Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 7, 2014

There is a type of mindful meditation where the person sits in stillness but does not try to stop their stream of consciousness thinking. Instead, meditations quiet the body so we can find presence in the current moment. Life from this meditative view is considered as a river. Prior to this meditative practice, we are immersed in the river of life. However, during this meditative practice we step out of the immersion of life and sit on the bank watching the river rush by. Thinking is not redirected. Instead, it is observed. The mind is not stilled. It is calmed as it views all the stressors of life from a distance.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aries at 6:07 AM. Before meeting the day, it would be a good idea to center yourself through some sort of meditative practice as I've mentioned above. Aries is the Warrior. The most effective warrior is well centered within his own body and energy so that he or she may respond quickly to any incoming threat. The effective warrior is greatly in tune with the information both instinct and intuition can deliver. And, the effective warrior realizes that violence is a formidable last resort used only when every other tactic of diplomacy and conflict resolution has failed yet a persistent threat remains.

Our Sun in Libra finds Uranus in Aries by opposition today (4:58 PM EDT). Whenever there is a transit to or from Uranus, it is a good idea to ground and center. When Mars is in aspect to Uranus, I advise people to cut down on the amount of stimulants they take in and to step up their exercise routines to help them avoid acting on impulse and instead direct them toward acting smartly. The same type of cautions exist as the Sun aspects Uranus. But, this opposition has much deeper potential than just acting impulsively.

Oppositions represent polarities. With transiting oppositions, a person can embody one side of the polarity while projecting (or encountering) the other side of the polarity onto someone else.

Libra is the Queen of projections. And, right now, she embraces the solar side of this opposition. In the less refined territory of Libra, we seek out “others” by subconsciously projecting or seeking out the parts of ourselves that we deny. Opposites attract, right? Well, sort of. In the instance of opposite attraction working, what has happened is the people have compatible shadows. Her repressed masculine works well with his repressed feminine. So, really, even within the concept of opposite attraction, it is still “like attracts like” but it is achieved unconsciously.

ABSOLUTELY relationships like that can work. Their secret, however, is to learn more about the self through the other who is wearing our own traits while fostering terms of emotional intimacy (which comes in Scorpio) to uncover the true “other” under the mask as you also reveal your true self.

In the more refined territory of Libra, we know both sides of our true selves. We realize every coin has a flip side and there are two sides to every story. Because we are so well rooted in our sense of self, we can then consciously seek out partners without wrestling with our shadows. The act of partnering in the more refined expression of Libra seeks partners who have traits that are supportive of our true selves and partners who are also well rooted in their own sense of identity. The seeking goes from being unconsciously driven to consciously steered.

Uranus in Aries, at his lowest vibration, is the rebel without a cause or a clue. He pops off at every opportunity to fight in an irrational and unpredictable way. At his highest, he is the tactical warrior engaging his higher mind in a socially conscious way. He is the Scientist who fights disease through research. He is the computer specialist who fights cyber terrorism. He is the one who consciously directs the energy given to him by anger in such a way that benefits social constructs instead of tears them down. He is very concerned with initiating community and fostering hope instead of being concerned with the concept of “I'll show you.”

With the highest functionality of both the Sun in Libra and Uranus in Aries in place, then it is possible for a person to engage the peace and harmony loving Sun in Libra while also engaging the socially conscious warrior in a compatible way. At the lowest potential, we have the rebel without a clue calling Libra's peacemaking and negotiations the pansy way out. All the while, the lower vibration of Libra will be trying to smooth everything over in an effort to avoid conflict all together and keep up appearances. Lower Libra will wail, “Can't we all just get along?” without ever volunteering to get to the true root of the issues at hand. Either way, there is balance and both sides of the coin are represented. However, in one sense of balance, (projector versus crazy person) there is chance for friction and conflict. In the other sense of balance (mindful negotiator and socially conscious warrior), there is chance for peaceful resolution.

The best way to navigate any of the potentials at hand is found by engaging your higher mind (Uranus), especially since our logical mind is all screwed up and pieces of information are missing (Mercury in retrograde). The higher mind (Uranus) is located in our physical body and our true sense of self (Aries). That crazy warrior has the answers we need. He just needs to settle down first. And, while you cannot control the crazy warrior you may be facing off with. You most certainly can control that part of him that exists within you.

Step back from the conflict at hand. This does not mean you sweep troubles under the rug or avoid the situation. It just means that you insert a pause in the action so you can effectively determine your next move. Quiet your body and for a moment, allow the river of life and the current circumstances to wash in front of you as if you were just an observer. Detach from any emotionality and look into that river evaluating all sides of all the coins floating by. Then act while firmly rooted in your true sense of self while also being socially conscious of any ramifications of your actions while aiming for peaceful resolutions.

All of this will likely occur under painful conditions. Our Libra Sun also meets Chiron in Pisces by inconjunct today (6:49 AM). How we respond to the rest of the planetary movements in front of us will determine if we foster healing from Chiron or continue to inflict that pain upon others. For folks who have Chiron in the mid-degrees of Aries (giving a wide orb of 10-20 degrees), this opposition as well as the eclipse will give you an opportunity to strengthen your sense of self and subsequently foster empowerment. Or, react violently on mere instinct, lashing out like a wounded animal.

All of this will also occur as what we want (Venus) and what we need (Moon) oppose each other in the sky perfecting at 10:58 PM. There is certainly an internal struggle being tweaked today. We need to engage. We need to initiate. But, we want to appreciate the finer things in life. We want to partner and work together. How can you be the warrior who stops to admire the paintings in the town you are pillaging?

What's key here is fostering the ability to self-nurture (Moon in Aries) while not being dependent upon anyone else to hand you what you want (Venus in Libra). Instead, you meet your own needs (Moon in Aries) while working with others to reach compromise (Venus in Libra).

There is anger and pain to deal with here. So, this access to the higher expressions of the archetypes DOES NOT comes easily. Heck, if the higher expressions were the EASY road we wouldn't have any of the problems in the world that we have today! No. Engaging the higher vibrations and not falling prey to the more scattered ones will be the main challenge here. One secret of engaging successfully is to recognize and accept that there is pain and anger to deal with instead of trying to deny or hide it. Lead yourself to a safe place to tend to both these very personal afflictions before heading to the negotiating table or launching a potential slaughter.

Also know that not everyone is interested in dealing with life consciously so there may be erratic people around you. Real and threatening danger has potential to flare up under these skies. Protect yourself and be very mindful of any instinctual urges that may give you forewarning of such dangers. Then, move quickly out of the way of these violent wounded animals because, I assure you, they will have no interest in negotiation. In the meantime, our Full Moon Eclipse in Aries perfects early in the morning at 6:51 AM.