Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 29, 2014

Things may start out slow this morning as the Moon is waxing away from a square with Neptune as we drag ourselves out of bed (4:43 AM EDT). However, if you made intentions at the New Moon in Libra and have yet to take your first true step forward, today is a good day to make a bit of progress.

The Moon in Sagittarius meets the Libra Sun by sextile at 6:12 AM. The fog from the initial square to Neptune begins to burn off quickly. The rest of the evening, the Moon links up the Fire Trine created by Mars in Sagittarius (conjunction at 2:34 PM), Uranus in Aries (trine at 9:48 PM) and Jupiter in Leo (trine at 11:30 PM).

As the fire is growing, Venus dances into her home sign of Libra (leaving her detriment in Virgo) at 4:53 PM. From Libra, Venus will quincunx both Neptune (Oct. 3) and Chiron in Pisces (Oct 10). She will oppose Uranus in Aries (Oct 11), sextile Mars in Sagittarius (Oct. 20) and Jupiter in Leo (Oct 14). She will make a closing square with Pluto in Capricorn on Oct 8 at 12 degrees Cardinal (original conjunction to Pluto occurred in December prior to her retrograde period, opening square on May 15 and her opposition occurred near the New Moon in Leo on July 28). For a full review of her dance with Pluto thus far, you can find the write up here. Venus also meets Mercury Rx via conjunction on Oct 17 at 22 degrees Libra.

Putting Venus' movements into the rest of our Libra season scene (which are pretty important given Venus rules this sign while the Sun in Libra is in Fall), as Venus makes her closing square with Pluto in Capricorn, we will be also be experiencing a Full Moon Eclipse spanning from Libra to Aries. Oh...did I forget to mention that? Why, yes, Venus and Pluto will fill in a Cardinal t-square during the eclipse each falling at 11 degrees Cardinal (eclipse occurs at 15 degrees Cardinal). By the way, Uranus in Aries is also tightly in this eclipse too, while Chiron in Pisces will be within orb of an inconjunct.

At the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on Oct. 23, Venus will be at 0 degrees Scorpio. Wait...isn't the New Moon eclipse AT 0 degrees Scorpio? Um...yep. Venus officially catches up with the Sun on Oct. 25 but the Moon passes over Venus first before finding the Sun on the 23rd (conjunction of Moon to Venus 5:13 PM with the New Moon eclipse occurring at 5:58 PM). Well. I'll be dipped. She's certainly a player folks!
Also, between eclipses, Venus sits at the top of a Kite from Oct 11 all the way until she finally meets Mars by sextile on Oct 20. From here, she directs and connects the waning Fire Trine.

What was it I was saying yesterday about deciding what it was you STILL wanted and realizing you have the power to drive the train to get you there? And what a gorgeous train ride THAT would be? In the middle of October? As the Autumn leaves are peaking? I've actually had the privilege to do that once. Magnificent and beautiful experience.

I don't know how any other Libran natives feel, but I'm liking the fact that my Sun's ruler is so active AND in her home sign at my Solar Return. Libra gets a bit of a kiss even if some of us will have a big honking Full Moon eclipse in our charts. Many will have that nice little Venus kite within orb during their return. too. No way I'm complaining. Not when our polar opposite Aries friends all got stuck with their Sun's ruler in detriment and retrograde in every stinking one of their returns. Nope. I'll take this placement with a “Thank you very much, Universe! I'm going to draw on this lovely Venusian energy all year!”

Ahh, but back to today. The morning starts out slow but picks up speed rather quickly. It would be a good idea to make a short list of things you want to do in the morning and spend the rest of the day actively checking things off. It may be hard to sit in one place as the Moon passes through the Fire Trine this evening. So, if you can get outside and move around this evening, do so. Enjoy these pleasant fall days. Scurry around preparing for colder weather (the squirrels are busy doing it!). The urge and energy to move will certainly be present. Burning some of that off before bedtime may even help you rest more peacefully tonight. An early evening barbeque and a nice bonfire with your friends as the sun goes down has wonderful potential for tonight too, if you can fit that in.