Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 14, 2014

Here's your day to get up and go. Today, we wake up to Moon in Aries having just left a square with Pluto in Capricorn (3:55 AM EDT). By noon, our Moon meets up with Uranus in Aries. This brings the nudge...move. Time to step out of the muck.

That feeling is reinforced by a trine from the Moon to our Sun in Leo at 10:24 PM. This is a day for movement of some kind. Any stationary work you have to do will likely feel cumbersome. If you are chained to a desk today, take a few breaks to get up and move around. Take a walk down the hallway. Step outside periodically. Or, my favorite, occasionally stop and play some upbeat music and have an impromptu dance party right at your desk. Yeah, some people are going to look at you funny. So?

Overnight, Mars will sextile Pluto in Capricorn. The energy is waxing now...building. This aspect brings a strong sense of endurance and enables you to get down to the nitty gritty to do what needs to be done.

This is physical endurance, though. Not so much mental focus. Mental focus comes from Mercury who is still in Leo but set to glide into Virgo tomorrow. There will be a shift felt here. As soon as Mercury enters Virgo, it also begins waxing into opposition with Neptune Rx which perfects on the 18th. Some report that during the half of the year that Neptune is RX things become more clear, less foggy. Sometimes Neptune Rx causes veils to drop instead of construct them, which is one of Neptune's specialties. I can attest to that. I feel much less foggy when Neptune is Rx. I've had time to observe too. I'm just finishing my Neptune square Neptune transit which ran concurrently with Neptune conjunct my Pisces Moon.

Either way, when Neptune is in aspect to Mercury in our transiting sky, time becomes blurred and sloggy. The clock seems to move more slowly. Put the slog of time together with the grave digging endurance of Mars/Pluto and you can accomplish quite a bit. Father Time slows down and says, “Ok, now is the time to play catch up.”

At the same time, Neptune in aspect to Mercury can cause brain fog. So, we have this endurance that won't quit accompanied with the fact that we are a bit foggy on what we are doing in the first place. The opportunity with this opposition, though, is to create order out of chaos. In the days we have just travelled through (past week or so) we've had confusion and emotional turmoil dumped upon us. Mercury opposite Neptune gives us a chance to sort through all of that while Mars in aspect to Pluto helps us rebuild and gives us the strength to keep moving forward.

Mercury sits well in Virgo. And, Virgo holds everything that Pisces/Neptune needs. Oppositions are like that but you have to get through the friction of the polarities in order to get to the good parts. Let me give you an example. I'm am SO Neptune. In that my Pisces parts could care less about details. My Pisces parts feel that perfection is in an illusion and there are other things more worthy of attention than the strides toward perfection.
However, my Venus in Virgo minds every detail. If it isn't perfect, it isn't good enough and no matter how much a creation is reveled by its receivers, my Venus will still focus on what she feels “isn't quite right” or “could be better.”

Do you see how these two sides of a person could be at continually war with one another? Now, consider the fact that I'm married to a Virgo Sun/Virgo Mercury/Pluto in Libra native and we are currently undergoing a complete home remodel.


My husband's attention to detail and desire for perfection is ridiculous. The first couple of days of this remodel, I honestly thought we were going to kill one another (we are also having tandem Pluto/Mars transits and Pluto is conjunct our composite North Node). Now, my husband's attention to detail ends up churning out some marvelous end products...none of which he is fully happy with. His meticulousness drives me insane. It once took him an entire day to put in a window air conditioning unit. Me? Pop that sucker in; close the window; throw away the random “extra parts”; turn it on...DONE! What do you mean there isn't supposed to be a gap between the thing and the window frame? It appears to be working to me!

The first day we were painting during our remodel, I dripped paint on a light switch. No biggie. It was latex paint and, when I'm painting, I always carry a little damp rag to wipe up my mess (My Virgo Venus has learned to prepare for the mindless typhoon my Moon/Neptune can be). But, to the Virgo Mercury/Pluto parts of my husband this was nothing less than a transgression against the God's themselves. Or at least that is what I gathered from his reaction.

Needless to say, my lack of meticulousness completely irks his tendency to obsess. To balance it, I added a little Neptune...since I have plenty...and NO I didn't get him drunk. I reminded him we were making memories not trying to be perfect. And, we were making memories alright. We were making memories of the time “Mom and Dad remodeled the house. Dad disappeared and Mom got a new flower bed.”

I had to give too. You know? I couldn't expect my husband to just undo who he is. I had to temper my lack of attention and be a little more aware. Wasn't an easy road for either of us to bend around. But we are finished with two rooms. They aren't perfect but we are both still breathing. Plus, we've had some fun along the way.

That's basically how you balance any polarity whether in your chart or by transit. You appeal to each side with their common goal in mind. Hold your Mars/Pluto goal at the forefront and then allow Mercury in Virgo to point out the details while you allow the edges of your restrictions to blur a bit. Remember its about the journey more so than the end product. And, realize that it isn't going to be perfect without imperfection but it can be perfect with imperfection.

Today there will be a “push” to get started or get working on something with the Moon's conjunction to Uranus. I say go for it. ESPECIALLY if there is a project that can you finish off in a couple of days. But if this is a long term thing, take your time. Convert today's Moon/Uranus from impulsiveness into calm blue genius. Yeah, that's a lot harder than it sounds but possible! How well you are grounded makes all the difference