Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 30, 2014

Today we wake up to Moon in Scorpio. Yesterday was a long day of a Void of Course Moon. Today, the Moon makes a few aspects, none of which are particularly harsh.

All morning the Moon waxes into trine with Neptune. Scorpio is a water Moon. And, of course, Neptune in Pisces is more water. Scorpio would have us exploring the depths of our inner psyche and core emotions. Neptune can prompt wallowing or emotionality.

Or, these two together can be like....

Tonight, the Moon will square Jupiter expanding the horizon upon whatever emotions we may be experiencing for good or ill.

Jupiter and Pluto are still locked together through inconjunct. Planets between 9 and 12 degrees Gemini will fill in a Yod here with Pluto at the Apex.

Uranus and Saturn are also still locked together via inconjunct. Planets between 13 and 18 degrees Gemini will fill in a Yod here with Uranus at the Apex.

Um. How ya doing Gemini?

It is Virgo season. The Sun will square natal Gemini Suns heralding that the first fourth of this years solar returns for Gemini is ending. Could be quite a bit of tension happening for our Mutables all the way around.
Mercury in Virgo is still holding in sextile to Mars in Scorpio. Mental excavations are still occurring.

Venus is still applying pressure to Mars, though it is waning just like Mars' conjunction to Saturn.

I spent most of yesterday frustrated because my mind is churning, churning, churning with ideas and possibilities by my body just isn't ready to go yet. I'm stronger but still not 100%.

Do you know how hard it is to sit still with Mars/Uranus in your natal chart? It sucks. LOL. I'll tell ya that. Especially since my conjunction is in Libra currently being opposed by Uranus in Aries.

I keep telling myself, “We are almost there. It's almost time to go.”

Harvest season is upon us. And all our lovely Virgo's are wrapping up another solar year. I get to eat so much cake this time of year. I've a lot of Virgo friends.

I have a lot of Virgo friends who feel extraordinarily Piscean lately. None of them were particularly excited when I revealed the length of time that Neptune would spend in Pisces. But, if anyone can handle a swamp transit, it is this crew.

Virgo holds the keys to untangle Neptune's chaos. And, it holds the keys to bringing the delusions of Pisces down to Earth. Practicality comes to the waters. Neptune softens Virgo, though. Their practicality gives way to increased emotionality, compassion and empathy. That makes Virgo nervous. They like it when their brains operate efficiently. Neptune screws with that process more than a little. It's like logic is drunk. And, I know more than one Virgo who is looking at their solar return, looking at the positions of Neptune and Chiron and then subsequently banging their head on their desk.

I get it. I soooooooo get it. But, one good thing, you may not worry so much (as Virgo is prone to do) because Neptune may poke you to forget what you were worried about to begin with.

Today, I encourage you to float. Drift. See where your psyche takes you. If you feel like you are locked in your body right now and frustrated because you want to move forward but can't, today's aspects can soften that for you a bit. Neptune to the Moon in trine can actually alleviate that a bit. Release some of your ambition and let reality blur. Music. Art. Poetry.

Virgo...perhaps these will help you deal with your fishy solar returns. Those beautiful words you love so much, string them together. Play with them. Put them to music. Or forget trying to put it into words entirely and display how you feel through a medium. Watercolors. Clay. Music. Did I mention music? It's important medicine Virgo.

Step away from the technical books and step into fiction.

If you are NOT a Virgo, then please don't forget them. Some will have Mars/Saturn and Venus/Saturn in their solar returns this year too. They aren't going to ask you for a hug. But, chances are they may need one.

So, yeah, as one of their buddies, I encourage you to give Virgo a few extra hugs this year. Not that I'm playing favorites or anything (yes, I am)
Happy Birthday Cat <3