Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 9, 2014

The drums are still calling in the distance. I heard them earlier this week. They still persist. I believe the drumming is the call of the Full Moon. Distant drumming calling us to return to our tribe.

This morning, we wake up to a Void Capricorn Moon that becomes an active Aquarius Moon at 9:53 AM EDT.

Overlaying the day, like a heavy wet blanket, we have Sun in Leo perfecting in square to Saturn in Scorpio at 11 AM. This is heavy and serious. It can bring to mind all your responsibilities and task lists for you to examine and weigh against the fun you could have instead. You can balance this out. Work a little. Play a little. Though, it can be hard to soften Sun/Saturn enough to play to begin with. That aspect is not going to be happy just playing. Something needs to be accomplished. Something on a list somewhere needs to be checked off. That's going to distract from any potentially fun plans. So, just do it and be done with it.

Moon in Aquarius opposes Jupiter later tonight at 6:45 PM. So, getting work done this morning bodes well with feeling lighter by this afternoon. Then, around 11 PM tonight, the Moon squares off with Mars in Scorpio. This can be a feeling of ambiguity, a notion that you are working at cross purposes, an argument could be feeling a bit Either way, its nothing to get to bent out of shape about.

In the meantime, our Full Moon continues to build. I saw her peeking out between the cloud cover last night. And, her message To me, the word community is our modern version of tribe. In this day of technology, a person's community can encompass people from foreign lands.

This is the FIRST TIME in our history that people can so easily connect with others who are not in close proximity to them selves. The telephone connected local tribes. But, in the beginning of the telephones history, international calls were an expense and a rarity. Today, though, we casually connect with people in different cultures, foster interpersonal relationships with them and incorporate them into our tribe or sense of community.

This full moon is prompting us to reach out to that “community”...however you define that, and offer up what we possess that is truly an expression of ourselves. On the Leo New Moon, we held the baby lion up to the world. At the Aquarius Full Moon, we return with the babe and his gifts to our tribe and allow him to contribute.

The Aries/Libra axis highlights the Me vs We continuum. The Leo/Aquarius axis illustrates the “I am” versus the “we are” continuum. In Leo, we craft our identities. In Aquarius, we welcome the unique expressions of each of those identities and put each of those special gifts to use in a collective action. You are unique, just like everyone else. You do have special talents and gifts. And, each of these factors contribute to both your sense of community and the type of community that you build for yourself.

At this Full Moon, we are asked 1) who are you and what are your unique gifts 2) share them with the group 3) welcome the gifts of others 4) realize that our uniqueness as individuals loses worth if not expressed and shared amongst those we commune with. We suffer. The group suffers. We flourish, community flourishes. One affects the other infinitesimally. There is a call to balance “I am” with “We are” just as much as there is a call to balance Me against We.

All of this sounds pretty complicated. Find my unique gift? Define my community? Offer said gift to community? Build stuff? What?

It can be as simple as harvesting something from your garden and sharing it with your neighbors. It can be as easy as calling up a friend that is down and offering a caring ear because you are good at listening. Donate food to a food pantry. Or better yet, volunteer some of your time there. Make a date for a video chat with your friend from across the seas. Reach out. Your tribe is calling. We are gathering around the drum taking turns doing our own dances to the rhythm. us your dance so we may cheer you along. How do you contribute to the dance of your tribe?