Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 19, 2014

This morning, we wake slowly. It is a good morning to sleep in. Of course, sleeping in to me means not getting up until after the Sun does. So, bear that in mind. If you are also an early riser, this morning you may wake up a bit disoriented and confused. Or, some may linger in bed nursing their hangovers. The Moon is in Virgo and she meets Neptune in Pisces by opposition at 5:17 AM.

This interplay does give us a slow start today. Plus, that hangover could just as well be an emotional hangover depending on the circumstances of your life. Either way, the hangover is likely to induce the same set of emotions, “I will never drink again” or “I will never fall in love so hard again.” You know how that goes. Never becomes until the next time. Maybe the consistent sextile from Pluto to Neptune makes us a little prone to be masochistic about the concepts of Neptune. Sometimes, they hurt so good, right?

By later this evening, the Moon in Virgo is strengthened by a trine to Pluto in Capricorn (5:42 PM). There is wonderful potential for increased emotional strength, endurance and personal regeneration here. Moon trine Pluto is smooth power. Emotions are fortified.

After nightfall, the Moon meets Chiron by opposition (10:41 PM). Yes. It hurts Yes. We will likely survive.

The day is also blanketed by a sextile between Venus and Mars which doesn't officially perfect until 1:19 AM. We will have this energy all day tomorrow. Mars provides Venus with motivation. In turn, Venus softens Mars ambitions considerably. Either way, the two are getting along for a while.

These two need to make plans to get along. Venus is getting ready to move from her own home front into Mars' territory. Mars will soon join the Lord of the Underworld in Capricorn.

However, Mars is being prepped now for his trek through Saturnland. He is in the 3rd Decan of Sagittarius. According to Austin Coppock's book, 36 Faces, this Decan is where “the vehicle is sacrificed in order to achieve the will.” He gives examples of this he cites an athlete who trains to the point of muscle failure or a horse ridden until it collapses. He hands rulership of this Decan of Sagittarius over to Saturn and the 10 of Wands.

I've had been talking a bit to some of my clients about the 10 of Wands lately. I was cautioning them about the over-accommodation tendencies of Sun/Venus in Libra, cautioning them to only take on projects that were in line with what they truly wanted to do.

As the sky shifts (Sun, Venus, Mars all due to switch signs) around the eclipse and people are unexpectedly picked up and dropped somewhere else (much like Dorothy was plucked from Kansas), there will be much work to do. Mars in Capricorn certainly reflects that. Sun and Venus both in enduring Scorpio and eventually approaching Saturn reflects that. But, mostly, Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio and Saturn's passage into Sagittarius at the end of year reflects that.

There is energy in all of that which carries quite a heavy workload. This energy has hangtime, too. Saturn is in Sagittarius for a couple of years before he makes it home to Capricorn.

This is why I've been cautioning people to only agree to things that they truly believe in or that mean something to them. It's likely that even the things we wish to do may become cumbersome in the coming days. However, it's easier to endure pressure and a heavy workload if you believe in and are passionate about the work you are doing in the first place. If you take up things you really aren't “in to” to begin with, the load gets heavier even more quickly and it packs the potential of resentment along with it.

You can say no. Yes you can. I'm giving you permission if you need it. We don't want to say No so much with all this focus upon Libra. But, that's ok. Wait until Scorpio season. The pressure to please drops rather quickly there. The Phoenix rises alone. He doesn't need anyone to agree with how and when he shoots out of his fiery hole. Survival becomes more important than making nice.

Either way, things are likely to get heavy from now until the end of the year. It's much easier to carry around something that is valuable to you instead of walking around carrying everyone else's hopes, dreams and ambitions. Let them handle those unless you can negotiate fair terms that has you each helping one another equally. Don't offer to 100% carry someone else's load. And, don't be looking to cast yours off onto the shoulders of others either....Libra.

Further, in regard to Mars in the 3rd Decan of Sagittarius, Coppock states, “Mars' time in this decan brings about trials of endurance and tests of willpower.” He cites that acts of fierce heroism are committed here. Many have the capacity to push themselves beyond their limits.

Pace yourself. This is a long race. And, if you haven't been in some kind of physical training up until this point, know your limits. Athletes and superheroes keep their bodies in check like a well oiled machine. That's from whence their endurance and stamina stems. If you've not been off the couch in months, I wouldn't recommend you enter a triathlon. However, it is never too late to begin training. With focus moving from Venus to Mars/Pluto territory, its a great time to take initiatives to consciously direct Mars/Pluto energy. Transform (Pluto) your body (Mars). Personal transformation is an active process in Scorpio. Plus, giving yourself an outlet for Mars energy is a good idea. Things get really ugly when there is plenty of it in the air and it has no where to go.

Today, we can make plans for these things but we won't much feel like initiating them. We are at the low point of the potential hero's story. Right now, the hero has been knocked back on his heels. He's worried about the battles around the corner, but he isn't physically ready for them yet. If he is a wise warrior, he is certainly looking at what it is he is going to have to do to get ready for them, though. I doubt little of that will have anything to do with making nice.