Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 20, 2014

Our Leo Moon is awake this morning. She's chasing the Sun trying to catch up by next week. And, magically, the two will be in the same sign soon...but, never cross paths.

I wonder if the Moon can see our Virgo sun shining in front of her. Surely she can. She's turning to face him now. Soon, from Earth, it will look like there is no light at all on the Moon. But, truly, she'll be turning to finally greet the Sun face to face.

The Moon constantly spins away from us and back again. It's as if she cannot decide who it is she likes looking at the most. Yet, she never fails to return. She never fails to spin away.

Last night, on her twirling journey, she danced with Jupiter (3:30 PM). Still, with all of Jupiter's charm and laughter, she spun away from him on her quest for the Sun. She doesn't have far left to go.

At 5:57 AM, she waves at Uranus flaming in Aries and drops her gaze just long enough to run into a brick wall via a square from Saturn in Scorpio (2:47 PM). She scrapes her knee on the floor as she stumbles backward. But, she re-focuses on where she believes the Sun to be shining (even if she can't see it for Saturn's darkness), dusts off her skirts and begins to whirl again.
If you ask her why, she may say, “I am the Moon. This is what I feel. So, this is what I do. And, so should you.”

Moon square Saturn is not revered a wonderful thing. As a Pisces Moon with Neptune standing on it person, anything from Saturn sounds like a life raft right now. But, it is typically felt as a harsh aspect. There are ways to work with it, though!

If you have been over emotive, Saturn can help you stabilize along with the trine from Uranus supporting. Detachment and grounding.

Every little bit of progress counts! Every little bit of it even if no one else sees it! So give yourself credit for what you successfully accomplish in these days! If you hit a wall, do it in a way that YOU can you truly feel as if you did the best you could. Because, you did.

Be easy with your physical needs and protect your health as Mars waxes toward Neptune. Hot Yoga, sweat lodges, HOT TUBS are wonderful conduits of Mars/Neptune in a positive way. Jogging on the beach. Dance..dirty dancing, even! Sweat it out with some music and let any tensions you have go. Get out some anxiety and perhaps you will be less prone to get in your own way. 
P.S. for those of you who work with art, I've found that constructing something with my hands under Leo Moon/Saturn in Scorpio is a very good release of this energy. Mosaics. Tile work. Sculpture. Woodworking. Anything created with stone or wood seems to work very well.

The Moon/Saturn Spiritual Bath recipe I have works wonders as well at this time. You can find it here. Even Mars/Neptune likes that idea!