Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 21, 2014

Our Moon is done with her work in Leo after a quick chat with Mercury overnight (00:24 AM). Now, she naps on the train as she awaits arrival to Virgo Station.

While the Moon sleeps, Venus wanes from an opposition with Chiron right into a stable sextile with Saturn. Expressions of love and appreciation are solid. You can take compliments at face value and perhaps even surprise yourself by staying within your budget this week. At least, some of Virgo's practicality will certainly pay off for Venus as she meets the Schoolmarm from Hell. Be responsible and mature in your relationships today. Be practical with how you spend your money. But, know that the downside of Venus/Saturn can be loneliness. Though, I'd not count this as likely under a void Moon.

By Noon, the Moon arrives in Virgo and spends the rest of the day waxing into a square with Mars in Sagittarius (11:06 PM) and opposition with Neptune (11:08 PM). By 11:39 PM, these 3 planets lock together in a mutable t-square.

I would advise eating light and healthy today because a mutable t-square involving Neptune could equate to a the same feeling you have when you are in the middle of a Teacup ride at Disneyland. Don't go getting Churro on your shoes!

Curiously, am I the only one feeling the pull to purge? Occasionally, I get these urges to just take everything out of my house and start all over again. I'm satisfying that by clearing out gardens, closets, drawers and attics. I'm guessing my family would be upset if the whole interior of the house disappeared. Either way, the pull to clear out is very prominent to me. And, it serves this mutable square nicely. Put (Mars) the mess (Neptune) in order (Virgo). “THE WHOLE BIG THING-- LETS OVERDO IT ALL!!” Says Sagittarius. “I'm sorry, but, could we have some wine and music while we work,” pleads Pisces. “You must eat something first and stay within moderation!” Virgo Moon chimes in.

At least, that's what I'm hearing from all this. But, plenty of uses exist for this energy aside from the obvious (you know, dressing up in a nurse's costume (Virgo) and having your partner pretend (Neptune) he is an angry (Mars) patient from some foreign (Sagittarius) country with a delectable accent and you have to show him some serious (Saturn) care (Venus)) That was obvious, right?

A workout and a hot bath works too.

Whatever you do, steer away from guilt, shame and worry. Steer yourself toward sweating that stuff out. Again, with the Hot Yoga, sweat lodges, etc. This time is perfect for purges of that nature. Even Venus/Saturn approves and supports you in working toward being a stronger even more adorable you.

Plus, in these days of Mars/Neptune, spiritual work, prayer go a very long way.