Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 20, 2014

Stability. Practicality. Amicability. Optimism. These are the energies that color your today. This morning, we wake up to the Moon in Virgo. Overnight, Venus and Mars danced via sextile (1:19 AM). This is the energy bringing the amicability.

The Moon spends most of the day waxing toward a sextile with Saturn in Scorpio at (4:34 PM). Together, this can bring the energy of stability and practicality. Meanwhile, Mercury Rx in Libra meets Jupiter in Leo, again, via sextile at 4:38 PM. And, that is what brings the potential for optimism and long-term perspective.

This is a more structured and balanced day than we've been used to in recent past and certainly serves as a bright point in the week.

Hey, Monday needs all the help it can get, right?

This is a great day for planting yourself firmly upon the Earth and getting into the nitty gritty of what needs to be done. If there is a need for mobilization in your world, then today could have you getting all of your resources in check. If you need to come to terms with “how thing are” this energy can plant you firmly in reality for better or worse eventually fostering a sense of acceptance.

While in contact with Venus, our superhero Mars is not bloodthirsty. He would rather solve things amicably and peacefully...perhaps over an exotic dessert. Minds are still reviewing information but are stretching to look at things from a long-term perspective. In that long term perspective, we are encouraged to practice our deep breathing in preparation for our imminent delve into the depths of Scorpio season. Pallas Athene will begin the mini-procession of planets into the sign today. The Sun follows on Thursday morning, followed also by the Moon and Venus later that day just prior to the New Moon in Scorpio.

Pallas in the 8th house, in aspect to Pluto or in Scorpio has the ability to peer into a situation and see exactly what psychological patterns are the driving force behind it. Here, she can slice right through a persons potential emotional disease. In other words, Pallas has no problems seeing in the dark or cutting into psychological issues and uncovering the truth behind our motivations. She isn't going to fall for painted and decorated excuses. She isn't going to bend for enticement or scandal. She can see all of this from miles away. This is a wondrous super power to grasp onto.

If you find yourself at the bottom of a hole, Pallas in Scorpio can certainly tell you exactly how you fell in there. But, be forewarned, she pulls absolutely NO punches. Pallas is dry and her justice in Scorpio is severe. No fools are suffered lightly by her. And, she will pull out all the ugly details no matter how horrible they smell or how bloody and macerated they have become.

In her early days in Scorpio, she does spend time in trine to Neptune in Pisces. This gives her access to information from the shadow and deeply embedded psyche, but also into the even deeper more primordial waters. She's brilliantly logically intelligent, already. Now, she has the power of x-ray vision accompanied by intuition. She works to pierce veils reveling the truth behind each of them. Then, she lays out all the gory details in front of us like the innards of some wild game she has just slain. Once the initial shock and horror wash over you in light of viewing these entrails, take a deep breath and examine closely what is brought to you. Think forensically as an honorary or training member of a crime scene investigation agency. If you have a weak stomach, all I know to do is tell you to carry an upchuck bag. Because, some of the stuff Pallas may reveal will be rancid. However, it is likely evidence we will need to see even it causes us to initially recoil. If it wasn't important, I assure you, Pallas would not waste her time in revelation.

The night ends with a square from the Moon to Mars in Sagittarius at 11:31 PM. This could equate to nervousness and/or restlessness which is best handled pro-actively by burning off any excess Mars energy earlier in the day. From here, the Moon is void until entering Libra tomorrow morning at 7:13 AM.