Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 11 2014

Quietly this day creeps in with silent fortitude. The Moon is Void in Aries while our Virgo Sun meets Saturn in Scorpio via sextile (11:04 AM).


In the US, this day has become a solemn day of remembrance, reflection and contemplation. And, no, we will not forget.

But, there is plenty we do have a tendency to forget. This day marks an internal visible attack upon our people. Something that is very rare. How lucky are we to not wake up in a global war zone on a daily basis.

Still yet, in my opinion, we really don't need anyone to outwardly attack us as we spend a large amount of time killing ourselves. We fight among ourselves and have not known true unity of a culture in my lifetime. Freedom does not unite us. Democracy does not unite us. Our personal lineages do not unite us.

Tragedy and turmoil is what brings us together on this land. I hear all the time that this country was built upon freedom. But, truly, what it was built upon was the need of a group of people to come together in the face of oppression or rejection by our native homelands. And, still, this type of battle rages on a daily basis through private home and neighborhood wars as we continually rape and denigrate our OWN homeland.

It's almost as if the continual conflict is the glue that keeps everyone engaged. Its as if we fear a true coming together because this turmoil is actually what gives us common ground.

This is aside from the fact that there is a wide sweeping mentality that screams, “Everyone has the right to their own opinion, as long as it agrees with mine!”

I do not say these things because I despise my country. I say these things because they are true and it breaks my heart since it is my country.

Our Aries Moon remains Void until crossing into Taurus tonight at 9:17 PM. It is a day for contemplation. Remorse. Grief. Perhaps even solitude in our personal contemplations. It is a day for clearing out and cleaning up while burrowing deeply into ourselves to truthfully assess how we can fix things.