Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 9, 2014

For me, this is a great day. The Moon is in my favorite place, Taurus. AND it is THURSDAY! THE DAY OF THOR! I have quite the crush on Thor, for one thing. But, Thursday is my favorite day of the week for two reasons (other than Thor). 1) It is the day furthest away from Monday on either side. Yeah, grab a calendar and check it out! 2) It is free transit day on Yes, I have Robert Hand's book, “Planets in Transit” that has these exact delineations (as found on available to me at any time I want. I actually have most of it memorized and rely more on my own interpretation of transits (especially my personal ones) than I do anyone else's. BUT, I am Libra to the core. So, when you mention free stuff my mouth waters.

If you are reading this, you have survived the Lunar Eclipse from yesterday. That means you deserve a treat! However, ripples from that eclipse will persist riding right into the next one. The next eclipse occurs on Oct. 24th at 0 degrees Scorpio. It differs from the eclipse we just experienced.

Yesterday's eclipse was a Lunar Eclipse in which the Earth actually casts a shadow upon the Moon temporarily cutting off the light of the Sun from the Moon. The next eclipse is a New Moon or Solar Eclipse. That occurs when the Moon is lined up between the Earth and the Sun thus temporarily blocking the light of the Sun.

The reason I am talking about the upcoming eclipse today is because the Moon will oppose Mercury Rx at 9:08 AM on the next ecliptic point. Keep your ears and eyes open for information that may come to you in regard to what that eclipse may hold for you. There is no need to act on this information just yet. Tuck those clues under your hat and let them simmer a bit.

Earlier this morning, the Moon is void until entering Taurus at 7:44 AM. Then, by 4:30 PM the Moon meets Neptune in Pisces via sextile. Overlaying all this is a waxing trine from the Moon to Pluto in Capricorn which perfects overnight at 2:36 AM.

What this equates to, overall, is potential for a much more stable day. There is A LOT of Venus energy in the sky. Venus is in her home sign of Libra and rules our Sun, Moon and NN. Plus, Neptune is also in the air, which is the higher octave of Venus.

As a result of this Venus power, people will likely be more prone to seek out pleasures than work. However, Taurus doesn't typically turn down a chance to beef up its bank account. A note of outstanding debt (Mercury in Scorpio) could very well prod our cow selves (Moon in Taurus) off the couch and off to work after all.

The trine to Pluto and sextile to Neptune can provide the forbearance and transcendence (respectively) in order to trudge through any work that needs to be done. The Fire Trine is also still accessible as an energy source, but you have to reach for it. Once you start moving, you'll be alright. Convincing yourself to move, however, may take awhile.

Taurus flavored Venus and Libra flavored Venus differ. Libra flavored Venus is air based. It is a mental stimulation that enjoys things like fine art, gentle poetry, dance, delicacies, intricacies and flirting with mental concepts. Taurus flavored Venus is tactile. It likes physical and Earthly pleasures like comfort food, cozy and rich embellishments anything you can literally sink into.

Entice yourself with a Venusian reward delivered to yourself by yourself (or you can share if you want; Venus does that too) at the end of the work day. Plan to have your favorite meal, a treat, a long soak in the tub, get a massage or barter an “I'll rub your back if you rub mine” deal with your partner. Leave some time aside to appease your Venus however your Venus sees fit. Indulge!