Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 23, 2014

This morning we wake up to a very dark Moon in Libra. Early in the day, the Sun passes from Libra into Scorpio (7:57 AM). Meanwhile, the Moon makes a nice kite in the sky with a trine from Mars/Pholus in Sagittarius, Eris in Aries and BML in Scorpio. Did I just say nice? Yeah. Prepare for “nice” to be a thing of the recent past. Libra's mask is dangling on its final threads getting ready to come off. And, the Moon's passage through this fire trine (marked by a sextile from Moon to Mars at 1:23 PM) could be just the catalyst that serves to pull it off.

After the Moon passes Mars, she is void until entering Scorpio at 5:11 PM. So, if a catalyst comes your way in the form of a gaslighter or merely a sense of urgency, take the few hours of the Void Moon to take a big dramatic pause. Also know that (pausing) is likely the LAST thing you want to do. But, unless there is a true and imminent physical threat, there is no true call for immediate action now. I would highly advise you to stow it, at least until you can get to a safe place to expel some of this excess energy in a way that doesn't end up biting you in the rear. Call a time out for your own good. Lock yourself in a closet and scream your head off if you want. Do absolutely anything you can do to bring yourself back to center because the air is certainly prickly. In case you haven't heard, there is an eclipse today.

While the Moon is dealing with herself, Venus sneaks over into Scorpio at 4:53 PM. She waits here, right behind the Sun and Pallas for the Moon to join her. I've told you of Pallas' super powers in Scorpio. Here, she can give you an x-ray view of what is going on below the surface particularly the subconscious patterns of YOUR OWN psyche that, when allowed to run amuck, can cause a lot of problems. So, while you are looking over your shoulder for potential threats within that sense of urgency, the bigger call is to direct your observations inward. Don't be afraid of what you might see. We all have our shadows. Instead, note what you observe and subsequently vow to stop letting it control you.

All that being said, there could be some deep desires that bubble up in light of this eclipse. Instead of setting out to satiate those desires, look inward to where they are truly coming from. Do you have a subconscious desire for control? Is there a part of you that doesn't believe it can sustain itself or provide for itself? Where does that come from? Are you being triggered? Where does the root of that trigger lie? I've a feeling a little lady by the name of Eris may sneak up on us giving clues to this. But, our initial inkling is going to be to react to Eris instead of looking at what it is she is trying to show us in the first place.

See, there was this party that Eris was excluded from in her day. Because she was excluded from the party, she took this golden apple and rolled it into a room full of debutantes. On that golden apple were the words, “For the fairest.” Well, wouldn't you know that all hell broke loose as the debutantes scrambled to grab the apple for themselves. What Eris did was show the ugly under these beautiful masks...quite effortlessly. And, today, at this eclipse, she's rolling that apple again and it lands directly on Saturn in Scorpio by inconjunct. We never saw it coming. But, it holds great opportunity to either 1) reveal your true ugly in front of an audience OR 2) note the urges that bubble up without acting on them but merely standing in observation. And, that observation needs to be directed inward more than outward. Start examining why you react to certain things the way you do. Start examining where these desperate cravings come from. What is it that you truly lack?

If there had been ONE debutante at that party with a sense of self worth and integrity, she would not have fallen prey to Eris' sideways method of destruction. She would have held the line and watched the entertainment of the other debutantes scrambling for the spotlight. Be THAT chic. Stand your ground and hold tight to your integrity and self discipline without letting anyone else knock that foundation out from underneath you.

Mars in Sagittarius is hell bent on being some kind of hero right now. But, I would caution against doing anything in the name of pure heroism. Instead, default to merely finding the right thing to do or the wise thing to do and stick with that. And, the wise thing to do right now in light of this sense of urgency brought by the eclipse is to stay still and hold your position because all the information is STILL not in yet. The picture is still developing and will continue developing as Mercury turns direct and retraces the degrees of his own shadow.

Chances are the world will seem to open up with new (and sometimes dark) details. Note them. The sabian for this eclipse is “A sight seeing bus.” Nothing in that sabian says “A tour where you unexpectedly get off the bus to fight monsters.” Take the entirety of the trip in even if there is a piece of scenery that tries to jerk you off the bus. Don't let it. Stay on and observe. There's more to see and learn here than meets the eye.

The eclipse officially occurs at 5:58 PM. Unless there is a true sense of physical danger, then its only purpose is to cut away at how we mask our own ugly through projection of our Ego. It also works to remove blocks to emotional intimacy. That mask is likely to be clipped for many at this time for better or worse. You should really know what is under your own mask in light of the possibility of it falling off...don't you think? On top of that, if you bear witness to someone else's mask falling off, then note that but don't do anything outward about it just yet. Again, stay on the bus.

If something or someone threatens to leave your life, let it go. Don't try to manipulate it or trick it into sticking around. It will be tempting to do so, though. Instead, again, look inward to what it is that causes you to want to control or what it is that makes you feel so desperate in the first place.

After all this begins to wane, the Moon meets Neptune by trine overnight (2:30 AM). Take that as opportunity to practice letting go and purging emotions. It is also prime opportunity for fostering a sense of both forgiveness (particularly if self-directed) and acceptance. The need for acceptance and a firm view of the reality of the situation is going to strengthen as the Moon makes her way toward Saturn tomorrow. Accept that there is probably a great deal of work ahead and most of it involves work directed at honing yourself. Jupiter in Leo is tightening in square to Saturn in Scorpio. Self excavation is in order more so than feeding your ego through heroism and self-righteous action.

Temptation is going to abound in the coming days. We may have cravings and desires that we do not completely understand. That's the catch 22. It's not that we are supposed to pursue the satiation of these desires but rather try to suss out the root of where they come from in the first place. Know this information is just for you. I'd keep a lid on it and stow it in your personal diary or something until the picture becomes more clear.

At the same time, know that there will be people in the world who will not and cannot contain themselves. We, as Astrology followers, know that this eclipse heralds a need for self-control and an efforts toward self-exploration. Others, though, will only feel the urgency attached to this eclipse and be compelled to respond to those strong desires and the pull toward satiation devouring absolutely everything in their path. Step to the side and let them pass by. That's their unraveling, not yours. Just make sure you are clear from any fall out. Step AWAY from the crazy, power hungry, overly captivated by desire and desperate people. Protect yourself and your foundation and, instead, observe. Stay. On. The. Bus.