Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 25, 2014

If you would like a preview of the upcoming eclipse (if you've not encountered it already) today is your day. This morning, we wake up to a budding Moon in Libra waxing into a sextile with Jupiter in Leo (5:22 AM EDT) and an opposition with Uranus in Aries (5:31 AM).


Obviously, Jupiter and Uranus are becoming closer and closer in their trine which will perfect later today at 2:19 PM.

What happens when Science and the higher mind (Uranus) work together with Religion and philosophy (Jupiter) instead of constantly trying to debase one another? My belief is that wonderful things can happen. I also believe that each holds at least partial keys to what the other is searching for. And, with Mars skirting through Sagittarius (drive for a greater understanding), we may just get the opportunity to see such a collaboration take place. I smile as I think “Wouldn't that be nice?”

On a personal level, though, with the transiting Moon in Libra opposing its future position at the point of the eclipse, you may hear future echoes of what lies in store for you. The inkling is likely to manifest through your emotions. This could very well cause instinctual reactions to emerge.

It is important, I think, to note that there is quite a difference between instinct and intuition. Instinct is the body's visceral response to outside stimuli. One widely known concept of this is the body's reaction to an event triggered by the release of adrenaline called fight or flight.

However, intuition enters through the emotional body. Intuition can certainly trigger instinctual reactions. This can lead to impulsive (thoughtless) actions which can come in handy during an emergent situation (just like the fight or flight response). But, intuition does not always preclude an emergency. The visceral reaction that it provokes can certainly make it feel that way, though. It is never wise (being that acting with wisdom is your goal) to act impulsively upon insight or intuition.

Let the lightbulb light up. But, consciously slow your body's response down in order to properly identify the purpose of the intuitive message.

Of course this involves being mindful of your physical body's condition as well as the condition of your emotional body. Ground your energy to soothe both before you allow the visceral response to intuitive inklings to lead you toward regrettable directions.

I recently had a conversation with a Christian lady who had been born with the gift of sight. She sees dead people. She had recently approached members of her congregation with questions about this gift. She wanted to be rid of it, frankly, seeing it more as a curse than a blessing.

I do understand this. A few years ago, I had requested and began exploring the possibility of being able to see Spirit. I became scared myself. I've quite the vivid imagination. Plus, I watched way too many horror flicks as a child making me wary of what I might walk around the corner and see. Almost as quickly as I requested the gift, I rescinded it happily settling back into my clairaudience, instead.

I was disheartened to discover that the lady's congregation offered her no solace or answers. Some even steered clear of her in light of her questions.

I get that people are often afraid or resistant to things they do not understand. Yet, I was perplexed as to why the group didn't advise her to pray about  her problem. I guess that was my job in the situation because that is exactly what I told her to do. As a matter of fact, I prayed WITH her even though I don't follow the Christian religion. I mean, her question was not about my religion or spirituality. Her question was about her religion and spiritual pursuits.  


I do not see the benefit of debasing someone's beliefs, especially, if those beliefs hold strong influence over their life. What someone believes is not my business. Yet, I've seen others practically foam at the mouth at an opportunity to deconstruct someone's spiritually based search as if it somehow justifies and strengthens their own. Mind you, there is A LOT I don't understand.

Boundaries are a blessed thing
Even in my line of work, I sometimes receive ugly comments from various people being called everything from a harbinger of Satan to a member of the “lost.” I adamantly stand on the phrase, “All who wander are not lost” and maintain that trolling writings like mine is no different than me taking my tarot deck and table and setting it up in a church foyer. Out of respect for others, I would not do that. Also, because I've fostered a sturdy sense of self, I do not find these comments threatening. I smile, instead, knowing they are saying little about me but, in their projections, the person is telling me everything about the shakiness of their own faith.

Perhaps, basic respect and a sense of self is what lacks here (in the midst of the battle between Science and Religion). Yet each time I say that, I'm countered with “THEY don't deserve respect!” to which I counter, but what about your own self-respect? How does that not keep you from showing your proverbial Ass? :) I get that too. Doesn't always stop me either.

I can no more say that Scientific explorations are fruitless than I can say Religious explorations are fruitless. The fault does not lie in the practices themselves, but more in the practitioners. Just as a foreign language being interpreted to someone who doesn't speak it is not at fault for a misinterpretation or language barrier. No. The fault there lies upon the interpreter, speaker or listener—the human, not the art. In case you do not know, the human race is incredibly flawed. For good reason! What good would it do to come to Earth to learn if we were born perfect? Instead, we are perfectly imperfect which leads us to a great number of learning opportunities.
Can we not see that Science and Religion search for the same answers only traveling different paths? Why do they need to be carried to such defensive extremes? Again, the fault lies not in tenets or practice of either but more on the weakened knees of those on whichever path they have chosen.

Sometimes I chuckle as I think, “What's going to happen when these folks find out both paths lead to the same thing?” Then, I remember, it's not my business and walk away still chuckling.

No, I don't feel as if I have all the answers. I'm continually searching for more. But, in no way does my search need to infringe on someone else's. I will, however, be more than happy to assist someone else in finding or re-finding their own even if it causes our journey's to diverge; because, I know, in some way, we will meet again. I also know that the divergence is not going to rattle my own foundation.

I respect my own beliefs. In turn, I can foster respect for someone else's even if they don't align with mine.

I think Science is important. It provides information obtained through the testable Scientific Theory that provides quantitative and measurable results. I think Religion is important. For me, Religion was a gateway drug straight through the doorway in search of a higher understanding of myself, something greater than myself and toward the source of something I know that exists...higher and ethereal love providing intangible but still infinitely valuable results.
See? The Scientist and Philosopher can get along when they want.

Most importantly, to me, is the fact that moreover, no matter what Religion a person adheres too, they typically pray routinely. With all the negativity dispersed into our collective consciousness, the prayers for love, healing and peace are not only needed but NECESSARY.

Not that a person has to be religious to pray. But, many people who are religious do pray and I'm in no way ready to catalyze them away from that in attempt to jerk them over to my side of the fence anymore than I am ready to cut off my own foot.

At any rate, I'm hopeful that Jupiter and Uranus dancing via trine will bring awareness of this beneficial type of mutual respect. Though, I realize the quick transit cannot work miracles nor undo thousands upon thousands of years of conditioning. But, hope, like prayer is essential. I will not give up on either.

I am ready for some highbrow humor (not that I will "get" it until many days into my future). Uranian humor can be quirky and awkward increasing the chance for laughter, in and of itself. And Jupiter, well Jupiter rules over both truth and humor. If that's not funny, I don't know what is.