Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 3, 2014

Today the Sun moves into the 2nd Decan of Libra. The Full Moon occurs in the center of this Decan and on the doorway of what Astrology calls “via combusta” or the “fiery way.”

The second Decan of Libra is referred to as “two links of a chain.” From the book 36 Faces by Austin Coppock, “weak links are exposed but the true heart is also revealed.” Happiness and contentment occurs as a “result of agreements wisely made and held to.” While “lasting unions” create “blended karma.” Coppock further states, “sacred covens and profane deals” are both fostered in this Decan.

All of this gives inkling to what can occur with the Sun and Venus' movements through this Decan not to mention the eclipse.

Eclipse related events are occurring right now. The Universe doesn't typically wait for the eclipse to perfect in one final HURRAH! The energy that will climax at the Full Moon is building now and will continue even as the Full Moon wanes. The ripples of this energy are far reaching. Some Astrologers claim these ripple effects can reach as far as 6 months into the future.

I'm inclined to agree with that. And, I'll even note that sometimes ecliptic events can impact an entire lifetime for better or worse til death do you part.

None of this should scare you, however. We have eclipses twice every year at least. They are the natural order of the Universe used to shake up things up and jostle dust so that it settles in the corners or is swept away entirely.

If you notice, Mother Nature does the same thing with rainy or windy seasons (hurricane, typhoon, tornado seasons, for example). The energy from these seasons is strong even reaching the point of creating hazards for inhabitants of Earth. These seasons sweep in with destruction in a way that does not discriminate. The eclipses work much the same way. Unpredictable and sweeping while remaining seemingly impartial in regard to who may feel its impact.

The warnings for the eclipse are about the same as warnings for any major weather prediction. If you live in the area most likely to endure the worst impact (have planets in or around 15 degrees Cardinal and I'd give a 5 degree orb for eclipses at minimum) batten down the hatches, be extremely aware of your environment and take cover for safety when necessary. If you do not have planets at these mid-degrees, still be on the alert for severe weather and, of course, be wary of the fall out while being mindful that some people you know may be right in line of this storm and may need your assistance after the severe weather subsides. In other words, you may not “live” in the danger area, but the dude next to you on the bus might. Your boss might. Your partner might. Be on the lookout for fallout.

The fact that Mercury is retrograde both during the passage of the Sun and Venus through the 2nd Decan of Libra and during the eclipse of the full Hunter's Moon, is HUGE. Saturn rules this Decan and in Tarot, this section of Libra relates to the 3 of Swords. Mercury's condition is important because as Coppock describes, “agreements made can be binding but can also restrict, oppress and imprison based on an agreement's terms.” Read EVERYTHING maybe 3 or 4 times before making a decision to sign on any line. Ask questions. Ask for clarification. Reflect the answers you receive back to the speaker to ensure you have all the details noted correctly. Don't smile and pretend you have it all straight when you don't. Watch for what is NOT being said and bear in mind that “lasting unions” and “blended karma” occurs here.

Blended karma is important. Before you go taking on someone's baggage, you might want to check into what they are packing. Does the new “love of your life” have heaping amounts of debt? If so, that karma will blend with your own (you'll end up carrying some of the load) when the two of you enter the legal binds of marriage. That's just one obvious example. READ THE TERMS OF WHAT YOU ARE AGREEING TO. CONSIDER THE LONG TERM RAMIFICATIONS. AND REALISTICALLY WEIGH AND CONSIDER WHETHER THIS IS SOMETHING YOU REALLY WANT TO BE LOCKED INTO. (if you just read that and subsequently heard prison doors clink behind

That being said, “weak links” within partnerships will can also give way at this time. Marriages and seemingly solid unions can break away unexpectedly (Venus opposite Uranus is strong at this Full Moon). Skeletons can creep out of closets revealing long hidden betrayals. Hearts can be broken just as frequently as they are fulfilled. And, fostering deals with the Devil (which are usually baited with temptation) are just as possible (Sun square Pluto) as fostering well intended and mutually satisfying unions.

Chances are if you are in a union that is shaky enough to break away at this eclipse, you are feeling the Earth quiver under its feet right now. Veils around matters of love and partnerships will drop as we move closer to this eclipse.

Venus meets Neptune Rx by inconjunct today (10:36 PM). It is a quick minor aspect that many will overlook and few will speak of. But, for some, its effect will be obvious. More veils will be dropped and emotionality will creep in as the Moon enters Pisces on October 5. Emotions will roil under that sky. Then, when the wake up call of the Aries Moon arrives, details will be revealed under the Full Moon. People will be ready to take action. But, I'll remind you again, that Mercury is retrograde. Re-read the terms of your agreement before you go off haphazardly breaking it. What do the terms say about early termination? Does the devastating information revealed to you outweigh all the possible benefits of continuing the partnership? Are you reacting to the situation? Or, are you responding to it? There is a difference.

The Sun is in its Fall in Libra. Adhering to the needs of Ego right now may not be the best way to go. Coppock says, “the Sun in this Decan can be too accommodating.” It's one thing to be nice. It's another to completely forgo your own well being just to maintain an outward appearance of “everything's ok.” Wanting things to APPEAR smooth and pretty (without regard to what really goes on behind closed doors) is an issue of EGO. Pride. Showmanship. Both of which proverbially “go before the fall.”
Venus and Saturn here, however, are very well placed. Coppock says, “Venus here can create agreements where none exist.” And, Saturn creates the proper grounding and boundaries necessary for good partnerships to be built upon. Listen for echoes of Saturn and Mars' passages through these degrees. And, for the millionth time, check details while being mindful of the fact that all the information is not in yet while some of the data you have may be erroneous.

Today is a great day for doing some preliminary fact checking in regard to all the information given you thus far. The Moon is in Aquarius is ruled by Uranus giving access to our “higher mind.” The Moon here can also provide a bit of emotional detachment allowing the facts to be examined and evaluated logically.

At 7:44 AM, the Moon meets information (Mercury) by square. Check and recheck facts while remaining objective until absolutely all the information has been collected. As Mercury moves backward from Scorpio to Libra, I'd advise you not to react impulsively due to your initial conclusions. Note those initial impressions but know your first opinion may not be your best. Allow time for the dust to settle as the information simmers. Ask questions. Check details and facts all while remaining OPINIONLESS. Put information on your scales and weigh them for awhile. We are collecting and examining data here not drawing conclusions just yet. Know that your body isn't going to want to wait until the facts are in. Bowstrings are tight and begging for release. HOLD! STEADY!

The Moon's trine to both the Sun (9:56 PM) and Venus (11:54 AM) can also be of benefit providing a nice break if nothing else. Air signs are not highly emotional and have the ability to remain objective. Use that incoming super power while being mindful of the temptations and dark urges you may encounter as the Sun becomes increasingly darkened by the shadow of Pluto in Capricorn. That square perfects overnight at 4:02 AM. Don't fear what bubbles up from deep inside of you. Be aware of it while knowing you have full access to that monster's main control panel. In the meantime, watch for wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, deals that seem too good to be true and snake oil salesman. All these demons will be crawling out of the woodwork in the days to come.

Today, though, we aren't going to tackle them outright. Instead, we are going to observe and take notes so we will be all the better prepared to act smartly and with conscious intention at exactly the right time and NOT before.