Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 6, 2014

The Yod between the Moon and Chiron in Pisces, Jupiter in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn is in full force this morning as well as a square from the Moon to Mars in Sagittarius at 6:36 AM. The conflict between Sagittarius and Pisces can be a desire to get out and institute change in the world vs a need to stay home and incubate a bit longer. If you are in need of self-care, allow yourself time to recuperate and rest before running out to conquer the world.

The day does continually get more stable as the Moon moves away from the Yod and the square to Mars and into a supportive trine with Saturn in Scorpio at 3:39 PM. At this point, the Moon is void until entering Aries tomorrow at 6:07 AM. As people emerge from the sludge of this Pisces Moon and into the driven realm of Aries, there isn't going to be much time for rest for a few days. Yes. I know today is Monday. Yes. I know that is the kick off of the workweek for many. But, Tuesday and Wednesday are likely to be popping. So make sure you take any opportunity at down time this evening that you are given. Rest up. Take care of yourself. Be ready to run on Tuesday.

The Yod in the sky this morning echoes these sentiments. Our collective pain (Chiron in Pisces) is directly connected to the need to break down some of these outdated systems (sextile to Pluto in Capricorn) and the solution to that is largely dependent upon the condition of individuals (inconjunct to Jupiter in Leo). You know? Take the time to take care of you before you rush out there to save the world. It's not an indulgence. It is a necessity.