Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 19, 2014

This morning we awake to an ever darkening Moon in Leo. Her first job is to check in with Mars in Sagittarius (6:41 AM EDT). This trine occurs at 3 degrees and 43 minutes of fire. Mars is a mere 2 degrees away from perfecting in square to Neptune.

Normally with a Moon in trine to Mars, it is easy to get motivated. However, with Mars waxing into square with Neptune and the Moon waxing into an inconjunct with Neptune (10:32 AM), drive may be a bit of an elusive thing.

One concept I like to remember when dealing with Mars and Neptune is that you cannot fist fight the King of the Seas. He throws wave upon wave upon wave upon you. Punching at them is fruitless. You can swing your arms in defense and fight and struggle all you want. Eventually, your body will tire and those waves will drag you under until you are forced to stop fighting and, instead, surrender and release.

Surrender and release are ridiculously hard for some. Especially those of us with heavy Pluto and/or Cardinal energies. But, when Neptune is involved control and the ability to forcefully direct anything become elusive.

HOWEVER, once you relax into the rhythms of the waves and allow them to carry you, you can then use your body to propel you forward much like a swimmer or even a motorboat. You can still move, but moving in the water is much different than moving on the Earth.

In water, there is resistance and flow to deal with. Once you conquer surrendering to that, once you give up fighting the natural flow, then it is possible to steer yourself in the direction you wish to go...even if you may need to move sideways (working with the tides) to get there.

If you continue to thrash and wail in fear or in an effort to control the tides (which you cannot do) then Neptune will sit patiently until all the fight has left your body weak and subsequently swallow you up. Guess what? You end up floating either way...either lifeless and exhausted or ready to swim.

Our Leo Moon spends most of the day sitting at the top of a Yod created between Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune/Chiron in Pisces.

Pluto and Neptune have been working together via sextile for ages. Right now, Pluto is tearing down old structures within our physical world that no longer serve us. Neptune is bringing forward waves of emotion and compassion while Chiron in Pisces is showing that not only are we connected through Universal Love, but also through our collective pain. With all of these entities coming into contact with a Moon in Leo, we may see exactly how this Pluto/Neptune/Chiron stuff is affecting us on a personal level and how it may be affecting our children.

These are fairly deep and disturbing energies affecting our playful Leo Moon who (when in trine to Mars) wants so badly to move forward.

I will also remind you we are in a waning moon phase. We are still releasing and shedding as we move toward our New Moon in Libra that occurs next week. One good way to purge/release during a Leo Moon is to use the emotions that are brought forth to create. Put those “inner demons” into a medium through art (painting, writing, collage). Then, you can burn them if you wish to purge them from your system.

The main thing, however, is to give in or surrender to how you feel. Don't try to fight it. Express it in a productive way and then let it go.
Moon trine Mars 6:41 AM

Moon inconjunct Neptune 1032 AM

Moon inconjunct Pluto 9:25 PM

Moon inconjunct Chiron 5:10 AM tomorrow