Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 8, 2014

When I looked ahead at the aspects for August, today stood out to me like a beacon. There is a lot going on.

Today, we wake up to Moon in Capricorn. We still feel the need to be industrious and grounded. In the wee hours of this morning (4:22 AM EDT) the Moon makes her monthly conjunction with Pluto. Neptune and Mars had us swimming in the depths yesterday. The Moon has us lingering there this morning.

The Moon finds Uranus via square around Noon and Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Leo about the same time. Right THERE is the interesting part. Its like the Moon is lodged in these depths with Pluto and all of a sudden Uranus comes in and sticks an electric cord in the water. When our revitalized Moon is shocked out of the dark waters it bubbles up and begins a monologue (Sun/Mercury).

Let's take a look at this. Ok? The Moon in Capricorn will hit Sun/Mercury via inconjunct and Uranus is still in orb of a trine with these two. So, Moon bumps into Uranus and perhaps her ensuing monologue is a bit more offputting than she thought...ok, she didn't think about it. She felt it and her body and mind responded. She may not see (inconjunct) how radical, dramatic and/or inflammatory it is.

Oh. But her audience does. Secretly and somewhat quietly...there is this planet by the name of Pholus floating around Rx in Sagittarius. He is filling in a Grand Fire Trine with our current Uranus, Sun and Mercury.
Pholus was a centaur. Basically what I can derive from his meaning and the effects of his transit is that some little thing that we've thought little about bubbles up and grows into a BIG thing. Think of a bottle of champagne, closed and corked. No big deal, right? Well, shake that baby up and open it then! THAT is one heck of a spewing and uncontrollable it not?

Pholus shakes up the champagne bottle.

“In myth, Pholus is the guardian of a special wine that gets uncorked, creating a temporarily wildly intoxicating and chaotic situation. It can be seen as describing a process that gets “uncorked” or released, and it cannot be put back.” Reinhart says of Pholus: “The lid comes off.”

Back up and look at the set up we have...then consider what a FIRE trine with Pholus right in the middle of that can do.


Yeah..interesting. And, that's not all. Oh no, there's more to today than just that. Uranus is still inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio while Moon hits Saturn via sextile (1:08 PM) and Uranus by square. Not only does the Moon not see how her newly found insight is all the things I just talked about...Uranus doesn't see what his impulsiveness and radical actions are doing to our abilities to trust and build intimacy. I hard is it to attain trust and intimacy with a loose cannon? Pretty tough.

But, the Moon is aware of the effects to our Scorpio right now. She just left a conjunction with Pluto and meets Saturn in Scorpio in supportive aspect. She also has our wounding on a soul level in her consciousness because Saturn and Chiron are still locked in trine. When she sextiles Saturn and squares Uranus, she also sextiles Chiron in Pisces.

All that happens as the Sun and Mercury in Leo perfect in trine to Uranus in Aries at around 4:30 PM. A solid and industrious emotional state gets...poked and before you know it mouths and egos are flying all over the place. Pholus makes what should have been a small thing into a big deal and it bubbles and spews all over the place. But, we are still preaching from our individual soap boxes and are feeling 100% justified. And then......Saturn steps in and says, “You know, I've heard just about enough.”

Mercury meets Saturn by square at 10:50 PM. How was that day of being full of yourself and running your mouth based on your purely egotistical views? Hmmm? SMACK!

Seriously. The Sun is headed for a square with Saturn too. Tomorrow.


On the upswing, if you can consciously grab onto this energy and control your Lion, you could receive quite a bit of illumination and, when delivered properly, make a HUGE positive impact with it. Or, you know, you could NOT do this consciously and spew (Pholus) all over yourself and everyone around you creating one big mess that you are certainly going to get smacked around for later.

Today is SCHWEET for any type of media release. Books. Movies. Something of this nature released during this time could go wildly viral (so could your social media posts) and become culturally iconic.

There is a Full Moon coming. Emotions are HIGH. Ground. Ground. Ground. And ground some more. Breathe deeply and deliberately and PICK YOUR PLATFORM WISELY! Grab a dose of humility before you walk out the door so it isn't force fed to you later. And (as I look in the mirror while typing this to bring the thought down to Earth for me and my 9th house Mercury), put a leash on your mouth unless it needs to be unleashed. Sometimes it does. And, if it does, make sure you do so with consciousness because, if not, the smack down is COMING quick, fast and in a hurry. Sometimes, I refer to the few days before the Full Moon as Planetary PMS. This would be Planetary PMDD. Ok? On crack.

The thing that makes all of this so dodgy is the fact that the Sun and Moon are also inconjunct. Our emotional body is temporarily disconnected from our brain and our ego. Ever wondered how humans act when they are either entirely lunar or entirely without an emotional body? Keep your eyes open because you'll probably have a few opportunities to observe this happening.

Our emotions are in a place of depth. We need stability, structure, to feel responsible and industrious. And, even more so, there is the heaviness of grief in the face of change that is weighing heavily on many right now (Moon to Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Chiron).

Our egos are in their home place. Leo is where the ego is formed. And, in forming this ego and expressing it, we are eager to receive feedback from the outside world. We want to have fun and be creative in our self expression. In our self-discovery we may become self-absorbed or too focused upon our own point of views. However, we've no fear of expressing (Mercury) that because we are shiny new lions (Leo) singing out to the world.

Do you see how these two states existing not only inside one person but currently spread out over the entire world could be kinda..wonky? Internal conflict breeds external conflict. Of which, most people will choose (consciously or unconsciously) one side (Sun or Moon) and subsequently clash with those who choose the other. Some will keep it on an internal level and war within themselves. Some will roar and some will thunder and never realize that what they are saying/thinking was built in a place of pain. Some will cower while some will attempt to overpower. None will think much of it at the time but...its slowly going to bubble into an undeniable “thing” (Pholus) that Saturn will be watering at the mouth to rectify.

Others will be sitting over here next to me with their own bag of popcorn (cuz I'm NOT sharing mine) looking wild-eyed at the world just waiting to see what shakes out over this.

Its a day where we need sturdiness and there is no sturdiness to be found. Nervous conditions can become prominent (anxiety, etc). Take a few minutes and really ground. Unplug. Maintain your boundaries and don't get swept up in someone else's drama...which is more than likely going to be self-created anyway. Breathe. Eat well. Its just one day and a series of quickly passing transits.

Happy Leo Season! Indeed!