Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 15, 2014

Over the next couple of days, at least, Mercury Rx in Libra reaches for our attention. Tomorrow, he will meet the Sun via conjunction and Mars in Sagittarius by sextile. Then, on Thursday, he backs up to meet with Venus. Keep your information centers open and ready to log any intel Mercury may send your way during these meetings. Mercury will retrace these degrees. After he turns direct, he chases the Sun and Venus until meeting up with both of them again. He finds the Sun in Sagittarius (around 8-9 degrees) at the first of December. He doesn't catch Venus until they are both in Aquarius (11 degrees) in the middle of January. Though, he comes really close during their mutual trek through Capricorn at the end of December.
Mercury, Venus and Cupid in the School of Love

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Cancer and under the possibly tense umbrella of a Last Quarter Moon (3:13 PM). Last Quarter Moons are not typically as tense as First Quarter Moons which occur as the Moon is building. Last Quarters occur under a waning Moon. They are not for building. They are for releasing. In this instance (Cancer vs Libra) we are looking at roots, core emotions, family and home versus relationships, justice, the principles of fairness and the enemies we know about. Yes, Libra is about our relationships with everything even our known enemies.

Before we reach the last quarter, the Sun dances with Mars in Sagittarius by sextile (3:20 AM). This is a nice aspect that can lend motivation toward self-expression. It can widen your sense of self and prepare you to act. Even though this perfects overnight, it will hang with us throughout the day. Start off on the right foot and you can make a lot of progress.

Emotionally, there is a sense of stability available to anchor any activity you may have in mind. We need that anchor, too (Moon trine Saturn at 2:36 PM), because, without it, the other more tense Moon aspects could cause a potential washout.

Want and need butt heads (Moon square Venus 9:46 AM) and could have us working to compromise with ourselves while knowing “You can't have it all.” But, you may be able to finagle your way to having some of it with the stability of Saturn backing you up.

Overall, though, it looks as if ego (Sun) and what we want (Venus) are working strongly together while our emotional bodies are picking up on clues that something is just not right. Remember, ego (Sun) is in fall. Keep that lion in check and look to the energy of the planets that are well placed.

The Moon is at home in Cancer. Here she has strong intuitive inklings that often manifest through emotion. Venus is at home in Libra. Here, she can make agreements where normally agreements cannot be made. That being said, these are not agreements made at gunpoint. Ok? They are amicable, soft and bear in mind the best accommodations for both parties. BUT, if you find your gut churning while you are following your appreciation for partnership, step back. Your intuitive body may be picking up on something that your physical body is not seeing yet. Mercury is still retrograde. All the logical information is not in yet. Do NOT go against your intuition. This isn't a race even if Sun/Mars may make it feel like it is.

Our Cancer Moon squares off with Libra energy again with a square to Mercury Rx at 7:27 PM. Realize that even though these exact aspects are sprinkled across the day, this tension between Cancer and Libra energy will be persistent for the duration.

Another way this can play out is we feel clingy but our partner wants to leave home and explore, spend the evening with friends or just get out of the house in general (Sun, Venus, Mercury all within orb of a sextile to Mars). Or, it could occur the other way around. Maybe you are the partner that wants to get out and shake some dust off but your other wants to stay home and certainly doesn't want you to go because, “I'm making a special dinner!” she wails. It can also equate to a need to protect our children as we believe they may be hanging out with the wrong crowd or, even, to protect them from facing justice over their past actions. There's an aggressive cop, politician, teacher or preacher at the door (Mars in Sagittarius). Moon in Cancer pretends no one is home.

It could be that our family does not approve of our selection of partners, too. That happens a lot. Either way, Moon in Cancer doesn't “Get” the drive to go out and explore and broaden one's horizons that comes from Mars in Sagittarius. These two meet today by inconjunct. Moon in Cancer is fine with its known creature comforts. Mars in Sagittarius is suffocated by them. He strives for adventure and exploration. Whereas our Cancer Moon can be overwhelmed by those possibilities and can get lost in the expansiveness of Sagittarius.

If you have personal planets between 20 and 24 Aquarius, this inconjunct between Mars and the Moon will create a Yod in your chart. Mars works amicably with your Aquarian planets via sextile. Then, together, they both point at the Moon putting great importance on how you feel about the whole ordeal. The key will be to really dig deeply into your emotional body and sort things out. Don't expect it to be easy. Remember, the Moon's other square offs of the day. She could feel like all the energy in the sky is ganging up on her.

One of the big problems with Cancer versus Libra energy, is that neither one of them are direct. You know? Libra will hint and allude to what it wants instead of telling you outright. Cancer will approach things sideways. That on top of Mercury Rx tells me that spoken or written information may not be reliable. Again, the key falls on being able to interpret your intuition and navigate your emotional body as you read the language that goes on underneath the words (non-verbal communication). People are prone to attempt to smooth things over by telling you what they think you want to hear.

Don't listen to what is being told to you. Instead, watch what actions are taken because therein lies the truth. All the while, keep a check on yourself. Are you the one trying to make yourself more comfortable by providing lip service to what you think others want to hear?

My Dad (multiple planets in Aries) used to tell me (multiple planets in Libra) he didn't want to hear my apologies. He wanted me to show him I was remorseful by changing my actions. Lip service only goes so far. And, Libra knows ALL ABOUT lip service and thinking about doing things. Apologies mean nothing if the person doesn't change their actions to prevent the impasse from re-occurring. People will often show you what their true motivations are through their actions. Give more credence to a person's non-verbal cues and actions right now than to what they are telling you. And, through it all, be very mindful of your own intuitive responses.

Either way, know this is not the time to just speak your truth. Now is the time to walk your truth (Mars in Sagittarius). The road to Hell doesn't need anymore paving stones. Some of this even echoes the news we have had coming out of Missouri lately. Coincidentally (not), Missouri is nicknamed the “Show me” state.

After her square off with Mercury (7:27 PM), the Moon rests. SHEW! What a day! She is Void until entering Leo at 6:30 tomorrow morning.