Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 25, 2014

Today looks much better to me than the last few days. There is potential for relief and quiet assimilation. This morning we wake up to the Moon still lingering in Scorpio. Overnight, Venus met up with the Sun (3:31 AM) perhaps bringing a sense of ease that helped to foster a decent night's sleep.

By 5:45 AM, the Moon squares off with Jupiter. This can bring a bright sunny morning. Or, negatively, it could have us blowing emotional situations out of proportion. The best use of this early morning aspect is to find a workable perspective.

At noon, the Moon finds the heaviness and sobriety of a conjunction to Saturn. This is not a happy nor easy aspect. However, given the potential of volatility over the last few days, it can bring a sense of grounding and solid footing. Rolling off the Moon's square to Jupiter, if you can manage to direct that energy to gaining perspective; then, when the Moon meets Saturn, you can welcome the stability and start to re-build.

Of course, the converse is true, as well. If the square from Jupiter prompts a sense of overwhelming dread; then, the conjunction to Saturn could foster feelings of depression instead of stability.

From here, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at midnight. Prior to this, Mercury in Libra stations direct (did I just hear an angelic choir sing?) Personally, I think it will be great to have our minds back. But, don't expect to feel this right away as it occurs when the Moon is Void. Plus, Mercury station points can be troublesome. Meaning, this is the beginning of Mercury straightening up and flying right. He doesn't exactly have all the kinks worked out, yet. He also still has a few tricks up his sleeve. But, we needn't worry too much about that today.

The shifting in the sky doesn't end with the Moon and Mercury's movements either. Tomorrow, Mars enters Capricorn calling us to get to work while acting responsibly and diligently. This is not the energized, freely exploring Mars that we had in Sagittarius. This Mars is steadfast and leads others through action. Here, Mars takes time to consider the consequences of his actions instead of zipping around trying to be the superhero. A passion for getting down to business is fostered here. It comes just at a time when we need it too. Jupiter square Saturn will pressurize us into work and load us with responsibility. That makes workaholic Mars in Capricorn squeal with glee.

The funny thing, though, is that this placement can be a bit more horny than you would think. Perhaps lustful is the better word. So, take lustfulness and overlay that with all the archetypes you have for bosses. How a person directs their passion is inherently dependent upon how they handle being given a position of leadership. A lot of this will also depend upon a person's ability to handle power since Mars will spend a great deal of his time in Capricorn influenced by Pluto.

A forceful power hungry boss could resort to abusing his power by exerting his dominance (perhaps even through sexual force) over those of lesser authority and power. A well grounded and socially conscious boss will use the drive from Mars to become passionate about his work in an effort to rebuild what Pluto has stripped away.

If we can manage to wrangle the energy of Jupiter square Saturn into diligently making long-range plans, then Mars in Capricorn can provide the where-with-all to begin action on those plans. When Mars passes over Pluto by conjunction, he is reborn. A new Pluto/Mars cycle commences.

In the past year, we've had plenty of time to wrangle with Mars. An imminent new Mars cycle should come as a relief to our poor Aries folks who were all stuck with Mars retrograde and in detriment for the duration of their Solar Returns. By now, though, Aries should have a good handle on this temporary energy.

Either way, the sky is shifting and even though echoes of the recent eclipses can still be heard, the dust should begin to slowly settle. Plus, with such focus on Scorpio, it is helpful to have Mars in the sign of responsibility. If anything, we've been shown that the way we fight, engage and handle our power needs to be steered more effectively. Abuses of power are certainly not a tolerable thing these days. Those that continue to attempt to do so will certainly be called on the carpet because the general populace will be having NONE of it. Scorpio can sense this kind of thing and Capricorn will serve to judge our active engagements.

Today, though, with 12 good hours of a Void Moon, it is a perfect opportunity to step back from the craziness that can be found in the outside world and relax a bit while dealing with any lingering emotions (such as feelings of grief or overwhelm). It's a great day for visiting haunted houses (Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio), or even for putting the finishing touches on your own Halloween decorations.

The ground is fertile now, as well. So, in the Northern Hemisphere (as long as the ground isn't frozen), it's a good time to put flowering bulbs in the ground. Give yourself something to look forward to in the spring. Also in the realm of outside, it's a good time to do all those final home maintenance items on your check list in preparation for winter like cleaning the gutters, pruning fading rose bushes and, of course, yard cleanup through raking leaves.

It's also great for taking an initial look at your budget and assessing how well your information is organized in regard to your taxes. I know, YAWN, right? But, seriously, any efforts you put in to preparations for the future right now will be highly beneficial. Business folks know exactly what I'm talking about. Many US businesses declare this as the beginning of a new financial year, the first fiscal quarter. Payroll departments and accounting professionals begin to clean up and audit the books in order to have their documents in order by the first of the year. So, all of this most certainly fits with our current sky since it forces us to look forward and work toward the future. That perspective is certainly needed.