Abbada Ke Dabra and the Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces occurs September 8 at 9:39 PM EDT (16 19 Pisces/Virgo)

Sabian for 17 Pisces: An Easter promenade

Sabian for 17 Virgo: A volcano in eruption

Full Moons, in general are perfect for release, purge, shedding old energies etc. This Full Moon is the perfect set up for releasing detrimental health habits and addictions with the Moon's conjunction to Chiron in Pisces.

I stumbled across this technique by Divine accident. I'm more than a bit taken aback by it's effectiveness.
Abbada Ke Dabra begat the word Abbacadabra. Which many people of my age heard Bug's Bunny utter several times in his cartoons. According to the book, Folkways:Reclaiming the Magic and Wisdom by Patricia Telesco (which I could jump up and down recommending right now), the phrase loosely translates to “perish like the word.”

To use the Magic of Abbada Ke Dabra to release an addiction during the Full Moon in Pisces, you must first honestly WANT to quit. If you have that in place and you MEAN it, then completing the following ritual will pull the support you need to drop the habit.

Actually, I just did this at my Personal Full Moon and it was more like the habit was pulled from me...sucked out like a Medicine person would suck out poison. Like I said...I'm still reeling at the potency of this simple thing.

What you are going to want to do is get a piece of paper and something you can write with. If you want to get really fancy, you can do this on tree bark or anything else that will burn. If you are using tree bark, I'd go for Oak but don't forget to do all the typical harvest prayers and thanks while harvesting.

Whatever habit or addiction that you want to purge, narrow it down to a pinpoint of one or two words. On your piece of paper, boldly (like ya mean it..because you need to mean it) write the words you come up with backwards on the piece of paper. Then, continue writing it backward omitting one letter in each line until you only have one letter left. State your banish intention again. Then burn the piece of paper.

I'll use smoking as an example


What you end up with should look like an inverted triangle.

State your intention (I banish my craving for cigarettes, for example) out loud. Set the paper on fire. Then tell it firmly ABBADA KE DABRA

Watch your addiction "Perish! Like the word!"