Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 27, 2014

Venus in Leo squares Mars in Scorpio today at 11:46 AM. However, the Moon isn't engaged at that time. Nothing may come of that square until the Moon enters Libra at 6 PM. But, let me tell you what you might notice.

Interesting relationship survey...from Roto-Rooter?

With the square from Venus to Mars, there could be conflict. But, with the Moon turned off (void until entering Libra at 6 PM EDT), you may find it easier to navigate that conflict because emotionality will likely be low. However, the ability to stand back may disappear as the Moon moves into Libra tonight. Even then, in the face of conflict, Libra is more prone to smile and say everything is “Ok” or "Fine" rather than fight. Emotionality can be smoothed over by a nicey nice face.

Or. Not.
"Sunshine Cleaning" 2009
Nicey nice face isn't going to last forever. Get this stuff on the table now before the Moon jumps over into "kill or be killed" (Scorpio). K? Blood stains are a horrendous thing to get out of the carpet.

See, Libra doesn't like conflict. At. All. This is the sign of mediation and negotiation. The conflict that Libra is not likely to avoid though is the one bred out of injustice. And, there is all kinds of that going on. And, with her ruler (Venus) in square to Mars, this could manifest as a reaction to oppression or imbalance of some sort within a relationship (be it romantic or otherwise).

When relationships become lopsided, Libra gets antsy. Libra Moon needs to feel things are just, fair and balanced. When they aren't? Well. Libra's pretty little mask falls off.

Little known fact. The "U" in Underdogs ring stands for
Uranus in Libra. Who knew, right?
One extreme example, remember the story about the warring mothers? Both claiming the same child? The mediator said, “Well we shall divide the child in half so you can share him equally.”

That dude? The Mediator? Totally a Libra. Black and white. Half for you and half for you. Problem solved.

See. Libra is an Air Sign. It isn't compassionate and empathic like a Water Moon. It is analytical and attempts to intellectualize emotions. So, under this Moon, “fair” can become pretty cut and dry WITHOUT REGARD TO ANYONE ELSE'S ASSESSMENT OF JUSTICE IN THE FACE OF LIBRA'S DETERMINATION OF FAIR.

Ooh, ESPECIALLY true for our Pluto in Libra generation. Fairness and equality within all relationships is a big deal to these folks. I mean, for one thing, we are relationship obsessed. For another, Pluto in Libra has lived through the demolition of “traditional” families and “traditional” parental roles. Everyone before Pluto in Libra has lived through this too. But, for's kind of a thing. We lived in the households where these discussions between our parents about the vast imbalance of responsibilities in the home, unequal pay for equal work and we watched as more non-traditional relationships emerged en masse (lots of us rooted for that...particularly Uranus in Libra).

Part of this generation's job is to rebuild the rules of engagement in light of all of the above. And, to bring this group more to the forefront, we are basically in the midst of our mid-life crises. YAY!
Mmm, Ok. I think we may need a new checklist. Because Pluto in Libra and Pluto and Scorpio did all this when they were like 10. Seriously.

Meaning, we've been hearing about equal rights since birth. Now we are just tired of hearing about it and can't Why isn't this fixed yet?

It isn't fixed because this imbalance existed way before Pluto was ever in Libra and it takes awhile to untangle such a mess. But...guess what. The NN is still in Libra. So, if you have planets there, know that when the conjunction comes from the tr. NN you may be called to model the operation of that planet to assist others in figuring out how to meet the call of the NN (or not). See, when these calls come and we stand as visible examples we get to choose, “Do we want to be a positive example? Or do we want to be an example of what NOT to do?”

For example. NN conjunct Mars in Libra will draw attention to how you actively handle the Libran role. Do you assist in negotiation and making sure each side is heard and represented? Or, do you just try to smooth things over, “Guys, lets not fight. Here. Lets forget all this and eat cake...LOOK CAKE!”

Cake is wonderful and many a successful negotiation was held over plates of food...but, you cannot just treat the symptoms without addressing the cause and core issues. Get in there and do an effective job and quit procrastinating and avoiding conflict. No steam rolling. No cutting people in half. Assertively (Mars) address the relationship (Libra) in an effort to balance in a way that is as fair as possible with both sides.

If conflict arises today, take a step back. Weigh everything out. Look at both sides. If you can't do that (see both sides objectively), then go ask for third or fourth opinions in an effort to get a better understanding. Then, get your rear to the negotiating table.

Mars and Venus are NOT going to want to negotiate. So, you may have to placate them both a little in order to get them to join the discussion without screaming at one another. Mars is going to want to say, “You are DEAD to me” and end the conversation post haste. Venus in Leo is going to want to put on dramatics about how her Love was neglected, overlooked or disregarded. 

Look to the other 2 fixed signs to figure out the best way to employ your temporary Libra power of mediation. Taurus = make sure the parties are as comfortable as possible. Let them know they are each worthy of contributing to the discussion at hand and let them know each opinion has value. Advise them that there is more worth in settling the argument and reaching a compromise than completely leaving the table with the issues unaddressed.

Aquarius = stress the importance of recognizing the value found within unique self-expression. Let the warring parties know they don't have to be carbon copies of one another OR AGREE ON EVERYTHING in order to co-exist. And never forget, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Come out of the immediate moment and consider the future implications of your actions. Avoid “this” conflict and it will come back. Players may be different. But, yes, the conflict will come back. Address it now and WHO KNOWS! You could set a standard by which future conflict can be resolved. Then, you don't have to avoid the next conflict. You can just say, “Please refer to the precedent set on X date.” Yep. Judge and lawyer types use the concept of precedent all the time. How about we set some new ones. Eh?

This conflictual relationship energy is going to hang tightly through this Libra Moon. Get your scales out now! And, I'll just tell you...that little ditty about "all is fair in love and war." Well. That's just a big fracking lie. So. There. :)