Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 17, 2014

This morning we wake up to a very active Moon in Cancer. At 9:05 AM EDT, she will perfect in opposition to Pluto Rx in Capricorn. By 4:55 PM, she is trine Chiron and in waxing trine with Saturn in Scorpio (1:44 AM). Meanwhile, Venus is still holding in opposition to Chiron (2:31 PM) as the Moon meets her by sextile at 5:12 PM. This creates a Kite with Venus at the Apex.

Venus is also still holding an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries (9:20 PM). At 5:39 PM, Moon meets Uranus by square.

Mars, newly in Sagittarius, meets Uranus in Aries by sesquiquadrate and continues to wax in square to Neptune in Pisces. Mercury in Libra has passed over the North Node in Libra and holds a sesquiquadrate of its own with Neptune. In a natal chart, these aspects can indicate “Freedom in commitment” and “a need to stand up for yourself.” For more on this aspect in a natal chart, you can click here.

Looking at this, all together, the Moon is sensitized today. The water trine makes emotion accessible and Moon in Cancer brings a heightened sense of emotional awareness. Venus is sensitized too, but, lodged in a grounded and practical place where she has opportunity to assist the Moon in working through any heavy emotions lingering from her opposition with Pluto or that may emerge from her square to Uranus.

The Kite can equate to a self-evaluation/dialogue that will prompt you to assess how you feel while subsequently putting plans together in an effort to get from where you are to where you want to be. Virgo grounds Cancer while Cancer softens Virgo's tendency toward criticism. Forgiveness can be exchanged between warring parties. Plans can be put in place to assist with healing the collective wounding. But, very little of this occurs without first getting in touch with the waters (emotions) that surround the situation.

Mars is becoming increasingly softened and blurred with the waxing square to Neptune. And, he realizes that Freedom does come at a price...not necessarily a price that calls for people to die. But a price that holds each individual up to a standard of commitment to the common good. I know. I know. It's much easier to just wipe out your enemies than it is to negotiate with them. Frankly, though, that is soooooooooo early 1900's.

Mercury in Libra is wonderful at the negotiating table because he understands each side of the coin, strives for fairness and balance with a sense of justice firmly in place. While in aspect to Neptune, he encourages everyone to speak up and illustrate their point. This information delivered under this aspect as you “speak up for yourself” will be re-visited, re-hashed, misunderstood, flipped around and looked at from every perspective as Mercury moves forward into his shadow and eventually turning retrograde. It's a very long path ahead, for sure.

Taking this energy off the world stage and bringing it down to an individual level, it could equate to a tribal meeting where past hurts and transgressions are dealt with in an effort to heal the past wounding and move forward. The unit of family, home and relationship is at priority. Information will be collected and laid on the table for examination in an effort to decide if the unit can or should stay together, or if it's best to just cash in the chips and go peacefully into separate directions. Either way, many will embark upon plans about how to move forward in a supportive manner instead of a hurtful one. In the BEST case scenario, that is.

Worst case scenario involves the fact that Mercury is in his shadow but still wants to speak up. Venus in Virgo is picking absolutely everything she can about her partnerships to bits because of their lack of perfection. Mars is bound and determined to do something big and decides to commit to something himself as he sips on a bottle of Jack. And, the Moon cries as every shelter from the storm she has created for the ones she loves begins to slip away due to lack of cooperation.

It's a pretty dynamic day that will spiral events which will increase in importance as Mercury continues his shadow journey. It might be a good idea to try to step out with the right foot in the very beginning. In order to do that, you must decide which direction you would like for things to go.