Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 3, 2014

If Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo square Mars in Scorpio were contained in a pill, the effects would be similar to those caused by the fictional drug highlighted in the movie “Limitless.”

Check out the video below at about 2 minutes in.

I have a feeling we are going to feel this today. Last night, while the Moon was Void, I was paying attention to what was going on because I've got my own Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto thing going on all the time in my natal chart. Observation. Gathering data. Piecing it together.

As Mercury square Mars perfected, my husband I were running errands. We pulled into the parking lot of a local store. When we did, we nearly turned into this truck that was hogging a double lane of passage. Both trucks were in a deadlock and someone needed to move backward in order for one of the vehicles to move forward. The guy driving the black truck was puffing out his chest and obstinately staring at us through the window.

Well. My first thought was, “Well, here we go. Here's your road rage, Josi.” I figured my husband would respond with...more than a puffed out chest and a dirty look. But, suddenly, something miraculous happened. My husband put his truck in reverse; waved the guy through; we parked and went in the store without incident.

I'm a bit in shock as my brain is scrambling to piece that whole non-incident together for the first few minutes we are in the store. Then, when we had gathered what we needed, we went to stand in line to check out. The line was ridiculously long. This woman started trying to edge her way with her buggy to cut in front of me. I mean, I'm standing there with my little handful of stuff and here is this woman trying to cut in front of me. My Libra Mars trine Saturn starts twitching. Not fair...cheating...rude...twitch.

I'm running my options as far as possible reactions through my head like I'm pre-screening a movie reel. I decided I'd just hold my ground and wait to see what happens. The woman kept avoiding eye contact with me. But, eventually my pupil caught her's and I smiled. I said, “If you would like to go ahead you can. I'm in no hurry.” She blushed and declined. All was well.

We get to the car and my brain is exploding. What the heck is happening here? Neither one of these were typical reactions from my husband or I. Were we growing up? Making better decisions? WHAT? It was like someone turned off the Moon. Mars/Mercury was playing out but it was NOT evoking the typical emotional responses. AAAAAAHA!
The ironic part? The conversation we had while I was looking for the things we needed in the store.

My husband asks, “What are you looking for now?” And, I respond, “Illumination.” He says, “Can't you just say we need lightbulbs.” Ha! I found both!

This morning, we wake up to Moon in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo at 6:33 AM EDT. By 7:32 AM, the Moon is conjunct Mars in Scorpio. At 9:11 AM, the Moon squares Mercury in Leo. The light switch on the Moon is flipped to ON. This energy can be felt and will pull emotional strings. But, its also softened by a trine to Neptune from the Moon at 11:58 AM.

You can assess your current level of emotional maturity (Moon/Jupiter) in reaction to something that normally pushes your buttons (Mars in Scorpio) and use your grown up brain (Jupiter/Mercury in Leo) to make wiser (Jupiter) decisions (Mercury) because you can empathize (Moon/Neptune) with someone who is behaving poorly in reaction to a bad day. I mean, maybe their dog died or their ex-wife just started dating their best friend. You don't know. But, you are a big enough person (Jupiter in Leo) to cut them some slack (Moon/Neptune) by directing some of your killer instinct (Mars Pluto) toward a more worthy goal.

Or, you can wake up all full of yourself and subsequently chew up and spit out anyone that crosses you. There is a myriad of good and bad possibilities and chances are you will run into more than one manifestation.

This isn't all bad, at all. I'm liking the speedy x-ray brain energy. Plus, Scorpio drive (Mars) is phenomenal. I plan to ride this freight train brain energy until it completely wears away. Ideas are flying and the Scorpio ability to bring focus to laser-like sharpness is totally in play.

I'm hoping that Neptune will soften people's reactions to the possible harshness of this sky. But, of course it could add to the negatives impaired or drunk person is more likely to employ this energy negatively.

There's another thing going on too. Our little pile up of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Leo? It is collectively creating a Yod with Pluto and Neptune (heads up those with planets in early Leo!). This energy is going to puddle through today and tomorrow at least. The rate at which our brain (Mercury), the way we communicate (Mercury) and ourselves (Sun) are maturing (Jupiter) has the weight of God's finger on if taking our collective "pulse". I'm thinking that may mean how we handle this stuff could very well hold importance.
Tonight is also our First Quarter Moon (8:56 PM). That adds a little more tension to our banjo strings.
Dum...dum...da...dum. And, the plot thickens.