Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 27 2014

Emotions are strong, stable and sober this morning as our Scorpio Moon meets Pluto in Capricorn via sextile at 7:26 AM EDT. With Mercury in his current condition, there is a chance for those that struggle with depression to relapse here.

Pluto in Capricorn together with a Scorpio Moon can be fortifying. However, if a mentality of delusion and paranoia exists, these can be exacerbated by the square from the Moon to Jupiter in Leo that perfects at 3:40 PM. Consciously take measures to turn these feelings around by re-directing your brain to look ONLY at the facts while attempting to provide yourself with a more positive interpretation.

This sounds easy enough for the person who does not suffer from obsessive, dark and penetrating thoughts. But, for the person who does suffer, darkness can certainly increase.

Rely on tried and true methods of treating any type of emotional distress by breaking things down into small manageable chunks. Step one. Get out of bed. Step two. Eat breakfast. Move forward step by step all the while managing emotions moment by moment.

Today has potential to be heavy as the Moon also waxes toward a conjunction with Saturn at midnight. Remember, it is passing.

Take the weekend to take meticulous care of your emotional body. Self-nurture. Bring yourself out of your head space and into your body by employing yourself through a medium such as literature, music, dance or any other type of creative form. Jupiter trine Uranus encourages you to reach for these. But, the energy there is not forceful. In other words, you may have to reach for it.

Our Sun in Libra meets Neptune by inconjunct this morning at 10:52 AM. This can be a fogged and skewed sense of self that demands to express itself under a misunderstanding and nebulous and heavy sky. Try your best not to fall in that trap. Instead, allow the sense of self to blur as you express it outwardly through creative means. Don't be afraid of what your brush want to paint. Allow the strokes to speak for you as you remain an ever present observer.

Tomorrow, the Moon leaves the grave of Scorpio and enters the lighter realm of Sagittarius. Things will become less heavy but no less watery (emotional and potentially creative) as her first aspect is a square to Neptune in Pisces. However, Tuesday, packs a punch with the Moon sextiling our Libra Sun, conjuncting Mars in Sagittarius and joining the trine between her current ruler, Jupiter, and Uranus in Aries. At this time, we may begin to see inkling of brightness returning through the slow turning of the Autumn leaves in US.

Venus supports natures self-expression, too as she moves from Virgo to her home sign of Libra on Tuesday as well.

In the meantime, hang in there. Be gentle with yourself. Come out of your messy brain and back into your body where creativity and physical movement can bring freedom and beautiful self-expression that words and thoughts don't necessarily support right now. Sitting still is certainly not going to be easy as Mars moves into the trine between Jupiter and Uranus. Get out there. Explore. Move and give your worried mind a break for a few days. Afterall, the whole message is not in just yet. In the smart and unexpected words of my husband, “Maybe we are moving forward and we just don't see it yet.” Yes, indeed. It is a lot like that.