Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 28, 2014

This morning we wake up to a stellium in Capricorn. The Moon enters the sign to join Pluto and Mars at 6:04 AM EDT. By 8:46 AM she meets up with Mars prompting us to get to work already! That ambition is tempered a bit with a nice soft mini-trine that overlays much the day. The Moon meets Neptune via sextile at 2:37 PM, Sun via sextile at 3:18 PM and Venus via sextile at 5:01 PM.

I really like the looks of this mini-trine. It caps the day like an umbrella of protection. This means, the Moon will be primed with the deep softness accessible through Venus and Neptune before dancing with the Lord of the Underworld. Our inner “boss” really cannot deny the need to be empathic and compassionate with ourselves and the masses making it harder for the pure desires of power and greed to take over during her meeting with Pluto at around 2 AM overnight.

Mars in Capricorn is not speedy but diligent and goal oriented. In orb with this mini-trine, he too is softened. The whole thing just feels good to me. And, mini-trines for some reason, feel much mightier than floaty grand trines, yet, no where near as forceful as a square.

Of course, I have to keep beating the drum that Venus is not well placed in Scorpio. Her fixations and obsessions here can certainly be detrimental particularly for anyone unaccustomed to the energy of Venus/Pluto. So, that caution stands. But, with Venus holding in trine to Neptune, some of these tendencies can be softened as long as they are not allowed to trickle over into the realm of addiction.

I'm also prompted to let you know that the negative end of this equation could manifest as a person in authority who is impaired (drunk or otherwise) and lusty with deeply seeded desires and obsessions (perhaps a bit desperate) as brought about by the negative use of the mini-trine. In that regard, when the Moon and Mars meet up with Pluto then our “boss” may be tempted to resort to shadier means to obtain his goals. Also know that when I say “boss” it could very well mean you, even if you are not officially in a leadership position; because, we are all wearing this energy. We are all bosses of our own lives, right?

Either way, a large portion of our sky answers to Pluto, Saturn and Neptune right now. Our ability to use this energy effectively comes down to our ability to positively express the energies of each. In other words, if you find yourself in need of a re-build (which is pretty common these days), then this energy can certainly help you do that. With Neptune held in positive expression, we are less likely to do this in a way that hurts others.

Mercury is now direct. Final details are trickling in and our ability to maintain a sense of logic and strategy is returning. Pallas is still working away in Scorpio detecting patterns in our psyche that may trip us up.

I feel this is a good solid day overall with just enough grounding, empathy and fortitude available to help us along.

Tomorrow, the energy has a bit more of a hard edge due to squares from Moon to Mercury and Uranus. Mercury doesn't meet Uranus by opposition again during this trip. But, the Moon does temporarily link up a t-square between the two. That could result in some shocking information. But, it could also very well be the jolt that restarts ours brains and gives us the inspiration/insight we need to move forward.

In the meantime, I'm prompted to ask if anyone else out there is experiencing weird de ja vous like scenarios? I certainly have been. Some of them have been quite disorienting while also being ridiculously undeniable. I'm just trying to figure out if it is just me or something that is also permeating the collective. Actually, it is less of a de ja vous, I guess, and a more of a “raising of old devils” sort of like the call to judgment that I mentioned last week around the eclipse. Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page (or by private message) and let me know if you are. My Sun/Uranus in Libra, Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo are working overtime to put together the analysis. My preliminary results indicate this may be something experienced particularly by folks who have planets around 11 degrees Cardinal. In the meantime, if you ARE experiencing this pay attention to what you are observing. It is likely you will be clued into exactly what you did well and where you also have room to improve.