Morning Star: Daily Astrology for September 10, 2014

I am obsessed, to a degree, with barns. My obsession grew when my family moved to a farm when I was about 13 and we had our own barn. Nightly, I would go out into this barn with my little boom box (because that's what we called them) and dance and sing until I was dripping with sweat and exhausted.

All teenagers do that, right?

Either way, it was a ritual for me. Now, I do less dancing and singing in barns; but, I am drawn to them just as I've always been.

This little fact meant nothing to me other than pointing out another way that I am generally weird.

However, in my 30's I began learning a bit about my heritage. Apparently my great-grandmother was an Apostolic preacher in the early 1900's. Take a minute and let that sink in, Ok? That's great-grandMOTHER, not grandfather...preaching in the early 1900's. Mmmhmmm.

My great-grandmother was also a midwife who rode on horseback to spend weeks at a time with delivering mothers and their families often only in exchange for food to bring back to her own children. I also think it is interesting to note that I never had the chance to meet this lady. She died when I was very young.

However, I do now know that in her local area they called her Screaming Sister Sadie. She got this name because it was routine for her to make nightly rituals to the family barn where she spent the evening screaming and whirling in prayer until she had exhausted herself. She also held her church services in this same barn.

Did I mention I am also a firm believer in what I call “genetic memory?” Because, I am.

Pluto and Jupiter (among other aspects like Mars/Uranus and Moon/Neptune) run thick in my family's astrology. From Sister Sadie on my father's side of the family to my maternal great-grandfather who I've only recently learned was a teacher. Teachers and preachers. While I have MC in Sagittarius and Mercury in Scorpio in the 9th house.

Thing is, religion was not a topic up for discussion in my house growing up. My father was, of course, raised Baptist/Apostolic. My mother, however, came from a background of Catholics. I, however, have always had a ridiculous curiosity about religion and would beg to attend churches with my friends as a child.

I have NEVER understood why religion seemed to be such a mysterious thing on both sides of my family; but, MAN has it ever been a touchy subject. I “get it” a little more now that I know a bit more about the backgrounds of each; but, I still don't get why, even today, no one really wants to talk about it. Moreover, what I learned from my early experiences in regard to religion and my family is that it is a really good idea for Josi to just keep her mouth shut about it because I have a tendency to ask questions that make people extremely nervous.

Ironically, my parents are divorced now. My mother has joined a Catholic church and is further exploring the roots of her family's religion. My father has joined a Baptist congregation and serves as a youth pastor. And, I'm sitting over here thinking, “Where were you guys when I was getting tossed out of Bible School for asking why God was so lonely?”

I mean, he had to be lonely if he created humans just in an effort to get someone to love him, right? At least that is the conclusion that my 5-10 year old mind came too. I also came to the conclusion that the reason I wasn't allowed to eat in the bathroom was because the food went through your feet and fed the Devil. This is what happens when you don't give a curious minded child answers. No one could tell me it was due germs? Really?

Anyway, all of this does relate to the Astrology we have today. The concepts of genetic memory, self-discovery and the questions that may have a tendency to make other's uncomfortable.

Pluto and Jupiter are still holding in a quincunx or inconjunct. The Moon in Aries will touch upon both of these planets (square to Pluto at 1:32 PM EDT and trine to Jupiter at 3:22 PM) while also poking Mercury in Libra by opposition at 3:26 PM. At the same time, Mercury is still holding in square to Pluto and waxes into sextile with Jupiter 2:38 PM.

Venus is sitting right in the middle of Mercury and Jupiter from Virgo in opposition to Neptune (6:52 AM) in Pisces while he is retrograde. She is scurrying around separating fact from fiction in an attempt to put the pieces together.

And, I laugh whenever I think about it. But, THEN the Moon hits Uranus by conjunction and KABOOOM or LIGHTBULB. Oh my gosh.....THAT'S IT! And, then, the lights on the Moon go out (she reaches Void status) all while tipping the Apex of a Yod overnight with Saturn in Scorpio and the Sun in Virgo.

Who are you? Who were you? Better yet, who are we? I'll tell you the answer I keep getting ...ONE NATION. ONE TRIBE. WE WERE NOT BORN DIVIDED.

You can take that for what it is. But, know there is great opportunity for WOW revelations that you will have an opportunity to sit with overnight.

Tomorrow is a long Void Moon Day. But, today, minds and bodies are moving...not to mention mouths.