Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 30, 2014

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon for just a few hours until she enters Aquarius at 9:52 AM. From here, the day looks a lot like a consistent battle between the Water Bearer and the Scorpion. By 10:49, the Moon is in square to the Sun. Then, overnight (1:34 AM), she squares off with Venus in Scorpio.

First Quarter Moons are usually a bit challenging. They mark the midway point to the Full Moon. Folks who work with me in learning how to follow the Moon, know that I compare the passages of the Moon to a flower growing. At the New Moon, the flower seed is planted. At the First Quarter Moon, that seed has germinated and is now pushing to break through the Earth.

Think about that. If you have ever seen a new flower sprout, then you know the green shoots are tender. At the same time, it would call for tremendous strength and effort from the little seedling to break it's encasement (shell) and then push its way through the thick Earth. It is a tense time of growth for our seedling.

In our lives, First Quarters operate much the same way. They put challenges and, sometimes, obstacles in front of us that we either choose to meet, ignore or become frustrated by. When they occur in fixed signs, these challenges can revolve around those patterns in our lives that are tremendously ingrained. They markedly pit our emotional needs (Moon) against the needs of our Ego (Sun).

In terms of modern rulerships, Aquarius and Scorpio squaring off echoes Pluto square Uranus. In traditional rulerships, it pits Mars against Saturn. Neither are easy to navigate.

In Scorpio, particularly with Venus lingering around the Sun, our desires (what we want) run deep having roots that run into the core of our psyche. Sometimes, these desires are so deeply rooted that it feels as if they are even connected as deeply as our genitals. It's not that we just want what we want. It is that we crave it. And, sometimes, Scorpio can be tempted to go to extreme means and to resort to abuses of power to get it. Tunnel vision can even be fostered around both our desires and drives of our ego causing us to loose sight of the bigger picture.

Aquarius calls for a broader vision asking us to bear in mind a more socially conscious oriented view. Scorpio heralds things that are deeply embedded in our personal and ancestral histories, whereas, Aquarius pokes us to envision the future and the impact of our actions upon our global community. The struggle becomes one that pits the use of power (Pluto) against freedom (Uranus), ambition (Mars) against responsibility (Saturn) and new and inventive ways against the way things have always been done. This energy is what causes evolution and revolution. So, no, the challenges are not easy to navigate particularly occurring in fixed signs where change is not normally welcomed with open arms.

On top of that, this First Quarter also pulls in Juno in Leo creating a fixed t-square increasing the pressure.

Pull all this together, and what you can end up with is quite the cranial copulation.

At the very simplest level, perhaps we promised ourselves (Juno in Leo) that we would be free (Aquarius) from debt (Scorpio). But, we are obsessing about this thing we want (Venus in Scorpio) and thinking, “Oh, what difference is one more charge on my credit card going to make?” We may be tempted (Scorpio) to resort to our less effective past methods to purchase the thing. Whereas, Aquarius, who is NOT prone to be possessed by things, is calling us to come up with a new and unique way to pursue our desires. This calls for a little thing called delayed gratification.

Aquarius is cool with delayed gratification. However, Scorpio can be prone to want what it wants so badly that delayed gratification sounds a bit torturous (not that Scorpio is adverse to torture). The pull from the needs of our egos and from our desires can be so freaking strong that we loose sight of our other priorities. We don't care what we promised ourselves because all we can focus on is this thing. Truth is, though, the thing we want is not going to evaporate and we are not going to die without it even if it feels like we might. It's getting over our fixation upon the thing that is the problem. Thankfully, Aquarius can help us do that. Particularly since the Moon here reminds us that we NEED (Moon) to change (Aquarius) in an effort to build a better future for ourselves.

We can maintain our commitment to ourselves AND get what we want through budgeting and a little self-compromise and restraint. Put a working plan in place (Mars in Capricorn) to obtain the cash you need to buy the thing instead of putting “want” ahead of personal responsibility. Bring your extreme focus to hard work and commitment instead of allowing yourself to focus solely on the desire itself. That is a responsible use of your spending power. In case you have not noticed, there is a huge chunk of the sky that is answering to responsible (Saturn) use of power (Pluto) through hard work and dedication (Mars in Capricorn). Not one piece of that says “instant gratification” so....yeah, we kind of need to get over that. We are certainly in this for the long haul.

I used a desire for a physical thing in this analogy. But, know that what you want could also be an intangible. Either way, it brings me back to prompting you to closely examine the roots of our desires. Thankfully, Pallas is right in this mix giving us an x-ray view of that. As the Moon squares Pallas, that could bring some shocking (Aquarius/Uranus) self-revelations like the fact that we may actually be allowing ourselves to be controlled by our desires. The LAST thing that Scorpio or Aquarius wants is to be controlled. So, Pallas' insight and wisdom could very well prompt us to get a handle on ourselves. But, we've got to be willing to view and accept what it is she is telling us. That becomes a very individualized process.

To satisfy ourselves and this energy in the sky to the highest of potentials, we are going to have to bear down and endure the changes we have set before ourselves or that have been set before us. If you don't want to be that shadow controlled person anymore, then you are going to have to change the way you engage (Uranus in Aries), employ your true power (control of our shadow selves/Saturn in Scorpio) and work diligently (Mars in Capricorn) to employ the responsible use of that power (Pluto in Capricorn). We need to network and maintain our visions of a better future (Moon in Aquarius) by fostering a well balanced strategy (Mercury in Libra) and become a bit detached from our ambitions (Uranus in Aries) in an effort to maintain our commitments to our higher selves (Juno in Leo).

I'll reiterate that the Universe really doesn't care what you do with this energy. It's going to hand you consequences either way. I don't know about you, but I'd rather make a conscious effort to ensure that I'm making choices that feed my future instead of threaten to deplete it. Our choices are our only true freedoms in this life. So, I'd like to make them for myself...thank you very much. But, as long as you are being controlled by desire, you really aren't acting freely.

This energy is coming either way. If we don't employ it consciously, then, it takes the path of least resistance which isn't necessarily the best path. It's best to employ it on purpose even if that may lead you down a more challenging road.

Pioneering new paths makes Aquarian energy squeal with delight. Problem is, the road not taken can be scary because of the elusive “unknown.” Therein lies the crux of the cranial copulation that I mentioned earlier. Do we take the old road where, even though the consequences may be severe, at least we know where it leads? Or, do we take a chance and try to do things differently even if we aren't sure where that road is going to lead us? Mercury in Libra has the power to show us both sides of that coin. I'd suggest taking the time to examine each one before making a decision because the long term consequences of either action are all ours for better or worse.