Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 2, 2014

The Moon was busy overnight sextiling Chiron (1:28 PM) and squaring Uranus (2:12 AM). Early this morning she is well grounded through a sextile with her current ruler, Saturn (12:19 PM). Then, the Moon rests the remainder of the day. She enters Aquarius at 4:01 AM tomorrow.

Start projects early this morning before the Moon is Void. Allow the momentum from an early start to lead you through a productive day. Or, with the Moon in Capricorn Void by noon, you could take the afternoon off to start the weekend a little early. Or, use the Void Moon to rest up before the weekend gets here because the skies will be fairly busy.

The Sun is waxing into square with Pluto (Oct 4 at 4:02 AM). Mars is getting closer and closer into the fire trine (trine Uranus at midnight on Oct. 5) while also inching closer in square to Chiron in Pisces (Oct 4 10:16 AM).

Also, on Saturday, Mercury stations Retrograde. Mercury station points often correlate with travel problems (particularly with Uranus retrograde happening at the same time) such as what we saw in Chicago. In that instance, a man's suicidal ideations (Mercury in Scorpio) prompted an attack (Mars) on the control center (Uranus) of a major travel center (Jupiter). That is, of course, an extreme situation. But, PLENTY of travel plans have been disrupted due this already. FAA officials say it will take two weeks to get things up and running again in Chicago. I think 2 weeks is pretty ambitious. I would be surprised if all the kinks are removed prior to Mercury turning direct on October 25th at the earliest.

Stuff is certainly happening out there in the world. Which also tells me things are probably popping on personal levels too. Direct this energy carefully while being aware of your reactions in light of your own pain (Mars square Chiron) and shadow (Sun square Pluto) especially as this energy continues to build over the weekend.

Sagittarius is the Archer. Mars in Sagittarius can be the archer (Sagittarius) at war (Mars). If you have your bow drawn, evaluate your target carefully and aim true. Control your breath to minimize physical movement and release your arrow only when YOU are ready. Don't allow someone to pluck that string for you. And, remember, with great power (Fire Trine) comes great responsibility.