Morning Star: Daily Astrology for August 1, 2014


There is A LOT going on in the skies today. Overnight, Venus squared off with Uranus in Aries. This morning, though, Venus is a little more grounded with a trine to Saturn in Scorpio (6:23 AM) and a trine to Chiron in Pisces (11:05 AM). This is healing rain water trine I've been speaking of waxing in for the last few days. Now, its officially here.

Grounding, healing, care and nurturing are accessible. But, there was potential for some explosive stuff to happen immediately prior to that.

Don't forget, I was just talking about Lilith yesterday and she is DIRECTLY involved with Venus' square to Uranus. From 16 Leo, Lilith semi-sextiles Venus in Cancer and trines Uranus in Aries. A planet in semi-sextile is 30 degrees away from another planet. One planet is one full sign ahead. Sometimes the planet that is ahead in the zodiac pulls the planet behind forward in maturity. So Lilith was pulling Venus at the same time she was squaring off with Uranus.

Venus/Uranus can be...


Now. Let's add some power from Lilith into the mix.

What if Venus did pop off and say, “enough is enough. I'm done with all of this.” And what if she did it with that wild look of Lilith in her eye? How do you think the reaction to that went? “Oh my goodness Venus! Sit down. Be quiet! And look pretty! Be nice!”
Who said that? Was that our Libra Moon?
Yep. It sure was. Venus raised a ruckus during a time when we are all supposed to have our nicey nice faces on. SCHNAP! Now she is sitting pretty with her boundaried up, solid self (Trine Saturn) and healing those deeply seated soul wounds (trine Chiron) that prevented her from asserting herself in the first place. Moon isn't really sure what to think about such behavior from her current ruler. It seems illogical.
Libra Moon needs things to be amicable. High emotional tides are NOT amicable. They make no sense. Venus is being irrational. Isn't she?
Maybe, in some instances, she is. Maybe, she just doesn't want to be quiet. Maybe she's tired of being kicked around and found Lilith and now knows she doesn't have to be. Uh oh. Venus says, “It's not nice. And as much as I enjoy pleasure and the finer things in life, my enjoyment of those things is thwarted because of all this...excuse my French...SHIT.”
The Moon gets a chance to peer into the shadow of Capricorn again as she passes through square with Pluto at 11:14 AM. From here, she works toward an official squaring off with Venus at 10:58 PM and an opposition of her own to Uranus at 8:45. During her square with Venus and opposition with Uranus, she will meet Black Moon Lilith too by sextile.

The conflict here is, do you say or do something in an effort to assert yourself because its not fair? Or, do you just stay quiet and keep your mouth shut in an effort to keep all the edges smooth and pleasing?

Libra does not like conflict. BUT the sign loathes injustice even more. Libra will lop off whole parts of something just to make things fair and not think another thing about it—with a SMILE. Libra says, “It wasn't fair so I made it fair.” Plain and simple. Unbiased. 2 plus 2 is four and that was uneven so I cut it off.
I do not expect this day to pass quietly. I expect there to be drama and more than a bit of internal conflict as the volume continues to increase. Jupiter in Leo officially squares Mars in Scorpio today at 6:46 PM...right in the middle of the rest of this. This can manifest as a drive to officially reinvent yourself or an overwhelming ego that devours people in its path. You could fall anywhere in the middle of those two extremes. I'm packing the big leash for my lion today. But, my big leash also has a quick release trigger...just in case.