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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 1, 2014

This morning, the Moon is Void in Aquarius having made her last aspect, a square to Saturn, at 2:22 AM. She is void until entering Pisces at 12:37 PM. Prior to that, Mercury in Libra perfects in sextile to Jupiter in Leo at 8:45 AM.

Mercury has held his sextile to Jupiter for several days as he turned direct. This aspects heralds his third passage through the third decan of Libra on his way to Scorpio. Meanwhile at 7:06 PM, Venus meets Pluto by sextile and Mars meets Neptune by sextile at 7:44 PM.

Tongues are wagging. Our desires run deeply. And, our workaholic tendencies are softened a bit by Neptune. This would be a great night for a concert! The caution would be to not overdo it on the drinking. Alcohol and intoxicants could have an increased effect with both Moon and Mars making direct contact to Neptune. Plus, with Mars/Neptune, there could be some angry drunks to deal with. But, all of this great for dancing, socializing and cranking up the volume on your favorite tunes.

Here's the caution, though. If you do not have a solid handle on your desires, your subconscious could seriously take over. You could do something in pursuit of these desires that later you catch yourself saying, “Yeah, I'm not sure why I did that.” On the social scene, one night stands will likely abound.

If you are not out running the bars, music concerts and getting laid by random strangers, it is a also a good day to catch up on conversations with partners and friends. Relax a bit and maybe even indulge in some comfort foods or sweets. Insert strawberries and champagne here. Mix gently with good conversation and some soft music. Continue until well romanticized.

On the other hand, the more negative expression of this energy could have you completely obsessed with something or someone to the point that you don't know how you feel or become emotional. We could be crying mad. Or, our over emotionality could zap our energy entirely.

If you need a day to grieve, the next two hold potential for that. The watery realms of Pisces are great for emotional purges. We can use Mercury/Jupiter to bring our thinking toward more positive things or at least say what needs to be said in an effort to get it out of our heads and through our mouths. Venus/Pluto can assist us in letting go or relinquishing those unattainable desires at her highest expression. But, at her lowest, she can prompt us to dig talons into the thing becoming jealous and possessive.

Mars/Neptune can ease the anger associated with grief, finally allowing us to have a good cry over the whole thing. Or, it could whip our emotional bodies up in a fury.

So, there are several extremes to this energy. No surprise there. It is the season of Scorpionic extremes. We could be prompted to go out and have a ridiculously good time that may be hard to remember later. Or, we could be prompted to hole up in our little emotional caverns and stew.

These aspects could also make for a dreamy night in the realm of solid relationships. This could be the night of payoff or reward for all the efforts taken in working on your partnerships. Venus/Pluto could deepen intimacy and attraction. Mars and Neptune could help each partner to fulfill sexual fantasies. Moon could, if only for a moment, help us feel those soul mate like connections.

Wherever you are in your emotional life, expect a punctuation point to be put at the end of that. Tears of joy are just as possible as tears of pain. Feelings of bliss are just as possible as having a run away brain that steers us toward obsession and grief.

I don't know about you, but, I think the more positive expression of this energy sounds better than being emotionally swamped and forlorn. I mean, champagne, strawberries, good music and fantasy sex? Yes. I'll take some of that please.

Know that you also have a choice. Pick what you need from the menu carefully because it will be what you take to bed with you tonight. By 8:49 PM Moon is conjunct Neptune and sextile Mars. Contentment, satisfaction and bliss or writhing, self-torture and gnashing of teeth. Heaven or Hell. You decide. Could be the day of rectification where your previous actions have already decided for you, as well.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 31, 2014

I don't think things look too shabby for this Halloween! Things start off kind of tight this morning as we wake up to lingering tension from yesterday's First Quarter Moon and the Moon's square to Venus at 1:34 AM. But, those grumbly clouds are broken up quickly (or, perhaps even blown away) by the Moon's sextile to current ruler, Uranus at 8:58 AM.

Later in the day (7:41 PM), the Moon finds Mercury by sextile which is PERFECT for chatting it up with friends and socializing. At the very least, the atmosphere will be lighter if not a little windy. Cut loose and enjoy some of THAT for a change.

A focus on Capricorn and Scorpio energy is heavy freaking stuff, you know? These offer us a chance to shake off some of that grave dust (or sprinkle some fresh on if you are dressing up) and lighten up a bit. Since the eclipses and all the various planetary shifts, many people have found themselves, quite suddenly, in about face positions. In that, many were headed solidly in one direction and then, like a pin ball, they bounced off the side of a wall and quickly sent in a different direction. Re-routed. Then, stuff started happening really quickly and..........WHOA, will there EVER be some good stories to listen to this weekend and tonight is a great time to start telling them. Our Moon in Aquarius opposes Jupiter (the Storyteller) at 8:29 PM. Gather around the campfire children. Let's catch everybody up on the “You are not going to believe what has happened in my world in the last month” stories.

Spare no details in the airing of your experiences. But, don't forget your powers to listen; because, there's going to be some intriguing tales spinning about.

Even if you are not the “big crowd” social type there may be opportunity to get out and about tonight. Casual meet-ups and one to one dates have the potential to be filled with instant attraction and interesting conversation. Online people will be chatting it up too if you wish to be social in your PJ's.

October leaves us with a breath of fresh air. Inhale deeply and enjoy (and tell the Wizard that Josi, the Accidental Witch of Appalachia,  says “Hello”)!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 30, 2014

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon for just a few hours until she enters Aquarius at 9:52 AM. From here, the day looks a lot like a consistent battle between the Water Bearer and the Scorpion. By 10:49, the Moon is in square to the Sun. Then, overnight (1:34 AM), she squares off with Venus in Scorpio.

First Quarter Moons are usually a bit challenging. They mark the midway point to the Full Moon. Folks who work with me in learning how to follow the Moon, know that I compare the passages of the Moon to a flower growing. At the New Moon, the flower seed is planted. At the First Quarter Moon, that seed has germinated and is now pushing to break through the Earth.

Think about that. If you have ever seen a new flower sprout, then you know the green shoots are tender. At the same time, it would call for tremendous strength and effort from the little seedling to break it's encasement (shell) and then push its way through the thick Earth. It is a tense time of growth for our seedling.

In our lives, First Quarters operate much the same way. They put challenges and, sometimes, obstacles in front of us that we either choose to meet, ignore or become frustrated by. When they occur in fixed signs, these challenges can revolve around those patterns in our lives that are tremendously ingrained. They markedly pit our emotional needs (Moon) against the needs of our Ego (Sun).

In terms of modern rulerships, Aquarius and Scorpio squaring off echoes Pluto square Uranus. In traditional rulerships, it pits Mars against Saturn. Neither are easy to navigate.

In Scorpio, particularly with Venus lingering around the Sun, our desires (what we want) run deep having roots that run into the core of our psyche. Sometimes, these desires are so deeply rooted that it feels as if they are even connected as deeply as our genitals. It's not that we just want what we want. It is that we crave it. And, sometimes, Scorpio can be tempted to go to extreme means and to resort to abuses of power to get it. Tunnel vision can even be fostered around both our desires and drives of our ego causing us to loose sight of the bigger picture.

Aquarius calls for a broader vision asking us to bear in mind a more socially conscious oriented view. Scorpio heralds things that are deeply embedded in our personal and ancestral histories, whereas, Aquarius pokes us to envision the future and the impact of our actions upon our global community. The struggle becomes one that pits the use of power (Pluto) against freedom (Uranus), ambition (Mars) against responsibility (Saturn) and new and inventive ways against the way things have always been done. This energy is what causes evolution and revolution. So, no, the challenges are not easy to navigate particularly occurring in fixed signs where change is not normally welcomed with open arms.

On top of that, this First Quarter also pulls in Juno in Leo creating a fixed t-square increasing the pressure.

Pull all this together, and what you can end up with is quite the cranial copulation.

At the very simplest level, perhaps we promised ourselves (Juno in Leo) that we would be free (Aquarius) from debt (Scorpio). But, we are obsessing about this thing we want (Venus in Scorpio) and thinking, “Oh, what difference is one more charge on my credit card going to make?” We may be tempted (Scorpio) to resort to our less effective past methods to purchase the thing. Whereas, Aquarius, who is NOT prone to be possessed by things, is calling us to come up with a new and unique way to pursue our desires. This calls for a little thing called delayed gratification.

Aquarius is cool with delayed gratification. However, Scorpio can be prone to want what it wants so badly that delayed gratification sounds a bit torturous (not that Scorpio is adverse to torture). The pull from the needs of our egos and from our desires can be so freaking strong that we loose sight of our other priorities. We don't care what we promised ourselves because all we can focus on is this thing. Truth is, though, the thing we want is not going to evaporate and we are not going to die without it even if it feels like we might. It's getting over our fixation upon the thing that is the problem. Thankfully, Aquarius can help us do that. Particularly since the Moon here reminds us that we NEED (Moon) to change (Aquarius) in an effort to build a better future for ourselves.

We can maintain our commitment to ourselves AND get what we want through budgeting and a little self-compromise and restraint. Put a working plan in place (Mars in Capricorn) to obtain the cash you need to buy the thing instead of putting “want” ahead of personal responsibility. Bring your extreme focus to hard work and commitment instead of allowing yourself to focus solely on the desire itself. That is a responsible use of your spending power. In case you have not noticed, there is a huge chunk of the sky that is answering to responsible (Saturn) use of power (Pluto) through hard work and dedication (Mars in Capricorn). Not one piece of that says “instant gratification” so....yeah, we kind of need to get over that. We are certainly in this for the long haul.

I used a desire for a physical thing in this analogy. But, know that what you want could also be an intangible. Either way, it brings me back to prompting you to closely examine the roots of our desires. Thankfully, Pallas is right in this mix giving us an x-ray view of that. As the Moon squares Pallas, that could bring some shocking (Aquarius/Uranus) self-revelations like the fact that we may actually be allowing ourselves to be controlled by our desires. The LAST thing that Scorpio or Aquarius wants is to be controlled. So, Pallas' insight and wisdom could very well prompt us to get a handle on ourselves. But, we've got to be willing to view and accept what it is she is telling us. That becomes a very individualized process.

To satisfy ourselves and this energy in the sky to the highest of potentials, we are going to have to bear down and endure the changes we have set before ourselves or that have been set before us. If you don't want to be that shadow controlled person anymore, then you are going to have to change the way you engage (Uranus in Aries), employ your true power (control of our shadow selves/Saturn in Scorpio) and work diligently (Mars in Capricorn) to employ the responsible use of that power (Pluto in Capricorn). We need to network and maintain our visions of a better future (Moon in Aquarius) by fostering a well balanced strategy (Mercury in Libra) and become a bit detached from our ambitions (Uranus in Aries) in an effort to maintain our commitments to our higher selves (Juno in Leo).

I'll reiterate that the Universe really doesn't care what you do with this energy. It's going to hand you consequences either way. I don't know about you, but I'd rather make a conscious effort to ensure that I'm making choices that feed my future instead of threaten to deplete it. Our choices are our only true freedoms in this life. So, I'd like to make them for myself...thank you very much. But, as long as you are being controlled by desire, you really aren't acting freely.

This energy is coming either way. If we don't employ it consciously, then, it takes the path of least resistance which isn't necessarily the best path. It's best to employ it on purpose even if that may lead you down a more challenging road.

Pioneering new paths makes Aquarian energy squeal with delight. Problem is, the road not taken can be scary because of the elusive “unknown.” Therein lies the crux of the cranial copulation that I mentioned earlier. Do we take the old road where, even though the consequences may be severe, at least we know where it leads? Or, do we take a chance and try to do things differently even if we aren't sure where that road is going to lead us? Mercury in Libra has the power to show us both sides of that coin. I'd suggest taking the time to examine each one before making a decision because the long term consequences of either action are all ours for better or worse.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 29, 2014

I don't know if it is due to Mercury now direct or something else, but, it seems like things are moving very quickly in these past few days. Maybe it is Mars in Capricorn that has everyone seriously getting down to business. To be honest with you, I really don't know. But, the term whirlwind does come to mind and that makes me think of our Air signs. The only thing we really have in Air is Mercury, so there you go. I do feel as if time clips by faster when he is direct.

This morning, we wake up to the Moon still in Capricorn. Overnight, she met Pluto by conjunction (1:47 PM). By 5:30 AM she meets Chiron in Pisces via sextile giving us opportunity to strengthen the emotional boundaries around our pain without completely shutting it down. We know it is still there. But, we can box it up so that there is knowledge of it existing while we remain functional in spite of it. I've also noticed an uptick in the last few days of personal illnesses from belly bugs to the sniffles. So, take your Vitamin C and wash your hands folks! Sorry, I have a SN in Cancer that prompts me to sound like your mother.

At 1:30 the Moon squares off with Mercury in Libra. This can make it hard to get your feelings across...not that either Capricorn or Libra even wants to talk about messy old feelings anyway. This could be a correction by an authority figure for speaking out of turn or being too social on your cell phone at work. Or it could be that social friend that forgets you have obligations in your everyday routine that prevent you from lingering around to catch up on gossip forever. There is tension involved, either way and the conflict is found between communication/thought and emotion/need. Could be as simple as you need to work (Moon in Capricorn) but you'd rather be at home watching Judge Judy (Mercury in Libra) or something.

By late tonight, the Moon solidifies even more with a supportive trine from her current ruler, Saturn, at 11:02 PM. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 9:52 AM tomorrow.

The Moon, in my opinion, deserves a rest. And, so do you. I'm sure many have worked their tails off trying to catch their breath in the busyness or even due illness. Lay your problems to the side tonight and get some much deserved rest. Pamper your sick self, if necessary.

The Moon in Aquarius will create our First Quarter Moon which brings tension to our intentions set at the New Moon. The work ain't done yet! And, from the looks of it, it may turn into a marathon! Pace yourself. Be realistic in your expectations of yourself. Be diligent, taking one step at a time, as you chip away at the stone handling what you can. Whatever you do, don't become so overwhelmed that you neglect your health in these days. That should certainly be held at priority. Don't skimp on it! The first task on your list should be to take care of yourself.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 28, 2014

This morning we wake up to a stellium in Capricorn. The Moon enters the sign to join Pluto and Mars at 6:04 AM EDT. By 8:46 AM she meets up with Mars prompting us to get to work already! That ambition is tempered a bit with a nice soft mini-trine that overlays much the day. The Moon meets Neptune via sextile at 2:37 PM, Sun via sextile at 3:18 PM and Venus via sextile at 5:01 PM.

I really like the looks of this mini-trine. It caps the day like an umbrella of protection. This means, the Moon will be primed with the deep softness accessible through Venus and Neptune before dancing with the Lord of the Underworld. Our inner “boss” really cannot deny the need to be empathic and compassionate with ourselves and the masses making it harder for the pure desires of power and greed to take over during her meeting with Pluto at around 2 AM overnight.

Mars in Capricorn is not speedy but diligent and goal oriented. In orb with this mini-trine, he too is softened. The whole thing just feels good to me. And, mini-trines for some reason, feel much mightier than floaty grand trines, yet, no where near as forceful as a square.

Of course, I have to keep beating the drum that Venus is not well placed in Scorpio. Her fixations and obsessions here can certainly be detrimental particularly for anyone unaccustomed to the energy of Venus/Pluto. So, that caution stands. But, with Venus holding in trine to Neptune, some of these tendencies can be softened as long as they are not allowed to trickle over into the realm of addiction.

I'm also prompted to let you know that the negative end of this equation could manifest as a person in authority who is impaired (drunk or otherwise) and lusty with deeply seeded desires and obsessions (perhaps a bit desperate) as brought about by the negative use of the mini-trine. In that regard, when the Moon and Mars meet up with Pluto then our “boss” may be tempted to resort to shadier means to obtain his goals. Also know that when I say “boss” it could very well mean you, even if you are not officially in a leadership position; because, we are all wearing this energy. We are all bosses of our own lives, right?

Either way, a large portion of our sky answers to Pluto, Saturn and Neptune right now. Our ability to use this energy effectively comes down to our ability to positively express the energies of each. In other words, if you find yourself in need of a re-build (which is pretty common these days), then this energy can certainly help you do that. With Neptune held in positive expression, we are less likely to do this in a way that hurts others.

Mercury is now direct. Final details are trickling in and our ability to maintain a sense of logic and strategy is returning. Pallas is still working away in Scorpio detecting patterns in our psyche that may trip us up.

I feel this is a good solid day overall with just enough grounding, empathy and fortitude available to help us along.

Tomorrow, the energy has a bit more of a hard edge due to squares from Moon to Mercury and Uranus. Mercury doesn't meet Uranus by opposition again during this trip. But, the Moon does temporarily link up a t-square between the two. That could result in some shocking information. But, it could also very well be the jolt that restarts ours brains and gives us the inspiration/insight we need to move forward.

In the meantime, I'm prompted to ask if anyone else out there is experiencing weird de ja vous like scenarios? I certainly have been. Some of them have been quite disorienting while also being ridiculously undeniable. I'm just trying to figure out if it is just me or something that is also permeating the collective. Actually, it is less of a de ja vous, I guess, and a more of a “raising of old devils” sort of like the call to judgment that I mentioned last week around the eclipse. Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page (or by private message) and let me know if you are. My Sun/Uranus in Libra, Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo are working overtime to put together the analysis. My preliminary results indicate this may be something experienced particularly by folks who have planets around 11 degrees Cardinal. In the meantime, if you ARE experiencing this pay attention to what you are observing. It is likely you will be clued into exactly what you did well and where you also have room to improve.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 27, 2014

I am so ridiculously in love...with a 5 year old. He is my grandson. Holding true to my grandmother status, I'll tell you he is the greatest thing on Earth. He is a multiple Leo. For Halloween this year, he decided he wanted to be a Fire Chief. How ironic is that?

Anyway, there is absolutely nothing this child could do wrong in my eyes. His Neptune trines my Venus. All his Leo trines my Neptune. And, I cannot look at him and not loose my breath for a minute in a amazement of how much he absolutely fills up my heart. My love for him is endless, bottomless, completely consuming and incomparable to anything I've ever felt before.

In turn, he thinks I'm magical because I can make cupcakes look like owls and werewolves. When we are together, we get completely lost in imaginary worlds that we purposely create.

At the same time, we do each understand that these imaginary worlds are just for fun. We are not trying to deceive one another. We are just indulging our imaginations together and we both have BIG imaginations. eyes are tearing up a bit after just writing those few paragraphs about him because my recognition of my love for him does that. It's misty. And, it's ok. My Pisces Moon square Neptune knows the difference between “good cry” and “bad cry.” He always invokes happy tears.

You have to be able to maintain your knowledge of what is real and what is not when dealing with Neptune. One of these mannequins is not a mannequin but a real person. Can you pick out which one?
In his early days, though, it was not always happy tears. Brayden was born prematurely at 25 weeks gestation. The hospital staff was very hesitant to give us any hope in regard to whether or not he would even survive. He was so small that he literally fit in the palm of my hand. His forefinger was the same length as my thumbnail. For the first 4 months of his life, we were only able to touch him through the thick medical gloves that were attached to the outside of his incubator. It was like he was a little fragile porcelain doll encased in glass for his own protection. Every day...well, every minute with him in those days was a blessing, because, none of us knew how long he would be with us. But, we held tightly to our faith praying that he would fight his way through these challenges. Doctors and nurses warned us that, even if he did survive, he would likely be severely debilitated possibly even non-functional due to his early birth. Apparently, though, Brayden would have none of this. Other than his small size and a slight limp every now and then due to his mild Cerebral Palsy, you would never know the beginning of his life held such a struggle. Now, it seems, he lives to drink in every moment of experience that life holds with true Leo joy and curiosity. He serves as a gentle reminder to the adults around him to do the same. And, it works. His laughter and enjoyment of life is infectious.

I'm telling you this because the Sun and Venus in Scorpio are both set to meet Neptune in Pisces via trine. The above is a beautiful example of how Neptune contacts to personal planets can feel. Brayden and I both receive our endless imaginations from Neptune. Our imaginary worlds are Neptunian playgrounds. And, the love I feel for him goes beyond what Venus can offer on her own. This is different. It is boundless and all encompassing. It is a feeling I cannot get enough of but cannot completely grasp onto at the same time. My interactions with him are always accompanied with waves of emotion that make my heart feel as if it will burst in a good way. There's no “working on our relationship” here. The love, itself, was born free of condition without our conscious effort. Our hearts are connected somewhere else other than on Earth. From lifetimes ago? His Venus is exactly conjunct my SN in Cancer. Or on a soul level? I'm not really sure where it comes from and, to be honest, I don't really care. I'm too busy healing my soul with it.

This is what the positive end of being love drunk feels like. Now. If Brayden and I didn't realize that our imaginary worlds were just fictional creations, our imaginings would become delusions filled with untruths. But, our imaginary worlds are grounded through play.

The negative end of this would still be just as infectious and addictive. There would be an alluring pull from somewhere other than the physical plane toward something or someone that produces these same feelings. That “someone” could be an illusionist, liar or addict themselves. Or, we could become the addict drawn to drugs or intoxicants that mimic the strong heart melting emotional waves and imaginary worlds that Brayden and I produce when we are together.

With Sun and Venus together in Scorpio, those negative addictions could become life-threatening. The object of our fascination could become a fixation that we try to direct and control or one that threatens to eat us alive luring us in with fantasy much like a spider paralyzes its prey or like a vampire hypnotizes and seduces. Under this sky, you are going to want to know the difference. It can be beautiful or deadly. Either way, it is an interaction that tickles our very soul prompting an ethereal release.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Sagittarius. Overnight, she met Uranus via trine which could have potentially brought in dreams of the future or even self-enlightenment. At 7:11 AM, she meets Mercury (now direct) in Libra. This can provide for an upbeat chat with a friend about the future. It's a light aspect and today's Moon is considerably lighter and more optimistic than what we experienced in early Sagittarius and through Scorpio.

By noon, the Moon meets expansive Jupiter via trine. This aspect gives the feeling of being “over the moon” about something. It's big and can be quite joyful. Then, as that aspect holds, Venus meets Neptune at 2:48 PM giving us the potential of becoming love drunk and either crying happy tears in overwhelm at our hearts expansion or sending us into the pit of remorse and lack because our hearts simply cannot get enough.

In the morning (5:50 AM) the Sun perfects in trine with Neptune. We can completely lose ourselves in this love or be completely dissolved in a bad way by the powers of Neptune. Either way, none of this looks very ambitious. But, it does have the potential to be exhilarating and uplifting in a way that ambition cannot touch. The key lies in being grounded enough to know the difference between good employment of the powers of Neptune and the negative. In order to truly indulge in this, there has to be a foundation of reality and trust. Otherwise, people can be completely deceived by the veils that Neptune creates or become victims of their obsessions and addictions surrendering to them completely.

Let go a bit today. Get out and explore if you have a chance. Indulge your imagination and your heart in healthy ways through art, music and dreams. Enjoy the deep stirrings within your soul without trying to grasp onto or control them. Enjoy those moments as they come but let those tides recede as they will without letting them carry you out into the endless swamping oceans.

In a well grounded state, today can be the day that dreams come true even if for only a moment. It is important to realize their impermanence so they can be truly appreciated for the fleeting moments they are. Or, it can be the day where we get completely swept away in addiction, lack of fulfillment and delusion. Trust me. The positive expression of this is much more worthy of your attention than any drug or escape.

Either way, appreciate those heart stroking moments as they come. You've got to be just as willing and able to let go of them as you are pleased to see them wash in. Catch. Release. And, enjoy their heart expanding potential (even if it may break your heart a little at the same time).

Oh, and be careful to check yourself twice if you have to be mindful of structure or details today because your attention span is going to be about 2-3 seconds long. Again, grounding is essential.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 26, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon newly in Sagittarius (midnight last night). Then, early in the morning, Mars shifts to Capricorn (6:43 AM). Right after this power shift occurs, Moon meets Neptune by square. That's a bit of a conundrum right there. It can, quite simply, equate to a drive to work but a need for rest. Heed what you NEED first by taking care of emotional body. That's my simple way of giving you permission to sleep in if you need to, attend to any swamping emotions if you need to, tend to any hangovers (emotional or chemically induced) if you need to. They are pressing and need your attention rather than your avoidance this morning.

Any initiatives taken to bring clarity to your emotional body pays off as the Moon waxes toward a square with Chiron in Pisces perfecting at midnight tonight. Any initiatives toward escape only make the primordial pains worse.

It is a good day to rest and restore. See a movie. Read a book. Get outside in search of grounding which will alleviate the potential of swamping emotions and satisfy Mars newly in Capricorn at the same time. It is likely to be a slow and introverted day. Sounds odd for a Moon in Sagittarius. But, the early degrees of these Moons in aspect to our bodies in Pisces does call for such.

This is especially true if you are ill at this time. You cannot physically lead through your actions when your body is depleted. Use today to take meticulous care for tomorrow is a possibly high energy and busy day. The first of the work week has the potential to begin with a bang of activity with the Moon's trine to Uranus and Jupiter. You will want to be well rested and prepared to take advantage of that. At the same time, there will be a Sun/Venus trine to Neptune that could take the call to action right out of the equation. We will need restorative and grounded efforts to handle it effectively, either way.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 25, 2014

Today looks much better to me than the last few days. There is potential for relief and quiet assimilation. This morning we wake up to the Moon still lingering in Scorpio. Overnight, Venus met up with the Sun (3:31 AM) perhaps bringing a sense of ease that helped to foster a decent night's sleep.

By 5:45 AM, the Moon squares off with Jupiter. This can bring a bright sunny morning. Or, negatively, it could have us blowing emotional situations out of proportion. The best use of this early morning aspect is to find a workable perspective.

At noon, the Moon finds the heaviness and sobriety of a conjunction to Saturn. This is not a happy nor easy aspect. However, given the potential of volatility over the last few days, it can bring a sense of grounding and solid footing. Rolling off the Moon's square to Jupiter, if you can manage to direct that energy to gaining perspective; then, when the Moon meets Saturn, you can welcome the stability and start to re-build.

Of course, the converse is true, as well. If the square from Jupiter prompts a sense of overwhelming dread; then, the conjunction to Saturn could foster feelings of depression instead of stability.

From here, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at midnight. Prior to this, Mercury in Libra stations direct (did I just hear an angelic choir sing?) Personally, I think it will be great to have our minds back. But, don't expect to feel this right away as it occurs when the Moon is Void. Plus, Mercury station points can be troublesome. Meaning, this is the beginning of Mercury straightening up and flying right. He doesn't exactly have all the kinks worked out, yet. He also still has a few tricks up his sleeve. But, we needn't worry too much about that today.

The shifting in the sky doesn't end with the Moon and Mercury's movements either. Tomorrow, Mars enters Capricorn calling us to get to work while acting responsibly and diligently. This is not the energized, freely exploring Mars that we had in Sagittarius. This Mars is steadfast and leads others through action. Here, Mars takes time to consider the consequences of his actions instead of zipping around trying to be the superhero. A passion for getting down to business is fostered here. It comes just at a time when we need it too. Jupiter square Saturn will pressurize us into work and load us with responsibility. That makes workaholic Mars in Capricorn squeal with glee.

The funny thing, though, is that this placement can be a bit more horny than you would think. Perhaps lustful is the better word. So, take lustfulness and overlay that with all the archetypes you have for bosses. How a person directs their passion is inherently dependent upon how they handle being given a position of leadership. A lot of this will also depend upon a person's ability to handle power since Mars will spend a great deal of his time in Capricorn influenced by Pluto.

A forceful power hungry boss could resort to abusing his power by exerting his dominance (perhaps even through sexual force) over those of lesser authority and power. A well grounded and socially conscious boss will use the drive from Mars to become passionate about his work in an effort to rebuild what Pluto has stripped away.

If we can manage to wrangle the energy of Jupiter square Saturn into diligently making long-range plans, then Mars in Capricorn can provide the where-with-all to begin action on those plans. When Mars passes over Pluto by conjunction, he is reborn. A new Pluto/Mars cycle commences.

In the past year, we've had plenty of time to wrangle with Mars. An imminent new Mars cycle should come as a relief to our poor Aries folks who were all stuck with Mars retrograde and in detriment for the duration of their Solar Returns. By now, though, Aries should have a good handle on this temporary energy.

Either way, the sky is shifting and even though echoes of the recent eclipses can still be heard, the dust should begin to slowly settle. Plus, with such focus on Scorpio, it is helpful to have Mars in the sign of responsibility. If anything, we've been shown that the way we fight, engage and handle our power needs to be steered more effectively. Abuses of power are certainly not a tolerable thing these days. Those that continue to attempt to do so will certainly be called on the carpet because the general populace will be having NONE of it. Scorpio can sense this kind of thing and Capricorn will serve to judge our active engagements.

Today, though, with 12 good hours of a Void Moon, it is a perfect opportunity to step back from the craziness that can be found in the outside world and relax a bit while dealing with any lingering emotions (such as feelings of grief or overwhelm). It's a great day for visiting haunted houses (Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio), or even for putting the finishing touches on your own Halloween decorations.

The ground is fertile now, as well. So, in the Northern Hemisphere (as long as the ground isn't frozen), it's a good time to put flowering bulbs in the ground. Give yourself something to look forward to in the spring. Also in the realm of outside, it's a good time to do all those final home maintenance items on your check list in preparation for winter like cleaning the gutters, pruning fading rose bushes and, of course, yard cleanup through raking leaves.

It's also great for taking an initial look at your budget and assessing how well your information is organized in regard to your taxes. I know, YAWN, right? But, seriously, any efforts you put in to preparations for the future right now will be highly beneficial. Business folks know exactly what I'm talking about. Many US businesses declare this as the beginning of a new financial year, the first fiscal quarter. Payroll departments and accounting professionals begin to clean up and audit the books in order to have their documents in order by the first of the year. So, all of this most certainly fits with our current sky since it forces us to look forward and work toward the future. That perspective is certainly needed.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 24, 2014

This morning we wake up to a now slowly waxing Moon in Scorpio. The effects of yesterday's eclipse are still rippling through the atmosphere. They will continue to do so for quite some time.

Right now, the sign of Scorpio holds 4 very powerful bodies. The Sun (Ego—which has been recently clipped), the Moon (our emotional body and what we need), Venus (how we love, appreciate and what we want) and Saturn (structure, discipline, boundaries). In addition to that, two powerful asteroids are also in the sign, Ceres (Goddess of the Harvest) and Pallas Athene (Goddess of Wisdom). Plus, we have 5 bodies lodged in via combusta or the fiery way (15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio) Sun, Moon, Venus, Pallas and Mercury.

Basically, what all this means is that happenings in the world are intense. Via combusta heralds trials by fire. So, if you've ever caught yourself saying, “I would never do x, y or z” or “I will always do x, y or z” be prepared for that vow to be tested in real time. As a matter of fact, be prepared for all vows to be tested through calls to contractual renegotiation or the discovery of a breach of contract. Remember, Venus in Libra had the ability to make agreements between warring factions where, before, no ability to negotiate exists. That does not mean the overlay of peace persists forever especially if one or more sides of the parties within the agreement do not hold up their end of the bargain.

Contracts are a mutually agreed upon set of intentions. Meaning, they draft an agreement that everyone says they “intend” to follow. But, intentions without action to back or support that intention are about as binding as cheap wet toilet paper. It's at this point where trust is breached between parties causing conflict and showing that someone was only playing lip service to what was originally agreed upon. We took them at their word. Then, shortly thereafter, they broke their word making anything they say from here forward meaningless.

To make matters worse, Scorpio season is not really the best time of year to break agreements. When Scorpio is done, it is done. Planets in this sign are racked with endurance and forbearance. So when someone with a lot of Scorpio finally says, “I've had enough” they mean it. The relationship they tried to support becomes dead to them. As a matter of fact, it is people with packed 8th houses, planets in Scorpio and multiple planets in aspect to Pluto that YOU DO NOT want to wage war against. Not only are they going to be capable of hating you in the moment, they are going to hate you possibly forever and could even go so far as to inflict damage years later upon your entire bloodline. The non-Pluto person may have forgotten the transgression by that time. But, not the Scorpio. And, when you pit two people who BOTH have this stuff running through their chart against one another then the outcome is going to be long, bloody, gory and likely excruciating to watch.

Conversely, if you gain a Scorpio's trust, then they can become your most formidable ally. On the whole, proving ourselves trustworthy is paramount at this time IF you want to deepen relationships instead of destroy them. But, if you entered into the relationship under shady guise to begin with, it is during Scorpio season (or BY a Scorpio) that you will be found out. Then, when Sagittarius season comes in to replace Scorpio, instead of celebrating joyfully you will be praying to God that the Scorpio won't find you or, you know, attending your own wake.

Saturn is leaving Scorpio season soon. This means we should have learned about the positive or detrimental uses of our own power. We should have learned and implemented steps toward emotional intimacy (or to strengthen it) within our primary relationships. We should have erected boundaries around our triggers so that we didn't allow the lust for revenge to overtake us. We should have learned what lies beneath the subsurface of our own psyche in the form of shadow while also learning to better direct it. Or. Not. There will be consequence regardless of which side of the line you fall on...for better or worse.

Those consequences are likely to be extreme at either end. That's how Pluto/Scorpio operates. Sometimes it forgets that there is a middle ground—a less extreme position. It is going to love you forever and devotedly. Or, it is going to torture you unmercifully. Those are the two options as far as Scorpio is concerned, at least those who carry planets here that lack in mastery. Right now, the whole world has this energy and very few hold any degree of mastery except for the well refined, mature, self-mastered Scorpio native who can become the epitome of endurance and fortitude. These folks are the ones you want in your corner right now. So, if you have one in your life, feed them and honor them. They will pay you back in buckets of support. But, most of all, LEARN from them so you will know how to better handle this energy yourself.

Last night held the potential for watershed and swamping emotions with the Moon's trine to Neptune. It also held potential for escapist behavior which is sometimes temporarily called for in intense situations. The eclipses have brought those intense situations to our doorsteps. But, today, that aspect from Moon to Neptune is relinquished in favor of a sextile to Scorpio's ruler, Pluto. We emerge from the watershed or from our temporary escapes and stare the problem right in the face. This is where revenge is plotted or a person realizes their ability to survive/endure the situation. Both the Sun and Venus will echo these exact aspects in the coming days.

Later, the Moon makes a trine to Chiron in Pisces (6:29 PM). This provides access to pain that dwells very deeply within our soul. How we respond to that pain makes all the difference. Well handled and this aspect can provide for healing, understanding, forgiveness and letting go of past transgressions. Fumbled about and it can equate to resorting to more escapist behaviors or simply serve as a deeply painful reminder of why we need to kill the thing to start with—so it can't hurt us or anyone else anymore.

Meanwhile, Venus inches closer and closer to the Sun. She finally catches him overnight at 3:31 AM by conjunction. In a natal chart, when a person has a tight conjunction of planets, it is said that the two are fused. It is hard to tell where the influence of one planet ends and the other begins. With Sun and Venus together in Scorpio, we cannot tell where we stop and what we desire begins. The entities are fused. It's important to understand that you ARE NOT what you want and what you want only has as much control over you as you give it.

With both Sun and Venus in Scorpio, there is a tendency toward obsession, stalking and attempts to control the thing we desire. This is where people become desperate. For example, the woman who finds out her husband is leaving her and tries to trap him in the relationship by faking pregnancy or becoming pregnant. Or, the husband finds out the wife is leaving and he exerts physical prowess and violence to scare her into staying. What happens in these scenarios is truly an expression of personal disparity (aka: weakness) and NOT a display of wit or strength. With both Sun and Venus approaching a trine with Neptune, this obsession with what we want can turn into addiction. That's the worst end of the extremes.

At the more favorable end, we have discovered where these deeply seeded desires come from to begin with. We realize we truly own, possess and control nothing but our own selves. Then, Neptune assists us in relinquishing our taloned grasp on whatever “it” may be in your personal situation whether “it” is the other person in our relationship, a tangible thing (like money or other possessions) or intangible thing (like power or greed).

True strength and power is not shown by having the ability to overpower someone. It is MUCH harder to take yourself out of that power play and let go. Doesn't sound very satisfying. And, in the immediate, it isn't satisfactory at all. But, in the long run, being able to leash the exorbitant power of Scorpio and the self while directing both toward their higher expressions, fortifies and strengthens instead of depletes and destroys. It is the weak person who clings. It is the blackened heart and enlarged Ego that seeks vengeance. But, the one that can master their own self and gain true control over their most deepest desires instead of defaulting to allowing those desires to have control is the one who displays the true strength and power.

No, it is not fun nor easy. It sucks, to be frank. But the consequence to whichever path you choose is also quite severe equivalent to choosing a life under your own control versus a life locked up in prison. I'd recommend some deep DEEP soul searching before committing to either road. And, then, choose wisely. Especially since the asteroid Hecate is shining her crossroads lantern right on Saturn in Scorpio now telling us that once we choose whichever path we choose, there is no turning back. There is no undoing what we did or didn't do “in the moment” and what has now been seen will never be able to be unseen.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 23, 2014

This morning we wake up to a very dark Moon in Libra. Early in the day, the Sun passes from Libra into Scorpio (7:57 AM). Meanwhile, the Moon makes a nice kite in the sky with a trine from Mars/Pholus in Sagittarius, Eris in Aries and BML in Scorpio. Did I just say nice? Yeah. Prepare for “nice” to be a thing of the recent past. Libra's mask is dangling on its final threads getting ready to come off. And, the Moon's passage through this fire trine (marked by a sextile from Moon to Mars at 1:23 PM) could be just the catalyst that serves to pull it off.

After the Moon passes Mars, she is void until entering Scorpio at 5:11 PM. So, if a catalyst comes your way in the form of a gaslighter or merely a sense of urgency, take the few hours of the Void Moon to take a big dramatic pause. Also know that (pausing) is likely the LAST thing you want to do. But, unless there is a true and imminent physical threat, there is no true call for immediate action now. I would highly advise you to stow it, at least until you can get to a safe place to expel some of this excess energy in a way that doesn't end up biting you in the rear. Call a time out for your own good. Lock yourself in a closet and scream your head off if you want. Do absolutely anything you can do to bring yourself back to center because the air is certainly prickly. In case you haven't heard, there is an eclipse today.

While the Moon is dealing with herself, Venus sneaks over into Scorpio at 4:53 PM. She waits here, right behind the Sun and Pallas for the Moon to join her. I've told you of Pallas' super powers in Scorpio. Here, she can give you an x-ray view of what is going on below the surface particularly the subconscious patterns of YOUR OWN psyche that, when allowed to run amuck, can cause a lot of problems. So, while you are looking over your shoulder for potential threats within that sense of urgency, the bigger call is to direct your observations inward. Don't be afraid of what you might see. We all have our shadows. Instead, note what you observe and subsequently vow to stop letting it control you.

All that being said, there could be some deep desires that bubble up in light of this eclipse. Instead of setting out to satiate those desires, look inward to where they are truly coming from. Do you have a subconscious desire for control? Is there a part of you that doesn't believe it can sustain itself or provide for itself? Where does that come from? Are you being triggered? Where does the root of that trigger lie? I've a feeling a little lady by the name of Eris may sneak up on us giving clues to this. But, our initial inkling is going to be to react to Eris instead of looking at what it is she is trying to show us in the first place.

See, there was this party that Eris was excluded from in her day. Because she was excluded from the party, she took this golden apple and rolled it into a room full of debutantes. On that golden apple were the words, “For the fairest.” Well, wouldn't you know that all hell broke loose as the debutantes scrambled to grab the apple for themselves. What Eris did was show the ugly under these beautiful masks...quite effortlessly. And, today, at this eclipse, she's rolling that apple again and it lands directly on Saturn in Scorpio by inconjunct. We never saw it coming. But, it holds great opportunity to either 1) reveal your true ugly in front of an audience OR 2) note the urges that bubble up without acting on them but merely standing in observation. And, that observation needs to be directed inward more than outward. Start examining why you react to certain things the way you do. Start examining where these desperate cravings come from. What is it that you truly lack?

If there had been ONE debutante at that party with a sense of self worth and integrity, she would not have fallen prey to Eris' sideways method of destruction. She would have held the line and watched the entertainment of the other debutantes scrambling for the spotlight. Be THAT chic. Stand your ground and hold tight to your integrity and self discipline without letting anyone else knock that foundation out from underneath you.

Mars in Sagittarius is hell bent on being some kind of hero right now. But, I would caution against doing anything in the name of pure heroism. Instead, default to merely finding the right thing to do or the wise thing to do and stick with that. And, the wise thing to do right now in light of this sense of urgency brought by the eclipse is to stay still and hold your position because all the information is STILL not in yet. The picture is still developing and will continue developing as Mercury turns direct and retraces the degrees of his own shadow.

Chances are the world will seem to open up with new (and sometimes dark) details. Note them. The sabian for this eclipse is “A sight seeing bus.” Nothing in that sabian says “A tour where you unexpectedly get off the bus to fight monsters.” Take the entirety of the trip in even if there is a piece of scenery that tries to jerk you off the bus. Don't let it. Stay on and observe. There's more to see and learn here than meets the eye.

The eclipse officially occurs at 5:58 PM. Unless there is a true sense of physical danger, then its only purpose is to cut away at how we mask our own ugly through projection of our Ego. It also works to remove blocks to emotional intimacy. That mask is likely to be clipped for many at this time for better or worse. You should really know what is under your own mask in light of the possibility of it falling off...don't you think? On top of that, if you bear witness to someone else's mask falling off, then note that but don't do anything outward about it just yet. Again, stay on the bus.

If something or someone threatens to leave your life, let it go. Don't try to manipulate it or trick it into sticking around. It will be tempting to do so, though. Instead, again, look inward to what it is that causes you to want to control or what it is that makes you feel so desperate in the first place.

After all this begins to wane, the Moon meets Neptune by trine overnight (2:30 AM). Take that as opportunity to practice letting go and purging emotions. It is also prime opportunity for fostering a sense of both forgiveness (particularly if self-directed) and acceptance. The need for acceptance and a firm view of the reality of the situation is going to strengthen as the Moon makes her way toward Saturn tomorrow. Accept that there is probably a great deal of work ahead and most of it involves work directed at honing yourself. Jupiter in Leo is tightening in square to Saturn in Scorpio. Self excavation is in order more so than feeding your ego through heroism and self-righteous action.

Temptation is going to abound in the coming days. We may have cravings and desires that we do not completely understand. That's the catch 22. It's not that we are supposed to pursue the satiation of these desires but rather try to suss out the root of where they come from in the first place. Know this information is just for you. I'd keep a lid on it and stow it in your personal diary or something until the picture becomes more clear.

At the same time, know that there will be people in the world who will not and cannot contain themselves. We, as Astrology followers, know that this eclipse heralds a need for self-control and an efforts toward self-exploration. Others, though, will only feel the urgency attached to this eclipse and be compelled to respond to those strong desires and the pull toward satiation devouring absolutely everything in their path. Step to the side and let them pass by. That's their unraveling, not yours. Just make sure you are clear from any fall out. Step AWAY from the crazy, power hungry, overly captivated by desire and desperate people. Protect yourself and your foundation and, instead, observe. Stay. On. The. Bus.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for October 22, 2014

The last day of Libra season heralds a dramatic ending. This morning, we wake up to the Libra Moon square Pluto in Capricorn (5:10 AM). I went for a walk on Sunday. The leaves in my area are peaking. Weather-wise, Sunday was probably the best day for viewing them. They were gorgeous. But, also what I noticed was the death of the underbrush.

In the summer, various weeds grow up along the road and temporarily mask roadside trash. I noticed some people even allow the wild brush to grow up around their yards providing a temporary shield of privacy. All that is drying up and fading now revealing exactly what ugly has been hidden underneath.

This is a lot how I see Libra Moon square Pluto. The death of beauty. The re-emergence of what we have temporarily veiled.

After two days of smooth potential, ugly, again, rears its head. This may cause our Libra energy to mourn a bit. It is the beauty of fall that she enjoys the most. Of course, the winter holds its own beauty but our pallets will not be primed for that until Venus enters Scorpio tomorrow.

By, late morning, Moon is opposite Uranus in Aries (10:26 AM). If you were groggy before, it is likely you will be wide awake by now. Sparks fly between these two energies. Uranus in Aries is unconcerned with appearances and delights in the shedding of the old. Uranus doesn't understand Libra's grief. However, if Libra engages her own superpowers of looking at things from the perspective of the “other” she may see how liberating it can be to reveal the bare bones of a situation.

The Moon meets Mercury in Libra by conjunction at 5:27 PM. Uranus has already made her a Nervous Nelly. Now, her mind reels as she flips all the current details over. She may even talk things out with a friend. She could begin making big plans for the future or she could blow the details wildly out of proportion. Whether the details of the matter steer her toward worry or optimistic plans, her perspective is shifted toward the future as she meets Jupiter by sextile at 8:50 PM. Afterall, she does delight in the remaining fall d├ęcor. She also delights in the fact that people will continue to decorate their homes with lights and baubles throughout the end of the year. Plus, snow will eventually blanket all the ugly the dying environment has revealed.

It feels like a bittersweet day to me. One that holds, at least, the beginning inklings of acceptance while also feeling the imminent shift in the air. How will you handle the new? Or can you see that yet? Some may hold on to mourning what is lost for sometime. Will you light a candle in the darkness of Scorpio? Or, will you allow the black to blanket you in masochism?

Scorpio season heralds a time of increased lightness for me. I know. Crazy, right? But, Libra season is an adventure through my 8th house. By the time Scorpio season is here, I've emerged from my own watery grave ready to celebrate.

Halloween. It's the greatest party of the year in my opinion. And, the Day of the Dead is symbolic of my own re-animation from the grave. For many Plutonic people like me, this is a cherished time of year. Finally, the rest of the Earth understands what we see all the time. We have a chance to celebrate the rich blackness of the Earth. The light from the Sun becomes bent in such a way that it doesn't offend our vampirish eyes. Darkness returns and Pluto people find a bit of peace as if we have returned home after a long journey.

But, for those who are unaccustomed to the energy, this time of year is scary. There are demons everywhere. Weird unexplainable things happen as the veil between the worlds becomes threadbare allowing Spirit to unexpectedly reach out to us from time to time. And, I promise you, that veil is wondrously thin right now.

There are others, still yet, who will fall prey to the seduction of the season. Strong temptations abound during this time of year. The darker more sinister energies are given power that can be alluring to those who may have lost touch with their own. Greed sneaks in as people deeply desire to hold all the gold in fear that there is not enough to go around. Deals with the Devil are commenced. Lust gurgles in the loins.

The real trick here is realizing that you don't need to be afraid. All the power you desire resides within you. And, Scorpio season is more about getting to the roots of that personal power and figuring out how to use it. We metaphorically die to the world in an effort to be reborn stronger. How you handle the season has everything to do with how comfortable you are in your own darkness. If you are afraid, you'll reach out to anything and anyone to help you feel powerful again. If you are unafraid, you embrace the little death and realize that the transition eventually rebirths. You don't need to be saved.

Tomorrow, the Sun, Moon and Venus take the plunge into the dark murky waters of Scorpio together. On the very first day of the Season, we experience a solar eclipse. What vows will you take before your trip through darkness? Think it over; your chance to declare them comes at the New Moon...the absolute darkest night of the whole month.