Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 11, 2014

Ah, the hall of mirrors. I've walked through a few of them. They never cease to freak me the heck out. First, because I'm ridiculously claustrophobic. Second, because they are creepy in general. Today, we all have a chance to experience a hall of mirrors at least metaphorically.

Late yesterday evening, while the Moon was Void in Taurus, Venus met Chiron by inconjunct. I spoke about this aspect in yesterday's write-up mentioning that it could bring to surface those little pains that affect the way we partner.

This morning, Venus is STILL busy while the Moon in Taurus is void. She meets Uranus in Aries via opposition at 5:10 AM. All of this occurs during a time while the “lights on the Moon” are off giving us a chance to be unemotional observers of the situations at hand.

However, the Moon doesn't stay Void forever. She enters Gemini at 11:51 AM. Her current ruler, Mercury, is also backpedaling in Libra. That fact alone is confusing enough for a Moon that needs information and information exchange. To top that off, the Moon's first aspect from Gemini is a square to Neptune. Not only does the Libra energy create an elusive hall of mirrors and projections; but, we are walking through it with clouded and confused emotions...impaired. Actually, impaired should be the word of the day.

Venus is hurt (inconjunct to Chiron) and pissed (opposition to Uranus). Our emotional bodies are dazed and confused (Mercury Rx and square to Neptune). All together, this is quite the cocktail for chaos.

When we are impaired (our senses are skewed) we have a tendency to pick up on little ripples that normally would pass us by without reaction. Given the nature of impairment in and of itself, this is not a good thing.

Recently, I was faced with a situation where I knew the person I was speaking with was not thinking logically and swimming in some really deep emotional waters. At the time, I did not have any answers for this person. Not that it would have mattered. I mean, they were mentally checked out. Nothing I could have said would have been processed correctly. There were no words that could alleviate the situation.

All I could do was validate to this person that they had been heard. Then, I asked (begged, rather) for their trust while saying, “What you are saying has no base in logic. I know you can't see it. And, I know it makes perfect sense to you right now. But, please give this situation time before you do anything crazy.”

Thank goodness I had enough back story with this person that they knew I was trustworthy. Thank goodness they were being open about their emotions instead of locking them away to further erode their well being. Thank goodness they waited and had someone they felt comfortable enough with to turn to. I strongly feel, if all these pieces had not been in place, this person could have truly followed through on their self-destructive intentions. This, my friends, is just one example of why communication and connecting with others is important.

Relationships fostered under an umbrella of trust and mutual support can be the most valuable commodity on Earth. At the same time, the fact that this person was so emotionally vulnerable and could have been swayed to make some really bad decisions had they put their trust in the wrong person was scary.

The energy at hand today reminds me A LOT of this situation. There is pain. There is emotionality. There is irrationality, too much (or too little or erroneous) information and there is a HUGE red hot poker in the sky prompting people to act erratic and impulsively.

If you find yourself in a clouded, emotional and painful situation please seek out those safe and trusted shelters in order to weather this storm. If there is not an emergency at hand, don't treat the situation as an emergency taking the time you need to make the best decisions. Urgency may be felt. But, that doesn't mean that urgency is required. Because, today, it is very likely that you are not thinking logically. I know you may not be able to see it right now. I know you may feel as if your rationale makes perfect sense. But, please, give the situation time to develop before you do anything crazy...not for me or anyone else. For you.