Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 16, 2014

The trickster energy is working overtime today with Mercury making both a conjunction to the Sun in Libra (4:40 PM) and a sextile to Mars in Sagittarius (9:49 PM). I'm thinking of Mercury passing through these aspects in the form of the traditional magician or illusionist. In the tricks of these trades, the professional will draw your attention to certain aspect of the game while something else goes on outside of the direct viewing area. Look over here! While I do something sneaky that you won't notice over there! In the proper context (a show in Vegas), this provides for quite a bit of light entertainment. But, it can also be used (and has been used) for shadier purposes.

Mercury Rx conjunct Sun in Libra 4:40 PM 23 24 Libra
24 Libra: A third wing on the left side of a butterfly
The Moon is in Leo after 6:30 AM this morning. The Moon here is not really know for its intuitive prowess. However, we have the intuitive inklings left over from the Moon in Cancer, plus, our Moon in Leo makes aspect to some of our Pisces placements that have a direct gauge on the intuitive waters. The Moon meets Neptune by inconjunct at 4:39 PM. Our lion moon may not be able to see the potential danger, but she can smell its odor wafting in the breeze. The hair stands up on the back of her neck with this knowing. The lioness does have instinct.

As the Moon moves to about 7 degrees Leo (around 10:30 PM), it creates a Yod with Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. She holds her inconjunct with Pluto (4:57 AM) as she progresses toward an inconjunct with Chiron in Pisces which perfects at 10:12 AM tomorrow creating a 2nd yod in the sky. There is a knowing of the unknown accessible here that only you can understand. Something is just off and our instinctual bodies can feel it. This can make for a restless night, tonight, especially with the Moon also making a sesquisquare to Mars in Sagittarius.

Sesquisquares or sesquiquadrates are sneaky little minor aspects that come in largely unnoticed but certainly pack energy with them. For Moon in sesquisquare to Mars (which morphs into a trine on the 18th) this can equate to, again, a feeling that something is just off. Momma Lion knows there is trouble in the woods even if she can't see it yet. She's poised to act, if needed, but knows that doing so at this time may be premature.

Ecliptic energy is most certainly crackling in the air. Whatever we “feel” is out there, will come out of the woodwork soon enough. Give it time. Don't go roaring out toward an enemy you cannot yet see. Instead, be the still and quiet bushman who waits for opportunity, danger and/or its prey to reveal itself rather then giving away its hidden and secure position.

A little ability to contain yourself goes a very long way. It's so easy to get whipped up in the moment, loose the leash on yourself and bolt out of the gate before the start pistol has even been fired. That, however, gets you disqualified from the race. In terms of defense, it can get you killed. Timing is important. Act wisely (Mars in Sagittarius).

At the same time, know your limits. Don't go off slaying giants unless you are sure you can. If not, there may be a need to call in reinforcements or look at a less than direct strategy. The energy for all of that is certainly in the air if you need it coming directly from Sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra. There is strength in numbers. Where is the rest of your Pride? Shouldn't you tell them about your inklings of danger just in case you need backup? Be honest with yourself. Is this something you can really tackle alone?

Notice how Pride in this context is used to describe a group not the possible detriment that comes through acting with purely selfish intent or self-aggrandizement. Huge difference.

Overall, surface activities may seem like business as usual. But, there is still that feeling that something is off. Keep moving forward slowly and cautiously. Keep your friends close and know where they are positioned in case you need to place a call for help.

Libra is strategic. Check and mate. Don't give away your next move before the “other” has a chance to make theirs. If you do, there is a very good chance that information could be used against you. And, definitely be wary of flashbang distractions. Watch BOTH of your opponents hands and pay very close attention to what they are telling you without their words.