Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 29, 2014

I don't know if it is due to Mercury now direct or something else, but, it seems like things are moving very quickly in these past few days. Maybe it is Mars in Capricorn that has everyone seriously getting down to business. To be honest with you, I really don't know. But, the term whirlwind does come to mind and that makes me think of our Air signs. The only thing we really have in Air is Mercury, so there you go. I do feel as if time clips by faster when he is direct.

This morning, we wake up to the Moon still in Capricorn. Overnight, she met Pluto by conjunction (1:47 PM). By 5:30 AM she meets Chiron in Pisces via sextile giving us opportunity to strengthen the emotional boundaries around our pain without completely shutting it down. We know it is still there. But, we can box it up so that there is knowledge of it existing while we remain functional in spite of it. I've also noticed an uptick in the last few days of personal illnesses from belly bugs to the sniffles. So, take your Vitamin C and wash your hands folks! Sorry, I have a SN in Cancer that prompts me to sound like your mother.

At 1:30 the Moon squares off with Mercury in Libra. This can make it hard to get your feelings across...not that either Capricorn or Libra even wants to talk about messy old feelings anyway. This could be a correction by an authority figure for speaking out of turn or being too social on your cell phone at work. Or it could be that social friend that forgets you have obligations in your everyday routine that prevent you from lingering around to catch up on gossip forever. There is tension involved, either way and the conflict is found between communication/thought and emotion/need. Could be as simple as you need to work (Moon in Capricorn) but you'd rather be at home watching Judge Judy (Mercury in Libra) or something.

By late tonight, the Moon solidifies even more with a supportive trine from her current ruler, Saturn, at 11:02 PM. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 9:52 AM tomorrow.

The Moon, in my opinion, deserves a rest. And, so do you. I'm sure many have worked their tails off trying to catch their breath in the busyness or even due illness. Lay your problems to the side tonight and get some much deserved rest. Pamper your sick self, if necessary.

The Moon in Aquarius will create our First Quarter Moon which brings tension to our intentions set at the New Moon. The work ain't done yet! And, from the looks of it, it may turn into a marathon! Pace yourself. Be realistic in your expectations of yourself. Be diligent, taking one step at a time, as you chip away at the stone handling what you can. Whatever you do, don't become so overwhelmed that you neglect your health in these days. That should certainly be held at priority. Don't skimp on it! The first task on your list should be to take care of yourself.