Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 17, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 17, 2014

Happy Friday! This morning we wake up to a Yod between Moon in Leo, Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces. The Moon, of course, is at the apex while Pluto and Chiron compose the sextile at the base.

From here the Moon meets Uranus via trine (10:59 AM) giving us a little bit more go-go juice. Swampy emotional waters recede when the Moon plays with Uranus. However, there could also be a bit of anxiety that creeps in depending on how prone you are to it and what is going on in general. Most likely, though, this trine provides a chance to lighten up and a desire to break loose, get out and move away from anything that feels particularly heavy.

At 1:56 PM, Mercury Rx finds Venus in Libra at 22 degrees. The sabian for this degree is a Chanticleer. It is a repeat of the degree of the Sun at the Last Quarter Moon on the 15. On that day, we were encountering Libra energy vs Cancer energy. A certain “wake up call”may have been heard then. Chances are, this was an internal sounding of the horn. Today, the wake up call is shared or possibly delivered as a message from a loved one or friend. It is a second wake up call most likely related (at least in theme) to the Sun's passage of these degrees. It is certainly sweetened a bit with Venus involved.

Venus in Libra is making agreements, compromises, etc. Today is the day that everyone comes to the table with their input. Mercury is retrograde, so, if you plan on reaching an agreement with someone, make sure to diligently read all of the fine print. Expect that the terms will likely need reform and revision over the next few weeks. If it were me, in this situation, I would wait before agreeing to anything to give the whole picture time to develop. However, with Moon in aspect to Uranus, people are more likely to want to jump right in. If you do, you do. Again, though, before you sign anything remember to read it and consider the terms fully.

In the 3rd Decan of Libra, we learn balance as movement. We attempt to stay in the center or eye of the storm. However, occasionally, that balance is thrown off causing us to readjust in the moment in order to keep things balanced. This also occurs in a part of the sky known as via combusta (between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio). Occurrences here are often dramatic and indicative of a trial by fire. Know what truth you have to stand on and operate from that position. Employ every effort you have to walk your truth through this fiery way.

All that being said, the news that comes from this aspect may not be bad at all. It could be a love letter from a long lost (but fondly remembered) lover. It could be a note advising of monetary reward that isn't here just yet...but the check is in the mail. Maybe someone will call just to say they love you.

By 8:06 PM, the Moon meets Jupiter via conjunction. I'm inclined to say that this aspect will help you feel better instead of worse. But, I have to note that what this aspect does is expand how you feel in the first place for better or worse.

Overnight, the Moon meets Mercury via sextile (2:23 AM) and staunch Saturn in Scorpio by square (3:35 AM). The square to Saturn is within orb of squaring Jupiter in Leo. You could certainly feel as if much is left to be done. But, the Moon's passage through the Fire Trine may have give us the gusto to tackle that long path ahead.

Overall, aside from the square to Saturn, today's aspect are lighter than those of previous days and could very well offer a pleasant respite from any of the turbulence felt coming off of the first of the week. As the waves settle from that storm, the Moon can either become depressed under the square to Saturn. Or, it can opt for acceptance of “how things really are” instead of focusing on “how I want them to be.” It can stand on sturdy reality and operate from that position or be crushed by the boulder of fact. Acceptance, in this regard, is the best expression, of course. That, by no means, means that there is not any pain involved. There might be. And, there is likely a lot of work involved with this realization of reality too. But, at least you know what is real and what isn't. That's a much easier rock to stand on than to try to throw over your back and carry around.