Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 27, 2014

I am so ridiculously in love...with a 5 year old. He is my grandson. Holding true to my grandmother status, I'll tell you he is the greatest thing on Earth. He is a multiple Leo. For Halloween this year, he decided he wanted to be a Fire Chief. How ironic is that?

Anyway, there is absolutely nothing this child could do wrong in my eyes. His Neptune trines my Venus. All his Leo trines my Neptune. And, I cannot look at him and not loose my breath for a minute in a amazement of how much he absolutely fills up my heart. My love for him is endless, bottomless, completely consuming and incomparable to anything I've ever felt before.

In turn, he thinks I'm magical because I can make cupcakes look like owls and werewolves. When we are together, we get completely lost in imaginary worlds that we purposely create.

At the same time, we do each understand that these imaginary worlds are just for fun. We are not trying to deceive one another. We are just indulging our imaginations together and we both have BIG imaginations. eyes are tearing up a bit after just writing those few paragraphs about him because my recognition of my love for him does that. It's misty. And, it's ok. My Pisces Moon square Neptune knows the difference between “good cry” and “bad cry.” He always invokes happy tears.

You have to be able to maintain your knowledge of what is real and what is not when dealing with Neptune. One of these mannequins is not a mannequin but a real person. Can you pick out which one?
In his early days, though, it was not always happy tears. Brayden was born prematurely at 25 weeks gestation. The hospital staff was very hesitant to give us any hope in regard to whether or not he would even survive. He was so small that he literally fit in the palm of my hand. His forefinger was the same length as my thumbnail. For the first 4 months of his life, we were only able to touch him through the thick medical gloves that were attached to the outside of his incubator. It was like he was a little fragile porcelain doll encased in glass for his own protection. Every day...well, every minute with him in those days was a blessing, because, none of us knew how long he would be with us. But, we held tightly to our faith praying that he would fight his way through these challenges. Doctors and nurses warned us that, even if he did survive, he would likely be severely debilitated possibly even non-functional due to his early birth. Apparently, though, Brayden would have none of this. Other than his small size and a slight limp every now and then due to his mild Cerebral Palsy, you would never know the beginning of his life held such a struggle. Now, it seems, he lives to drink in every moment of experience that life holds with true Leo joy and curiosity. He serves as a gentle reminder to the adults around him to do the same. And, it works. His laughter and enjoyment of life is infectious.

I'm telling you this because the Sun and Venus in Scorpio are both set to meet Neptune in Pisces via trine. The above is a beautiful example of how Neptune contacts to personal planets can feel. Brayden and I both receive our endless imaginations from Neptune. Our imaginary worlds are Neptunian playgrounds. And, the love I feel for him goes beyond what Venus can offer on her own. This is different. It is boundless and all encompassing. It is a feeling I cannot get enough of but cannot completely grasp onto at the same time. My interactions with him are always accompanied with waves of emotion that make my heart feel as if it will burst in a good way. There's no “working on our relationship” here. The love, itself, was born free of condition without our conscious effort. Our hearts are connected somewhere else other than on Earth. From lifetimes ago? His Venus is exactly conjunct my SN in Cancer. Or on a soul level? I'm not really sure where it comes from and, to be honest, I don't really care. I'm too busy healing my soul with it.

This is what the positive end of being love drunk feels like. Now. If Brayden and I didn't realize that our imaginary worlds were just fictional creations, our imaginings would become delusions filled with untruths. But, our imaginary worlds are grounded through play.

The negative end of this would still be just as infectious and addictive. There would be an alluring pull from somewhere other than the physical plane toward something or someone that produces these same feelings. That “someone” could be an illusionist, liar or addict themselves. Or, we could become the addict drawn to drugs or intoxicants that mimic the strong heart melting emotional waves and imaginary worlds that Brayden and I produce when we are together.

With Sun and Venus together in Scorpio, those negative addictions could become life-threatening. The object of our fascination could become a fixation that we try to direct and control or one that threatens to eat us alive luring us in with fantasy much like a spider paralyzes its prey or like a vampire hypnotizes and seduces. Under this sky, you are going to want to know the difference. It can be beautiful or deadly. Either way, it is an interaction that tickles our very soul prompting an ethereal release.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Sagittarius. Overnight, she met Uranus via trine which could have potentially brought in dreams of the future or even self-enlightenment. At 7:11 AM, she meets Mercury (now direct) in Libra. This can provide for an upbeat chat with a friend about the future. It's a light aspect and today's Moon is considerably lighter and more optimistic than what we experienced in early Sagittarius and through Scorpio.

By noon, the Moon meets expansive Jupiter via trine. This aspect gives the feeling of being “over the moon” about something. It's big and can be quite joyful. Then, as that aspect holds, Venus meets Neptune at 2:48 PM giving us the potential of becoming love drunk and either crying happy tears in overwhelm at our hearts expansion or sending us into the pit of remorse and lack because our hearts simply cannot get enough.

In the morning (5:50 AM) the Sun perfects in trine with Neptune. We can completely lose ourselves in this love or be completely dissolved in a bad way by the powers of Neptune. Either way, none of this looks very ambitious. But, it does have the potential to be exhilarating and uplifting in a way that ambition cannot touch. The key lies in being grounded enough to know the difference between good employment of the powers of Neptune and the negative. In order to truly indulge in this, there has to be a foundation of reality and trust. Otherwise, people can be completely deceived by the veils that Neptune creates or become victims of their obsessions and addictions surrendering to them completely.

Let go a bit today. Get out and explore if you have a chance. Indulge your imagination and your heart in healthy ways through art, music and dreams. Enjoy the deep stirrings within your soul without trying to grasp onto or control them. Enjoy those moments as they come but let those tides recede as they will without letting them carry you out into the endless swamping oceans.

In a well grounded state, today can be the day that dreams come true even if for only a moment. It is important to realize their impermanence so they can be truly appreciated for the fleeting moments they are. Or, it can be the day where we get completely swept away in addiction, lack of fulfillment and delusion. Trust me. The positive expression of this is much more worthy of your attention than any drug or escape.

Either way, appreciate those heart stroking moments as they come. You've got to be just as willing and able to let go of them as you are pleased to see them wash in. Catch. Release. And, enjoy their heart expanding potential (even if it may break your heart a little at the same time).

Oh, and be careful to check yourself twice if you have to be mindful of structure or details today because your attention span is going to be about 2-3 seconds long. Again, grounding is essential.