Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 14, 2014

Santa Claus is coming to town! Santa's trip is in search of pleasure in the midst of chaos. He's left home because Mrs. Claus is drunk, has driven them deeply into debt and has fostered a really keen interest in some unusual stuff. He's pretty sure the Mrs. has fostered an online affair with the Grinch. So, he's come to town early to do a bit of shopping and get his mind off of the ugly home situation.

This morning we wake up to Moon in Cancer trine Neptune. That's what prompted Mrs. Claus to start tipping the bottle early (5:19 AM). But, Venus meets Jupiter by sextile first (4:33 AM). That aspect is your Santa Claus right there.

After her trine to Neptune, the Moon in Cancer meets Pluto by opposition (5:02 PM), Chiron by trine (10:20 PM) and Uranus by square (11:08 PM).

The scenario I've put in place to describe these aspects is kind of comedic. But, to put things in perspective, people will be seeking out pleasure in light of some highly emotional fluctuations. Some people may seek out those pleasures through a bit of shopping therapy. That's fine if you can afford it. But, Santa's new shiny boots that he found on sale aren't going to settle his troubles at home. They are only going to serve as a loose Band-aid on the problem helping him to temporarily feel better. His problems will be waiting at home for him after his shopping trip along with his credit card bill (and his disheveled and drunken Mrs. who might even smell a bit rancid after her tumblings with the Grinch).

Hearts are wide open and fluttering today trying their best to find higher more comfortable ground. Your ability to self-nurture most definitely comes into play. Some people feed their emotions. Other people compensate for feelings of lack through shopping. Some people seek to escape their emotions. Still yet, others have no idea how to navigate their own emotional bodies and end up getting swamped. Venus in aspect to Jupiter can have you compensating for the Cancer Moon's turbulent state in various ways.

At the same time, it was Venus in aspect to Jupiter that made the Grinch's heart grow three sizes in one day. There is wonderfully expansive heart blossoming potential here too. But, again, it all depends on whether or not you are willing to address the underlying emotions instead of trying to mask them over with temporary comforts.

One of the best ways I've found to deal with such situations (such as we have today) is to remember that charity begins at home. What do you need? Honestly? To feel better? Then, crawl out of your emotional storm shelter and put yourself out there in an effort to help someone else. Use Venus/Jupiter to help you foster a sense of charity, all the while remembering that charity begins at home. That means, take care of yourself and your loved one's first before you go supporting the needs of the entire world. What good is your volunteer time at the hospital if you forget to pick your kids up from soccer practice causing them to stand in the rain for hours feeling abandoned? What good does it do to donate all your canned food to charity when all you have left in your pantry afterward is molded bread?

Direct charitable efforts at your home foundation first. Then, if your cup runneth over (and after taking care of your own needs, it likely will), then offer it up to the world.

Pay it forward. Find excuses to perform random acts of kindness. This serves as double duty. You strive to make others feel better and end up making yourself feel better all at the same time.

For example, I am on pretty stable emotional ground right now. Therefore, I'm going out in the world today to sign up as a volunteer for Hospice. It's something I have wanted to do for a very long time but I've never had the time to spare. Now, my personal time cup is running over. Venus/Jupiter is calling me to offer it up. At the same time, I'm gifting myself early for my own birthday by taking this initiative because I know that this volunteer work will replenish me instead of deplete me.

Conversely, if I were not on a steady emotional platform at this time, there is no way I would even be able to think of helping others through the watery realms of death and dying. See? You have to take care of yourself first. Thus, charity really does begin at home.

All that being said, this Moon begs, “What do you need?” If your only answer is, “I don't know,” well, maybe you should do a bit of research and find out. If your needs are basically met at this time, then by golly, get out there and show the world (or your family, friends, neighbors) some love! There is a HUGE need for that right now. Lots of dry cups exist. If yours is running over, donate a few drops and replenish your soul. If you find yourself holding a dry cup, then do whatever you need to do to effectively fill it back up. Self-nurture yourself back to emotional health so you can re-enter and gift the world. We need you.