Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 2 2014

There is a saying that Grandma used to have that came to mind when reading the aspects for today. She used to say, “Don't let your bullfrog mouth overrun your tadpole ass.” Grandma's in Appalachia say stuff like that, in case you didn't know.

The saying means, before you go running your mouth, make sure you can back it up.

Today, we wake up to a Void Moon in Libra. Her last aspect (square to ruler Venus) occurred around 11 PM last night.

By mid-evening (3:34 PM), Mercury finds Jupiter in Leo via conjunction and then squares Mars in Scorpio. That's the aspect right there (Mercury conjunct Jupiter) that can give you a Bullfrog mouth. The square to Mars is the reminder to gut check that you can back that mouth up.

I'm actually kind of interested in watching how this plays out under a Void Moon. Maybe we get nothing from this today but it comes through tomorrow as our First Quarter Moon perfects. I'll be watching.

Mercury to Jupiter is not a bad thing. It is expansion of the mind. In Leo, it could be a lot of chatter about self or...a speech. A moving one. Or, a preaching session by a really self-righteous and animated orator.

In square to Mars in Scorpio, that can be one heated and deep conversation.

That being said, it's Mercury vs Mars. There is potential for accidents here. Particularly, with Mars in Scorpio, cuts...wounds.

I can see someone driving around a shiny new convertible with their Leo Mane blowing in the breeze. It's a beautiful day! Windows and top are down. Our Leo is just zipping around, feeling pretty full of himself because “LOOOK! Shiny new convertible and I'm so cool...RAWR.”
Ohh...the glorious days when I thought this song was about a car!

But, there's someone driving behind Leo...Mars in Scorpio. And, Mars in Scorpio has somewhere to be. He doesn't have time to follow Leo around on his personal parade. So, he zips around Leo, flips him the bird and maybe even swerves a bit toward him in an effort to intimidate him. Then...the road rage battle begins.

Road rage can happen and with these aspects it can spiral out of control quickly. Car accidents (Mars/Mercury) can also happen. There are all kinds of potential uglies that can arise from this so be careful AND CALM out there.

The best use of this? Turn your thoughts toward warmth, generosity and humility instead of allowing your Lion Pride to swell so big that it no longer fits under a normal sized hat. Sure, be confident. But, if you are driving a shiny red convertible, shouldn't you be a bit humbled by the fact that you are blessed with such nice things? Instead of thinking about how great and powerful you are? Just for a minute?

If you are low, this aspect can pick you up a little. It's not one that you can easily sit with, though. It's not as jittery as Mars/Uranus but its jittery and the mind is busy when in aspect to Mars. So, it can restore a bit of healthy self-confidence (Mercury/Jupiter) while you are rebuilding (Mars in Scorpio). Or, you know, you could come up with a big egotistical plan (Mercury/Jupiter in Leo) to finally destroy the world or take down all your enemies (Mars in Scorpio).

See how drastic that swing is? You can make things better. Or, you can make things horribly horribly worse. Scorpio is involved. Therefore, so are the potential swings to the extremes.

I'd advise not to go seeking revenge. Let the Universe take care of that. Instead, bring the focus inward and employ Mercury/Mars effectively...and carefully.

If you have writing to do (particularly dramatic writing with a flair for macabre), you can get a lot done today. Brain gears will be churning.

When well grounded, this aspect can become a very positive generator. When scattered...well, thinking about that makes me want to put on headphones so I can't hear anything and hide under a kevlar blanket.

But, then again...Moon's void. Maybe all this energy builds up, we react to it and nothing comes of it? I may test that theory and report back. Or maybe not :) I do put limits on my experiments...sometimes.