Full Moon in Pisces: Brayden's Hippobottomness

Brayden is our neighbor's eldest grandchild. I have several Brayden's in my life. My eldest grandson and my nephew share this name as well.

A name is about all these boys share because other than that, they are nothing alike.

Hope is bottomless

Brayden from next door is about 7 years old. But, he acts much older than his age. On our street there are several children older than Brayden but he is the mother hen to them all. He watches over and directs Josiah (his younger cousin) protectively and gently. All I can figure is the child has some serious Capricorn/Cancer energy happening in his chart. However, I've no birth data to support that.

I think what I like most about both of these boys is the level at which they can take their imagination. Neither one has much interest in video games or sitting indoors with the television. They would much rather be outside making up magical worlds and imaginary scenarios.

Josiah has a tendency to get lost in these worlds. I've no birth data for him either but, ahem, Pisces. Most definitely.

Brayden, however, can switch from the imaginary to real world in the blink of an eye if he senses danger or that Josiah is doing something a bit too steeped in dream. One second he is calling the Space Center on his imaginary phone to tell them about the aliens they have found. The next, he is gently raising his voice toward Josiah to warn him about playing too close to the road. He can flip that switch with ease and never fully looses touch with the ground beneath his feet no matter how far out his imagination takes him.

Brayden is smart too. His vocabulary exceeds that of many of adults I know. Plus, he has practical skills as well. The child enjoys cooking, farming and fishing. And, believe me, he has no problem giving direction to the adults in his life who are partaking in any of his favorite activities. The child has given me farming tips all summer. And, funny thing is, his knowledge is spot on.

All of these things I know about Brayden made his gifts to my husband and I even more appropriate.

Brayden had participated in a fund raiser at school. As a result of that, he had earned the right to choose two prizes for his work. He chose two hippopotami (gosh, it would have been easier to just type hippos).

On his visit over the weekend, he decided that Ox and I should become the caretakers of these hippobottomnesses (as Josiah eloquently called them). Well, wouldn't you know that I had recently taken notice of hippos showing up in collective symbolism. Check out the recent stories!

Pygmy Hippopotamus born in Sweden

Hippo sculpture floats through London

NCIS sued over farting hippo puppet

10 South Africans killed while carving roadkill hippopotamus

All of these stories have taken place since Aug 26. Whenever there is a surge of animal symbolism like this on the news, I typically pay attention. When there is animal symbolism like this on the news and that symbol ends up manifesting in my everyday life, I really pay attention.

Hippos spend daytime floating around in water. They are known as water or river horses. Their eyes and snout are set high enough on top of their heads that they can submerge their entire body in the water but still see above the waves and breathe (much like a crocodile or alligator). They can also hold their breath underwater for as long as five minutes.

At night, the Hippos emerge from their watery retreat and graze upon plants and vegetation. They are not typically aggressive...unless you decide to mess with their children. A mother hippo protecting her young is a ferocious mess that you don't want anything to do with. I've also heard hippos make wonderful dancers :) Perhaps they are practicing water ballet under the surface.

Because hippos routinely traverse from land to water and back again, their symbolism dictates that they represent living between both the ethereal/emotional/spiritual world of water and the grounded practical world of Earth.

Ina Wolcott writes on the symbolism of hippo, “When you have fully developed these abilities, you will have an innate ability to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation. You will see and speak truth and demand that others respect that truth

If this is your power animal, your higher sensibilities will be awakened, activating lucid dreaming and spirit contact. You will be shown how to be adept in these. Learning to control powerful creative energies is the lesson taught you by the Hippo. “

Well, I can strongly relate to all of that on a personal level. And, looking at it from the perspective of the collective and seeing that I have personally witnessed several “awakenings” to Spirit or “something else out there." I would say there are several (due this)who could use the hippo's medicinal magic.

As a matter of fact, I just had a conversation yesterday with someone who has become newly aware of the Woo and cautioned them, “You can become drunk or lost in the world of the ethereal. It is very important to keep one foot in the water and the other on land. Don't be afraid to explore the depths, but don't forget there is a physical world that you must adhere to as well.”

I jump rope with the line between the physical and ethereal all the time. And, I don't think this is uncommon practice for anyone that does the type of work I do. But, balancing one energy against the other is important in functioning in this life. All Earth and no water will cause someone to loose touch with the beauty found in the ethereal realms. Life lacks due to this, I believe. However, all water and no Earth and a person can become lost in confusion and completely fall out of touch with the reality of everyday life rendering them lost or even (at the most severe cases) mentally ill.

This polarity is the beauty of the axis found between Virgo and Pisces. When my nebulous Pisces Moon drifts off directionless, it can always turn to my Venus in Virgo (square Saturn in Gemini and sextile Mercury in Scorpio), for help. That Venus has made a to do list somewhere. And, if I can just find it, I'll be right on track and regain my sense of direction.

At the same time, I've noticed that this Full Moon also has a lot to do with drawing boundaries around ones household. Over the past week, I've stomped my big hippo foot several times uttering the words, “Not in my house you won't.” Each time, these words were said in a protective manner in an effort to protect my family's integrity (even though a couple of times it was mistaken as protecting my pride).

I was greatly empowered by a video I watched of Oprah describing times she had watched Maya Angelou re-direct someone who was doing or saying something in her home that was unacceptable. Maya never raised her voice and stomped her foot. But, she would firmly say, “No. Not in my house.” And, her words were respected.

Sometimes I loose sight of the fact that I have the authority to do that in my own home. I know that doesn't make sense to some, but remember, I have a Pisces Moon square Neptune. Sometimes my authority and boundaries around “home” (Moon) can be nebulous (Neptune). No worries, though. I'm finding it.

To tie all this together in regard to this Full Moon, realize if people around you are waking up to the fact that “something else is out there” (and Science is quickly picking up on the fact that it is), then you...the person reading this, are one step ahead of them and will be called to stand as an example of how to exist healthfully in both worlds.

Also realize you have the right to set boundaries and make declarations in regard to both your Spiritual space and your home. Not only do you have that right, but it is also important that you exercise it. You don't have to be forceful or aggressive. You can be firm and solid without causing mass destruction.

You also have the right (and responsibility) to respect and honor the boundaries of others in regard to their spiritual space and home. You can stand fully in your understanding next to someone who has a different type of understanding and it DOES NOT have to be a thing. You can foster a mutual respect while in disagreement. Yeah. That's a big lesson the world needs to learn.

Don't forget the powerful releasing magic of the Abbada de kabra and the message of the Luna Moth