Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 14, 2014

I cannot lie. Ok, yes, I can. Rather eloquently. But, the following is not an eloquent lie. While the Moon was Void in Taurus yesterday, I pigged out. Hardcore.

I've no shame about it. I am Aquarius rising with Sun conjunct Uranus. It was, of course, a science experiment (testing the VOC Moon). Most of my life is a science experiment. I'm always testing stuff and then evaluating the results. Taking notes and comparing them. It's what I do.

I also like to make up my own rules (again with the Sun/Uranus and a sprinkling of Jupiter/Pluto). When I was a fitness instructor, I had a long list of “Eating for fitness” rules that I presented to my students.
Josi's basic rules for Eating for Fitness
  1. Anything you eat at work doesn't count
  2. Anything you eat while standing up doesn't count
  3. Anything you eat on a National holiday or on your birthday doesn't count
  4. Cake is sacred
  5. Only Satan skips breakfast
  6. Eating six small meals a day is cheaper and less painful than stomach stapling

These rules have been tried and tested. Trust me. Also, did you know that your body continues to burn calories even after you stop working out? What a great time to eat a chocolate bar!

This is just an example of the way I truly enjoy making my own rules. It's also a way that I share said rules in an effort to empower others to do the same. People would come to my class, knowing my rules and add their own. It was great! And, you know, it took a big part of the pressure off of trying to fit a non-airbrushed body into the ideal of beauty of the day. HA! We laugh at your preset standards!

That mentality, right there, is going to make a lot more sense as we move closer to the fire trine between Mars in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. People that lock into this energy may obtain the mentality of “I HAVE to do WHAT? Hell, you say. Don't tie me down. Don't tell me what to do. I'm pretty sick of listening to what you say I HAVE to do. Because, I DON'T!”

This isn't really bad news for the populace at large. However, I'm putting the warning out now to those who flounder around like endless sucking pits of need or albatrosses. I've a feeling your days are numbered. Mars isn't in enduring and sometimes self-punishing Scorpio anymore. It's in “get your dead weight off of me” Sagittarius and soon to meet up with “I can do it on my own” Uranus in Aries and good “ol' bachelor me” Jupiter in Leo. Ties, ropes and dead weight will be cut. People will struggle to get free from the burdens they have toted around since the beginning of the year. And, hungry dependent mouths will remain pursed in panic as their once endless stream of teat milk is cut short.

This morning, though, we wake up to Moon in Gemini just leaving an opposition with Mars in Sagittarius. She will link up a mutable t-square between Venus in Virgo (square at just after midnight) and Neptune in Pisces (1:05 PM EDT). All the while, Venus will be dancing with the Lord of the Underworld becoming stronger and more fortified by a trine at 10:32 AM.

When I first looked at the aspects, I thought last night and the entirety of today would be excellent for a gathering of friends around a bonfire with a little music and perhaps a little moonshine mixed in. Yes, that can be liquid moonshine or the kind that rains down from our currently waning moon.
Indeed. Let it burn

Socializing fits nicely with both our Moon and her current ruler, Mercury in Libra. Storytelling around a bonfire fits nicely with Mars in Sagittarius. And, the music and drink play nicely with both Venus and Neptune.

I plan to burn garden scrap and then place the ashes in the soil for more rich results next year (Venus trine Pluto). Lightness. Easiness. Relaxation. Unwinding. Socialization and finally getting your story out there to be heard are themes for the day.

Yes, there could be tears. That is always a possibility with Moon square Neptune. Look! There's a tear floating in my beer right now.

PS: It is also a good day for what I call "Wind Therapy" which can equate to straddling a big thumping motorcycle and taking off into the wind (sans alcohol, of course) OR jumping in the car, rolling down the windows and turning the music WAAAAAAAY up.