Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 28, 2014

If you felt heaviness due to the Moon in Scorpio waxing into conjunction with Saturn on Saturday, know that pressure is waning today. The conjunction from Moon to Saturn occurred at midnight overnight.

Today, the Moon waxes into sextile with practical Venus in Virgo (4:32 PM) during her last full day in the sign. After the Moon reaches Venus, she becomes Void until entering Sagittarius at 6:51 PM EDT.
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The Sagittarius Moon's first encounter is a square to Neptune in Pisces (4:43 AM on Monday morning).

This is a good day for rest and relaxation according to the Moon. So, if you find yourself in need of one of those, here you go.

But (Dammit Josi, is there always a but?), let me tell you a little bit about what I've been observing lately. I'm seeing a lot of emotional heaviness. I'm seeing many stuck in indecision. I'm seeing some getting smacked around in attempts to finally...once and for all...move forward. In light of those smacks, I'm seeing some people give up or contemplating giving up. I'm also seeing that longer a person sits under this black cloud of heaviness, the darker and heavier it gets.
Yeah. And, that's all I've got to say about that

The solution? Move. Peel yourself off the couch or out of the bed and move. Seriously, it is just that simple. Get out of your head and into your physical body. I know if you are sitting under this cloud right now that going out in public or relinquishing your grasp on despair and disappointment is likely the last thing you want to do. But, in the back of your mind, what you REALLY want to do is still lingering around reminding you of all the reasons why you should be pulling the covers up over your head.

At the same time, I'm seeing others break free. Not everyone is stuck under this cloud. What this tells me is there is a way out...yes, even for you.

Take a walk back in time with me for a minute. In January of this year, we experienced Venus Rx in Capricorn and Mars' entrance into Libra. Yuck. And. Yuck, basically. But, what was happening then is we had an opportunity to note how we could build around our value systems and we discovered how stable the framework around our money and relationships was...or not with Venus.

Mars was showing us all kinds of stuff in his ridiculously LOOOONG passage through Libra. Plans were foiled. Some partnerships failed. Some partnerships encountered role reversals (shoes switched feet). Yet, SOME partnerships held together through all this and were actually strengthened. Anyone learn anything from any of that?

There were eclipses in the spring. Some of these events (Mars Rx, the eclipses, etc) manifested illness, injuries or blockages of another kind. Many were stuck in place as the eclipses roared in and gave us a lot of news of things we really couldn't do anything about. The mud and the plot thickened.

THEN, the tides rose washing in emotions from seemingly nowhere. More illness and blockages emerged as Mars (FINALLY) moved into Scorpio only to run into Saturn.

Mars in Scorpio brought angst for some but determination, endurance and forbearance for others. And, then, there was Jupiter that tricky little dicky. When Jupiter left Cancer, many thought the emotional washout was over. But, as Jupiter moved into an inconjunct with Neptune in Pisces, many were unexpectedly washed out again. That aspect waned away and we continued to look at the sky thinking...alright, when is that window going to open because I'm going to jump through it.

Windows did open in the last month or so as Mars left his contact with Saturn. But, then, he immediately was sucked underwater with a square to Neptune. People were still holding onto their plans with little shards of hopefulness. How many times were we stopped in our tracks so that we had to evaluate, truly, what it was that we wanted to do and whether or not it was worth it? How many times were stopped and asked to redefine our plans? How many times were we tasked with opposition from others and foiled by our responsibilities toward others in a way that kept us from moving forward? How many times were we emotionally swamped to a degree that not only we could we not address those plans but we really didn't care? Lots. And, lots and lots.

The year was so intense that some people did not make the complete journey. People died under these skies leaving us behind in the mud as we mourned, wallowed and wondered, “Truly, what IS the point?”

Pluto in Capricorn tore stuff down. Uranus in Aries blew things up. Global news became more and more distressing. The ground literally shook beneath our feet. Personal priorities changed. The circumstances of life shifted in ways we could have never anticipated. We saw leadership fall. We discovered just exactly the level of mistrust at which we held our governments and established systems. Martyrs were born through public beheadings, kidnappings and murders. Athletes fell from being stars and heroes into being killers and abusers. Police and those in authority were revealed, in many instances, to be part of the oppressive problem. Doctors were revealed to be pill pushers. Corporations were revealed to be thieves. And, the entire time we were looking around thinking “What the actual frack is going on here?” We were tasked with acknowledging our own accountability in the midst of it. We discovered there was a common thread in all of this. People. People are news reporters. People are politicians. People make up corporations. People are police officers. People are thieves and killers. A small percentage of people are making things insufferable for an even larger group of people. And, we are people. How could anyone detach from that fact? Yet, quietly there was also a realization that “If people did this, then surely people can change this and I AM A PEOPLE.”

Yet, as we discovered this, we still mourned. We felt more ineffective. We felt more powerless. We were pissed off and there wasn't a darn thing anyone could do about it but the effects upon our emotional bodies were undeniable.

Still yet, changes were made. In the US, rights to marriage grew. We still have a few states lingering behind. But, the pressure from the rest of the country is mounting for these states to come up off of their outdated prejudices. We were shown that racism, sexism and all the other isms were still buried in the psyche even though many think it is a thing of the past. It was still being perpetrated in homes and in lives across not only our country but the entire world.

People stood up to police. People stood up to corporations. People stood up in the midst of all of this. Differences have been made all while revelations of “MORE CHANGE IS NEEDED” popped up in our personal lives and on the global stage. Indeed, we still have a long way to go.

We, on the large part, accepted all of this. We endured it. We were personally affected by it in ways many didn't expect. Collectively, we began to care and had a great desire to take action. So, as this recent window opened and hope seemed to shine through once again, we began standing on our shaky legs and tried to move forward again. Some progressed and others got knocked down again hitting the ground with an exasperated “Ok. You win. I give up.”

I can read back through all the things I've written just now and pull out one thing. What part of “doing things they way they always have been done AIN'T CUTTING IT” did we not get?

Well, change is tough. Much of what we have endured has been excruciating. Yet, even if we may be hiding under the covers in our beds, we are still here...leftovers in this new world.

We need creative and inventive answers to deal with our lives and in light of the destruction we have have witnessed. Hmmm...creative and inventive answers. That sounds a lot like something Jupiter in Leo (creative) and Uranus in Aries (inventive) can address. Grab your map and your compass because the world is brand new (with some old crust that remains to fall off) and we, the leftovers, get to pioneer her new foundations. And, our North Node and all the action we've had in Libra (Mars retrograde, Mercury soon to be retrograde) and with Venus (retrograde in Capricorn), says we've got to figure out a way to work together.

Are you still trying to build in the Old World? Or are your plans equipped to handle the fluctuations of the old crumbling away in light of something new? Do you still want what you wanted at the beginning of the year? Or has that picture changed a bit? Have your priorities changed?

My priorities have changed. But, still yet, the picture of “what I want” has not. I'm still holding on to one or two things for which I still have great ambition. Looking back over my intentions for the year, there are some that I repeated over and over and over all the way up until our most recent New Moon. And, yep, I stood up on my shaky legs, determined to continue hacking my way through the wilderness in an effort to obtain these things and got smacked right back down. Or at least, that's what I thought.

I spent a day being discouraged. The words, “Ok, I give up.” slipped out of my mouth. I managed to shake that off and instead of trying to fight the smack down, I let it take me down and as I did I fostered a sense of acceptance saying, “Ok. This is how things are. There is no denying it. But, I still want THIS. So, how can I navigate in spite of it?”

I had to get creative. Really creative. I think many of us have lost touch with how to do that. However, do you think any of our genius inventors of the past ever accomplished anything by 1) doing things the way they had always been done 2) giving a crap about those who said what they wanted to do couldn't be done 3) not failing numerous times before finally...FINALLY...reaching the point of EUREKA? Nope. Do you think, if we were able to ask any of these people if their efforts were worth it, they would say, “No.” Ya think they would tell you it was easy? Hell no it wasn't easy and that is part of what made that FINAL success worthwhile!

All of this is where we were. Where we are now is staring down the barrel of a Mercury retrograde, two more eclipses and a fire trine with Jupiter, Uranus and Mars. That fire trine is going to poke at people. We are going to, again, want to move forward. Unexpected opportunities are going to arise during this time. Some, in their desperation, are going to jump on the first train that comes along carrying the baggage of their “wants” with them even if the train isn't going in that direction.

Those that jump on those trains that are not consistent with the path and in the direction they want to go are likely going to find out that all they did was derail themselves as Mercury finishes his backward trek in the sky. However, those that are able to control their drive are going to wait for the train that fits their destination even if the other trains look really tempting. NO ONE is going to want to sit motionless. And, if you choose to do that (sit still), then the heaviness in the sky is going to keep bearing down. The black cloud is going to get bigger. And, as trains leave the station, those that sit are going to be left behind, again. Those that jump too hastily are going to end up somewhere they never intended to be. But those who have a strong sense of what they want and where they want to be and can hold their movements until the RIGHT opportunity (train) comes along because they are NOT willing to compromise that will be the first to set foot upon new land. And, as Saturn enters Sagittarius, these travelers will be the ones making the new maps, the new rules, the new philosophies.

So now, the question remains. What is it that you want that you have held onto this entire year? How bad do you want it? Your actions will define this. And, define it you should because the Universe is ridiculously impartial. You jump on that first train that comes along and the Universe is going to take you to that destination. You sit still and the Universe is going to let you sit there in your despair and misery. Once you realize that Universe is not punishing us. God didn't do this to us. People are the common thread here and YOU ARE a people...a creator of your own life...well, then you are also going to realize there is a bit of power in that. Then, you realize you are not riding a train; you are steering it.

Any experienced train conductors in the audience? Gulp. Yeah, me neither. And, the realization of “I've got the power of a locomotive under my control and I'm embarking upon on a new journey (Mars in Sagittarius) to personal freedom (Uranus in Aries) and I'm going to have to engage every bit of my own wisdom and creativity (Jupiter in Leo) to get there just as Mercury goes retrograde” is kinda intimidating. How does one travel under a Mercury retrograde? Is that even advisable?

Sure it is.

First, you check your equipment and recheck it, again. Your equipment is your body. It needs to be well cared for you to steer this train. It also needs to be well fueled so make sure you don't put any GMO garbage in your tank. You read the directions more than once and sometimes you have to write your own directions because this is brand new territory. It takes time, diligence, analysis, cooperation, collaboration and patience. You have to be emotionally sober and stable. No drunken train conductors, please. So, employ what Jupiter in Cancer taught you...that water levels and emotional states are important factors in EVERYTHING. So be mindful and give credence to your emotional body and it's needs during this journey. Rewind and rewrite the story as you go. Are you going to drive your train over someone else's to get where you need to go? The signal worker says, “That's the OLD way. We no longer allow that in the New World. Thou shall NOT pass.” Instead, you network with other train conductors (Uranus in Aries and NN in Libra).

Know that you will have to steer your train around the trains of others and you cannot blast through obstacles on your path. You are going to have to switch tracks from time to time to get around them. You will make connections and the NN in Libra encourages you to do that in fostering the new community of “man” (Uranus in Aries). Sometimes, there may not be tracks to where you want to go or the bridge is out (Pluto in Capricorn). So, build one.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign. You can switch directions. Aries is a cardinal sign. You can pioneer it. Leo is a fixed sign, you are who you are and once you know who that it is and accept it then you know exactly what type of equipment you have to work with.

Don't wait for a train driven by someone else to come and pick you up. Yet, feel free to drive your train side by side one another during the time the two (or three or four) of you are going in the same direction building the tracks together as you go. Foster a sense of mutual support and encouragement instead of competition and tug of war. Gather supportive people around you and give the nay sayers ZERO of your energy. Let them sit behind in the crumbling old world with their “I cant's.” Maybe when you prove, “I CAN AND DID” it will inspire them out of their funk of “can't.” Or maybe not. Either way it is not your train's concern.

The big task here is figuring out what it is you want. Then, discerning how badly you want it. Then, of course, learning how to drive this freaking train...which is you (Jupiter in Leo) and realizing that, indeed, it is a huge responsibility (Saturn in Sagittarius) that affects more than just you. And, you CARE about that now (Neptune in Pisces).

100% of it is up to you.

Are you the little engine that could? Or are you completely out of steam? Either way, the train is waiting. You can either steer it, jump on and let someone else drive, leave it to rust and rot or watch it pull out of the station without you. However, YOU choose, I definitely think you can. In the long run, though, what I believe matters very little. What does matter is whether or not YOU think you can.