a person under that Mercury in Libra who has their own opinions and needs. After a time of denying themselves and putting more weight on “what everyone else thinks,” the faulty Mercury in Libra can become resentful and begin swinging its sword indiscriminately at whoever or whatever is present in the moment.

The more positive expression looks for all sides of the story and may take longer to form a decision due to that fact. In turn, these high functioning Mercury in Libra traits make for excellent judges, public relations professionals, marketers, sales people, politicians, negotiators/mediators and writers. The elusive smooth talking shadow side, however, can silver tongue its way into persuading people to follow it right to their detriment under the veil of hidden agendas. Both shadow and high expression know exactly what “the other” wants to hear and speaks that language fluently. The difference in the outcome, of course, lies in Mercury in Libra's intent as well as its concept of justice and fairness. So, at the same time, Mercury in Libra can be the biased judge, the shady politician, the snake oil salesman, the negotiator/mediator that enters a situation with a personal agenda, and the writer who uses rhetoric to sway the public toward their own opinion.

Some famous Mercury in Libra natives include:

I'll let you draw your own conclusion about which side of the shadow/light they fall upon.

During Mercury's trek through Libra, we will likely hear a lot of debates about what is fair or unfair, just or unjust. I STRONGLY urge everyone to look at facts and question everything before drawing any personal conclusions. Watch for plays to the emotions in an effort to sway public opinion and demand the truth. We will likely hear a lot of “everything is ok” from many sources, when it isn't. Subsequently, we could also hear a lot of speech directed at inducing an emotional response without any factual evidence to back up the claims. Yep. We are going to have to think for ourselves in a lot of instances.

After Mercury re-enters Libra, the Moon squares Jupiter in Leo at 1:49 preceding the Sun's sextile to Jupiter at 7:18 PM. Your ability to channel the positive expressions of Jupiter come into play. On the negative end of the equation, Moon/Jupiter can prompt a person to overreact to an emotional situation and completely blow things out of proportion while Sun/Jupiter can prompt a person to become full of themselves and self-righteous in their actions. On the more positive end of the spectrum, Moon/Jupiter can bring perspective and optimism to the potentially high emotional interplay while Sun/Jupiter defaults to humility and generosity. Right now, with Sun/Venus in Libra in the sky, many are prone to be over accommodating. We want things to be nice and pretty. But, when in reality, things are NOT nice and pretty and we try to sprinkle glitter on it instead of addressing the truth in the situation nothing truly gets resolved. Instead, the ugly is left to rot and mold under the glitter becoming more and more of an eyesore that no one wants to talk about.

After this Jupiter action, the Moon steps up to bat with Saturn in Scorpio at 8:49 PM. This aspect can bring emotions that sound like a long, dull gong. It can be uncomfortable and depressing. Or, it can lend stability in light of an otherwise potentially high emotional day.

Act responsibly today. Work on what needs to be worked on so that by tonight with the opposition to Saturn, you have that satisfaction to fall back on. Don't fall prey to the potential self-aggrandizement that can come from Sun/Jupiter and the waning Fire Trine (which also holds the potential for impulsiveness). Instead, give yourself some space in light of high emotions to think things through thoroughly. Again, all the information is not in yet with Mercury moving backward in the sky. Give the situation time to develop before you make a final decision. I'm not talking procrastination here, or the delaying of decisions because they won't be well received, or masking over the important issues to keep up appearances. I'm just recommending that you give yourself time to weigh out all your options logically before blowing up the bridges before or behind you.