Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 4 2014

Today we wake up to Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn (6:29 AM). This aspect can bring you a solid sense of grounding in emotional matters. However, Moon/Saturn/Pluto mixtures are not happy and light. This is solid, stern and serious...sober. This energy can also bring a feeling of heaviness or even depression. Or, provide you with a safe place to land.


But, this Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn is softened a bit by a trine from Moon to Chiron (6:37 AM) and a trine to Venus (1:43 PM). At this point, the Moon enters Void status until entering Sagittarius at 6:19 AM tomorrow.

This is a great day to focus in on work that needs to be done. It is also a great day for taking a break, relaxing and healing. The First Quarter Moon is past and the Full Moon of next week will be moving in. People will likely perk up a little with tomorrow's Sagittarian Moon (after she clears the fog of Neptune). But, most will be contemplating and assimilating what occurred over the weekend. There is a bit of a break from the harsh "in the moment" emotionality of it all. This could also be the day where things finally quiet down enough so we can address our emotions. Tears can happen. And, if they do, let them go. Let it out so you can heal. Don't allow this to fester.

Our newly found drive (Mars) is going to be softening a bit over the next few days. On Thursday, Mars in Scorpio forms a trine with Neptune in Pisces. If you do feel yourself getting sluggish, you can perk up your drive with some motivating music. Otherwise, leave room for nap time this week and DEFINITELY take the time you need to care for yourself.