Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 16, 2014

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Gemini. She will remain Void until crossing into Cancer at 11:24 AM EDT. From here, the Moon works steadily toward a trine with Neptune. The ethereal and intuitive waters of the day may provide prelude to what we can anticipate tomorrow as Venus perfects in opposition with Chiron and reaches an inconjunct with Uranus.

Tomorrow is eventful for more reasons than Venus. The Moon will also see significant action while filling in a Grand Water trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces as Venus tips off in opposition forming a kite. Not to mention the kite that will also be formed as the Moon moves through an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. ALL the planetary players come to the Moon's table on Wednesday!

That being said, don't be surprised if you intuitively pick up on the crackling in the air. Nothing in what is coming in screams doom and gloom. But, basic intuition doesn't know the difference between “GOOD INCOMING!” and “BAD INCOMING!” You know? Inklings of each manifest, in the beginning, as emotion. Then, once we hear that crackle (feel the tingle), we start allowing our rational mind to fill in the possibilities. Depending on the way you are accustomed to thinking, you may feel the crackle and think, “Oh my goodness, something wonderful is about to happen” or, the flipside, “I've got that feeling in my gut again, it means my house is going to burn down and I'm going to lose absolutely everything.”

See? You are the one that puts interpretation to that feeling and you are in charge of deciding which side of the line you fall on.

I will tell you, also, that water moons can bring about tears. Cancer can herald nostalgia. And, Mercury is in his shadow in Libra preparing to review what we think we know about relationships. Plus, Venus in trine to Pluto is still a “be on the lookout for relationship zombies” aspect.

If those last few sentences just led you back to a horrendous relationship experience whose memories threaten tears and regret, then...why did you just go to the worst place first? You are in charge, remember? And, you don't have to throw “worst case scenario” up just to maintain a sense of realism. You could also run into a long lost friend with whom you've only lost touch due to life circumstances and bring back some really good memories that have you laughing so hard your eyes well up. Both possibilities are just that...possible. How you handle yourself in either situation is what becomes key.
Even though I pride myself on being a free and independent thinker, I still keep my own "not so great" thoughts on a short and manageable leash. Don't let those suckers run around unattended!
Taking charge of the way you allow your mind to operate is one way to get a handle on yourself. It DOES NOT mean that you will ever become the person that automatically looks for the best possible outcome. But, it will allow you to monitor that “worst case” scenario and then subsequently and deliberately step over it in favor of thinking of brighter outcomes.

And, who knows, maybe something will finally heal itself in that place of wounding from that worst case scenario you just dredged up. It may occur exactly how you are dreaming it up to be but it may end with something totally unexpected and liberating (inconjunct to Uranus). All of that is completely up to you.

Today, pay attention to what intuition brings you through both your emotional body and the outside world through signs or symbolism. Check yourself on your interpretation methods for both and don't be afraid to discuss what comes up with someone you trust. Listen to what your body is telling you. Practice your self-nurturing and take care of those thatmay fall under your wing. Ground. Eat well. Get plenty of rest and be more ready to sail the rising tides that will likely wash in tomorrow.